That is cause of syphilis.
You will find very beautiful girl is keeping
 very big dog. They are trained to have
 sex life. And that is cause of syphilis.
Prabhupada: So all this business on the basis of sex. That's all. Yan maithunadi-grhamedhi-sukham hi tuccham. For very insignificant happiness they are encumbered in so many ways. Yan maithunadi-grhamedhi-sukham hi tuccham kanduyanena karayor iva duhkha-duhkham.
Syamasundara: And every time she tried to have a child, because they lead such a decadent life, she has miscarriage every time.
Prabhupada: That means she has got syphilitic poison. Girls who cannot bear child means there is syphilitic poison. Either the man has got syphilitic poison or the woman has got syphilitic poison. And for these men, syphilis is not very uncommon.
Sudama: In this country, it is now also very, like epidemic.
Prabhupada: Syphilis. All over Europe. When Dr. Ghosh, who is my friend, he came to see me in Allahabad? One doctor? So he is friend. He told me that when he was student, Colonel (indistinct), one big professor, medicine, he was lecturing. He was Englishman. He said that "In our country, seventy to eighty percent of the student community, they are suffering from syphilitic attack." So in our country, in India, if one is attacked with syphilis, then he is taken as very abominable. His character is not good, it is understood. So he said, "Horrible," Dr. Ghosh, because he was Indian student. So Colonel (indistinct) replied, "Why you are saying horrible? In your country ninety percent people are attacked malaria. So there, syphilis. So as a medical practitioner why you take this disease as bad or that disease as good? Your business is to see that there should be no disease. Don't consider in that way, that 'This disease is good, this disease is bad.' " That's nice explanation. But fifty years ago or hundred years ago syphilitic poison was very much prevalent. Still it is in Europe and America. And now it is spreading all over. And in Ayur Veda it is said, phiranga, phiranga. Phirangi. The Europeans are described in Vedic literatures as phirangi, their name is phirangi. So this syphilitic disease is mentioned in the Ayur Veda, the disease brought by the phirangis. And the doctor says that originally it was spread through dog. The unmarried girls, they keep dog for sex. You do not know? He knows. You will find very beautiful girl is keeping very big dog. They are trained to have sex life. And that is cause of syphilis. The dog is full of syphilitic germs. It is called phiranga in the Ayur Veda. And one who has got syphilitic germs, his life is doomed. Unless it is properly treated and cured, so many disease will follow. So many. This craziness is also due to syphilitic poison, parents.
Sudama: There is a case of a very famous gangster, Al Capone, and others. They died in the prison house of syphilis of the mind, brain.
Prabhupada: Just see.
Sudama: They went crazy.
Prabhupada: So how much by nature the sex life is condemned in so many ways. Therefore we say "No illicit sex." It will save you from so many encumbrances. Sex life is not denied, but this unrestricted sex life is very very abominable in human society. But they are encouraging unrestricted sex life. They are distributing tablets, encouraging others to have sex life. Never mind. Unmarried girls they are keeping dogs. One lady in America, she told me that the dogs are kept for this purpose. When I was going to walk in that park in Brooklyn, the young girls are bringing dogs, big, big dogs. You were not at that time with me?
Syamasundara: Yes. I don't remember.
Prabhupada: Bhavananda. Bhavananda was taking me to that big park.
Syamasundara: Yes. I went. Prospect. Was it called Prospect?
Prabhupada: Prospect Park. Yes. Go on. Just try to understand the situation of the world. And you are living in this world. How much careful you have to become.
[Srimad-Bhagavatam 2.9.9, Informal Class in Room, Tokyo, April 25, 1972]

Every dog has syphilis, and they contaminate
 the woman, and that is distributed to man.        
Prabhupada: generated from dog originally.
Pusta Krsna: The disease?
Prabhupada: Syphilis. In Ayur-Vedic it is called phairanga, means this disease is imported from Western countries. Every dog has syphilis, and they contaminate the woman, and that is distributed to man. According to Vedic civilization, dog is untouchable. Now in India also, to keep a dog is aristocracy. Yes. Especially the tail cut. Now half-cut tail, that is aristocratic dog. Now they are making dog show in New Delhi.

[S.P. Room Conversation, October 15, 1975, Johannesburg]                     
But when sex life is indulged in for sense gratification
illegally and illicitly, both the man and the woman
await severe punishment in this world or after death.
 In this world also they are punished by virulent
 diseases like syphilis and gonorrhea
TRANSLATION: Men and women whose lives were built upon indulgence in illicit sex life are put into many kinds of miserable conditions in the hells known as Tamisra, Andha-tamisra and Raurava.
PURPORT:Materialistic life is based on sex life. The existence of all the materialistic people, who are undergoing severe tribulation in the struggle for existence, is based on sex. Therefore, in the Vedic civilization sex life is allowed only in a restricted way; it is for the married couple and only for begetting children. But when sex life is indulged in for sense gratification illegally and illicitly, both the man and the woman await severe punishment in this world or after death. In this world also they are punished by virulent diseases like syphilis and gonorrhea, and in the next life, as we see in this passage of Srimad-Bhagavatam, they are put into different kinds of hellish conditions to suffer. In Bhagavad-gita, First Chapter, illicit sex life is also very much condemned, and it is said that one who produces children by illicit sex life is sent to hell. It is confirmed here in the Bhagavatam that such offenders are put into hellish conditions of life in Tamisra, Andha-tamisra and Raurava.
[S.B. 3.30.28]