Food Relief In India.
Can You Help Please?
Last year while we were in Vrindavan India doing the Prabhupada Bullock Cart Festival, we distributed free vegetarian foods [Prasadam] to all the people there. In two hours we had distributed over 800 plates of free food! Because of limited funds we were only able to do this once on Prabhupada's 30th disappearance day.

This year we would like to increase this great program. There are many poor people in Vrindavan and along with the distribution of the holy name of the Lord chanted by Srila Prabhupada, we would like to distribute free vegetarian food [Prasadam] to these people.

Our goal is to spread this combined program all over India. Below is a video clip of the chanting and food distribution from last year. Please try to help so we can increase this program.

Thank you. Hare Krishna, Jaya Prabhupada!!!

Prabhupada Sankirtana Society. Registered Charity Number: 1065039


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