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1. The spam bammer

2. "The Pizza Busyness"


1. The spam bammer

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Cc: pada
Sent: 22 January 2001 07:10
Subject: Re: 4. KICK ON HIS FACE Volume 29 - Puranjana delivers pizza's loaded with the roasted flesh of murdered Mother Cow!

sonut or whoever you are,
SPAM is a term used by the law to identify illegal internet mail. Under Bill s.1618 Titled 111 passed by the U.S. Congress and International Net' law, mail is considered SPAM if it does not include contact information and a remove link for removal from a mailing list. you are breaking the law by sending me unwanted spam...I am requesting you as politely as I can to refrain from doing so . A copy of this note will be sent to my lawyer for future reference and action if necessary.. SGd
Sanat dasa: Spam is also a 'food' you can by [by that name] which has meat in it. So did Pud by chance deliver a pizza with spam as topping [without telling you], and you ignorantly ate this pud-coction and then realized you'd lost caste but were still starving?! IS THAT why you may have an aversion to SPAM?

My solution pabooji: 'check the pizza toppings [pud delivers] before you sink your teeth into it otay?'

your servant,
sanat the spam bammer

2. "The Pizza Busyness"
P.S. Here's some nice sastric reference to further expose the condemned
PudAsorea [and his PIZZA BIDNESS] :

8.8.11 Srimad Bhagavatam


The land became a person and collected all the drugs and herbs needed
for installing the Deity. The cows delivered five products, namely milk,
yogurt, ghee, urine and cow dung, and spring personified collected
everything produced in spring, during the months of Caitra and Vaisakha
[April and May].


Panca-gavya, the five products received from the cow, namely milk,
yogurt, ghee, cow dung and cow urine, are required in all ritualistic
ceremonies performed according to the Vedic diections. Cow urine and cow
dung are uncontaminated, and since even the urine and dung of a cow are
important, we can just imagine how important ths animal is for human
[and we can just imagine how sinful it is for those posing as
PADA-Defenders of Religion Personified, Srila Prabhupada, to knowingly
'support' themselves and their 'preeching' with monies derived from
sales and distribution of slaughtered cow flesh!]
Therefore the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krsna, directly advocates
goraksya, THE PROTECTION OF COWS. CIVILIZED MEN who follow the system of
varnasrama, especially those of the vaisya class, who engage in
THROUGH INCURABLE DISEASES LIKE CANCER [as pudz 'friend' currently has,
which she developed after pudz 'pizza bidness']
and through frequent wars and among nations. As long as human society
continues to allow cows to be regularly killed in slaughterhouses, there
cannot be any question of peace and prosperity.

So, we're talking HUMAN being here, but someone psing as the leader of
the Prabhupada Anti-Defamation Assoc. is advertising as GODLY,
representing the Representative of God...but we see he's admitting to
"doing some pizza bidness"??? First there was Sulocana's "The Guru
Business", and now we have Puruanjana's

"The Pizza Busyness",

how those [PADA] defending Cow protection PERSONIFIED [ie. Srila
Prabhupada] justify killing cows to promote protection of cows? VEDDY
GOOD BUSY NESS? So Pudz angle is exposed: Kill Sulocana, steal his
reform, Kill [DEFAME] Srila Prabhupada, or atleast look the other way as
tamalt's "odious" club does the dirty work, then sacrifice Srila
Prabhupada again [via Turley Suit] so that Tamalt's seat [and ultimately
Srila Prabhupada's] can be attained.

Then, even kill the cows so that pud can 'expose the CMG' even while he
starves his own kids, molests them, lets other molest them, steal his
gal's SSI ['cow torture proceeds'] while she's dying of an incurable
disease engendered by blasphemy of Guru and cow slaughter involvements y
Tim Lee and supported by her...

Just like Pud allowed his 'best friend', Sulocana to be 'sarificed' n
MOAS. Sd was portrayed [mainly by Tm Lee and Ravinedra] as 'a would be
Krishna Terrorist", and the 'reform' credits were given to
Kali-Ravinedra, with ZERO protest from Sd'd "BEST FRIEND", TimeLee.


Pud liked this arrangement, because he knew he could eventually bag
Ravinedra and prove he was 'right there w/Sd all along', and the real
reformer after all...otherwise, why did Pud never protest his "BEST
FRIEND's"  nasty treatment in MOAS? We asked him about this years ago,
And Tim Lee  believed there'd been a Ravinedra reform [as he and
Nityananda das both told us in 1994, as well as Yasodanandan] They were
shocked when i informed them that the reform was totally fake...but Pud
knew this all along, being a clever snakefox. But letting Sulocana get
killed, then be blasphemed and demonized in MOAS was the best news tim
lee ever received; it meant he could bide time and let people forget the
real history, thencome in as a knight in shining armor, ready for his
big kill! And that is discovered in the Turley case, also, where JUDGE
THE THING BY THE RESULT, TimLee is proving this point by being more than
enthusiastic to let Srila Prabhupada be demonised for the sake of his
"preaching program' of exposing Tamalt gaining his seat of AssTeam, and
promoting Pud consciousness as supreme [over Sastra, Guru, and Sadhu]

Just see: let Sulocana be tortured, killed, and demonized ie. hung in
village square, while Pud says: "Geeze, what big demons those bad men
are, well i warned Sulocana after all, but he wouldn't listen, but now i
will set everything in order, hear from me, i'm PADA!  and read MY
"Betrayal" -OF SULOCANA? ...";

of course, Tim Lee already knew about Tamalt's plotting in 1970 and on
[as he recently admitted], and he could see that TKG would kill  to get
his seat; and Pud knew very well about TKG's designs, as we've s many
times heard Pud's reminiscence: "Tamalt came up to me in 1977 in
Brindaban and said: 'I know you Puruanjana! You're just waiting for me
to die, uh Prabhupada to die, so you can get my [his] seat!!!' "

So Tim Lee lets tamalt poison and torture Srila Prabhupada, steal his
assets, then much later, when Pud's goru-godbros start blaming Srila
Prabhupda for their crimes, PADA encourages the angry Gorucoolies to
agree with Tamalt's 'closest advisors" rationalisation, and Tm Lee says
it's only "VERY NOMINAL" attack on SP and furthermore no one shuld think
of taking action against these pud-supported blasphemers; so Tim Lee is
saying in effect: Let SP take the rap, ie. we'll also hang him in
village square next to Sulocana, and we'll sell off the assets also,
including the farms and the cows, which can be sold as WHAT, PIZZA
TOPPINGS, that Pud can then sell door to door [after hanging the cows in
the village square also...

and sanat apprehended all this a while back, and sardonically exposed
pud and gurucoolies [in a previous KOF Newslaughter, uh, letter] for
their wanting to harm Prabhupada's cows like that [in relationship to
the Turley suit], and just see, pud likes to sell [and eat] cow flesh;
he never had any affinity for them, otherwise, how come hundreds and
thousnads of cows in Iskcon have been abused, slaughtered, etc. for
dozens of years, and Tim Lee hasn't saved any himself, or expended ANY
energy to write about them in ameaningful way? And he criticizes sanat
for wasting time 'writing a lengthy COW TOME' and "IGNORING THE

So hang Sulocan, then Srila Prabhupada, and cows, have a big roast and
eat them all as toppings on your pizza, is it not, Mr. TimeLee Death

PRABHUPADA: Yes. Demigods, you have got responsibility. Deva, rsi,
bhuta, living entities. Just like you are taking milk from the cows. You
have the responsibility to protect it, BUT YOU ARE KILLING [and putting
as topping on pizza and delivering] SO YOU MUST SUFFER!

[p. 288 Vol. 15 SPC]

And now of course, that Tim Lee is being nicely exposed by us, he's
trying to rewrite sanat's history, and portray sanat also as a demon to
be publicly hung. That's alright, since sanat is a rascal. But the truth
is still different.
Here are [again] a few words penned by Yasoda on March 18, 1996
[Trayodasi] during the height of sanat's court proceedings with
SDemonG's case against us for six counts Aggr. Harassment in the Second

Dear Sanatana Goswami dasa [sanat]
All Glories to Srila Prabhupada, our eternal divie master who lives in
His instructions.


Thank you for your recent package with all the enclosures. I have noted
the contents carefully. I have especially read and reread many of the
letters from different devotees. These were impressive. Puranajan keeps
in touch with me four or five times a week. He keeps me regularly
informed whenever you give him a call. I wish to express my heartfelt
sympathies and obeisances to you and your faithful and devoted spouse,
Bhaktin Linda for your sincere efforts to help in reestablishing Srila
Prabhupada as the Acarya of His movement. Many devotees (or sahajiya
devotees) often express that we speak too strong or too stridently but
that is the only way to deal with goondas and usurpers of the spiritual
master's property. see cc adilila 7/50-51-52.

[NOTE: Yasodananda was ONE of those 'sahajiya devotees' who criticized
our strong and srident speech formerly...we have a letter from him two
years previously that demonsrates this point...]

KRSNAS COWS AND CHILDREN, howeverSrila Prabhupada and Krsna see
everything [inclding YOUR and PADA's Turley suit?!]. Just keep up your
chanting, hear Srimad Bhagavatam and worship Tulasi Devi. Hear regularly
from the pure devotee Srila Prabhupada and see if you can maitain some
kind f regular association with devotees . (these may be rare in your

What is the current position in your legal proceedings wit satsvarupa.
Or with satsvarupa's "mouse" against you. Has the case been dismissed?
Is it still progressing? [Yeah, these gus were hoping i'd land in jail
so 1) i'd be out of the way and they could take credit for my work; and
2) so they could howl even louder: "JUST SEE HOW AWFUL THESE BAD TAMALT
MEN ARE: first they kill poor Sulocana, now they even imprison po sanat!
Just hear now from your saviors, PADA and 'shoda, we'll fix everything
for you [AFTER you help us in Turley suit, hang SP to GET SHORTY, uh,
Yd: If it has not been dismissed what are you accused of? And at what
stage is it at? What is your line of defense? Why not present the court
with some of satsvarupa's writings and tell the court that he has
inflicted severe emotional distress upon you by writing disparaging
statements about Srila Prabhupada:  "entering the room I see Prabhupada
as ordinary in my unoving eyes." or  "the murti looks like an idol."
SDG-Journal and Poems, Vol 2 1985-1986. Or some of his comments in guru
reform notebook about Prabhupada having committed offenses or his
consulting with Narayana Maharaja [gaudiya mutt!] etc etc. Ask your
lawyer if you can bring this up and sue him for severe emotional pain
and distress caused by nonsensical offensive writings.
Yours in the service of the non-molester, non-homosex, eternally pure
and perfect parampara and its current bona fide Acarya, Srila Prabhuada.

Your servant,

Yashoda nandana das

PS  The fellow who threatened to kill me is soo heding up to Gita Nagari
to reside there with his family!

PSS  Kindly offer my humble obesances to your chaste and devoted wife

and of course we have about a dozen such coresspondences from Mr. Tim
Lee, while representing himself as editor in chief of PADA

so yasoda ["assistant editor of PADA" ] here commends us for our
"SUFFERING TREMENDOUSLY" in defending cows and CHILDRENA< and alsoe're
being assailed in court by Sdog, but now pud is portraying us
oppositely: that we support SDemonG and are against children and cows ?
Is there really someone sane out there who still can support this idyot?

we protect cows, and defend Prabhupada's; tim lee distributes
slaughtered cow flesh to feed the masses. And he works with disgruntled,
hateful coolies to sell off Prabhupada's farms so cows can be sold, and
used for more pzza toppings when tim lee resumes his favorite

sanat and linda defend children and Srila Prabhuda [as also formerly
admitted by PADA, 'shoda, et al], and tim lee doesn't even defend  HIS
OWN children; they are both victims of child abuse, molestation, neglect
and parental abandonment. and Pud assails Srila Prabhupada in his pubic
blasphemy of supporting a most offensive court case in Turley. But sanat
was first [1998, Oct 20] in Ithaca Journal to not only expose and
protest this dentical Pud-supported attack on HDG, but especially to
WARN ALL DEVOTEES that this blaspemy was being done, and they'd better
WAKE UP REAL QUICK, and work together [even with PADA] to offset this
vicious propaganda; and to mainly do it by first working together to
preemptively strike via the "POISON ISSUE">>>

but because the Tim Lee asura was still trying only to kick on tamalt's
face, and usurp his seat, become so-called famous for "exposing the
poison" issue, etc., therefore the poison issue became a dead and
meaningless one [for the time being] as Pud's Turley suit superceded it
with direct attacks on Srila Prabhupada, making Him the convenient
scapegoat for all of Pud's cronies' offenses and crimes...

sanat dass