Cow abuse is root cause of ALL quarrel



1. Cow abuse is root cause of ALL quarrel
2. Dinadayadri / NNV reunion
1. Cow abuse is root cause of ALL quarrel
CMG=Cow molesting Gorus [Go-ruse?]

Some other "wonderful realizations" that pud (puranjana-pada) reeferred to, ie. PAID
LIP-SERVICE TO  Re: sanat's 1992  Farm Report, but which Mr. Pud NEVER
actually revealed to anyone of his readers [just as Sulocana's
"wonderful realizations" were NEVER shared by pada during that
period...i'll discuss in a moment...

By the way, pud says we [and others] are guilty of  "harming children"
because we one time were mislead by SDoG and false iskcon society, that
is, we are, according to His Highness the Pud, to blame for cmg [child molester guru]
atrocities [or child-abandonment by parents- reactions].
But as exceedingly well documented , we actually worked to expose Cow
molesting rurus, WHILE they were inflicting harm on SP's cow pet
devotees. (AND we held up the BIG STICK & 'threatened' them to do the
needful or else get continually exposed in the media, AAC,
etc....though,like Mr. Pud, these GBC paranoid freaks of TamaltNature
took our 'threats' as though bodily harm would be inflicted upud them at
will...which Krishna DOES SAY, i dare say,  CAN happen at ANY TIME...
but, NO, why kill that which is already PuDead....?...
SP states [SASTRA states] the cow is like a defenceless child.
Therefore, since cow protection is the basis for human civilization, and
since abuse of cow causes all other anomalies to occur in human society,
therefore, we attempted to render the most valuable service to human
society as well as to Srila Prabhupada's Society by defending that which
can NEVER defend itself, ie. the cows [although the 'children' molested
in isgone CAN NOW defend themselves as adults -- which they are proving
via the Turley case [as they seek to RAPE SP's legacy, sell cows to
slaughter,and 'live HapPudly ever after, 'mokin ganja and raping their
own children, abusing them,  allowing others to abuse 'em, eat cows,
teach their kids to disparage Sri Guru, and prepare their next life to be
always just like infant children, who require complete superintendence
at every stage...]

Also: Pud admitted that he abandoned cows at a farm in California -
"because people were using pot"
JUST SEE!! So somebody could say they abandoned a Gurukula [when abuses
were going on] because "the teachers weren't pure" or whatever, but
still they would be cupable if they knew abuses to children were going
on. So Pud abandoned cows [ while intoxicated HIGH on his {PADA}
Profit,Adoration Distinction Association-intoxicant, ie. intoxicated
with the thought of acquiring Tmalt'seat of ASSteam], abandoned his
daughter, abandoned cows who could've used his 'voice of the
undercows'-support etc. and now the Pud is busy pointing finger at
people who NEVER abandoned any of those innocent entities. [if someone
is smoking pot in GK AND children are being molested, then thing to do
is get sober people in there and clean the mess up, RIGHT?!....YEAH<
DATS WHAT we DID W/COWS, as the record shows. Cows ARE LIKE CHILDREN, it
is OUR duty as human beings to ensure their happiness and safety; THIS
task we gladly took up AT ALL RISK and AGAINST ALL ODDS [in
contradistinction to pud's 'ganja smokin, ie. cow abandonment, child
neglect, tamalt-stool eatin and boatwhole-likin'...

MISERABLE LIFE OF SDOG" No, we never shirked our duty to SP's cows
throughout so many tests, provocations, jailings, threats on our family,
lies and slanders in the newspapers and etc.,etc.,etc. [or Pud's
lipservice, and eclipsing of first Sulocana's brave work and then 'our
efforts' to rescue cows, expose SDoG-child abuse program, etc.]
For SO MANY years we obliged the rascal leaders of the Farm, etc. to do
more than just pay lip service to the dear cow devotees.
And, but,  as NNV pointed out to Pud assura [regarding Pud's daughter].
Mr. Pud is a neglecter of his OWN child, and what to speak of all the GK
'children' , cows, etc. 
Can Pud say [with honesty] that what we [my friends family and myself]
did for the 'orphan cows' or 'abused, neglected, beaten, starved,
tortured, or abandoned cows' at Gita-nagari, Pud did for the 'gurukula'
children at one time or at different Isgone centers?
Did Pud give tens of thousands $ to the GK children [or cows],and
hundreds and thousands of hours to support the 'children'? [how 'bout to
his OWN child?!]
 No, obviously he did not, or we'd surely know about it! [would that we
But we not only DID do that [the above], but we also worked to
investigate the pattern of child abuse that took place at GN under SDoG
and Paramananda. The cows and children were defended by us in so far as
we could possibly do.
Another impt. question: We were jailed briefly for allegedly threatening
to chop up and kill different isgone leaders, which  -it was alleged- we
did because these rascals abused cows, children, devotees, and women .
We were found not guilty [after 17 months and a trial] , but the
question is: Where is there evidence that Mr. Pud [allegedly] threatened
Mr. Tamalt, SDoG, etc. or at very least explained how sastra says that
cmg are tortured in hell? Mr. Tamalt even said those things about us,
his detractors, but is there ANY evidence that Mr. Pud EVER suggested
the same about Tamalt  & Co.? [w/Scriptural reference?]
Is there ANY evidence that Pud 'got heavy' with ANYone other than his
heavy [but VERY NOMINULL] blasphemous attack on [the deceased] Srila

So, in sum, we not only aided the cows cause the moment the asuras'
atrocities became prominent, we defended the cows, atttacked [in speech
and demonstrations etc.] the miscreants, "allegedly threatened to
'exterminate' " the cow abusers, fought in the media with the rascals,
stayed in contact with media, vets, AAC supporters, etc., etc. for years
together on behalf the cows [and children], and   to this day we stay in
contact with those who can inform us of the goings-on at GN Farm, and
how those goings-on impact the cows residing there, etc.;

But Pud, who's done nothing for anyone, even his own daughter, for years
together, attacks us 'for doing nothing', though Pada years before [in
1993]  atleast HAD paid lipservice to our "valiant efforts" for the
Let's now view a Pud-penned letter to Editor which appeared in a Pa.
newspaper [Juniata Sentinel, April 7,1993]  attached to a letter i also
published that day regarding Ravinedra Svarurupa's conspiracy to harm
cows, etc.

I will copy and post them here exactly how they appeared  [with sanat's
un cowmentarry] 

After this i will also include some other 'wonerful realizations' from
the Farm Report, and give further commentary regarding Pud's complicity
with the demons in keeping    'jnana-kala'  [suppreesion of truth and
knowledge]  the norm, ie. refusing to either publish Sulocana's GB and
"wonerfool realizations"  or excerpts from the Cow Tome, or ANY
critiques we personally gave of SDoG, Ravinedra, Tamalt, Kirtananda,
etc., and how his [Pada's] censorship created an atmosphere in which the
GBC STILL SHOULD NOT BE [accd'g to Pud-pada] 'properly' - AND
ASSAILED for GBC crimes....but, rather instead, by Pud's calculation:
Srila Prabhupada could be exhumed and boiled alive if THAT was necessary
for Pud and Demoan ASSociates to 'get Shorty'  [tamalt'seat]'...
Another note: Even in the December,1993 FBI report of Sanat dasa/
Stephen Voith, which FBI report was coupled with Sulocana's--and which
FBI report WAS NEVER  ONCE REFERRED TO BY PUD_pada-- it was mentioned
several times therein that my wife and i had reported child neglect and
abuse at the farm... and elsewhere in Isgone, and that the GBC wished to
see us dead for widely circulating these facts...a fact KNOWN ALL ALONG
BY PUD PADA but cleverly suppressed, as Pud tried to usurp our findings
[Re: systematic ritual abuse to GN children when they were at ashramas
in India] for his own glorificaton--as though HE HAD DONE THE
INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM... and later he accuses us, the disseminators
of the long-suppressed truth of cmg and etc. at Gita-nagari, of being
CHILDREN] (!!)...

Anyway, herewith, is the first submission from 1992-1993 era of Sanat's
and Linda's, Rasala's, Sri Krishna dase's, Padmavati's, etc. taking the
cow-child molest rurus to task publicly [AND FEARLESLY!]   AS THE CRIMES

To the Editor:

The ISKCON leadership has remained silent since our latest testimonial
was presented in our ongoing dispute. There is a popular saying that in
a debate if the opposing side remains silent after the opponent had
spoken then defeat is accepted.
Thus the so-called Iskcon Farmers have apparently conceded defeat to our
logical, rational, legitimate, unpretentious, and exceedingly well
documented assertions that they have neglected to properly serve the
interests of their Saintly predecessors. Their neglect is evident by the
 1. Driving away their own people, bona fide cowherdsmen, who were
giving excellent care to the cows they (purportedly) revere;
2. bringing in an unqualified man who wreaked havoc on the health of the
poor animals, thereby virtually destroying our entire herd of working
3. Avariciously taking credit for all my ( and my friends') work of
rebuilding the Farm with over $70,000 I personally brought in from an
outside donor;
4. pretending that they wanted us doing
'all that work for the cows'
in the first place, even while trying to compete with us by passionately
building an unnecessary temple -- a temple not at all wanted or
sanctioned by their own congregation;
5. kicking me out for publishing my fact-based report;
6. perjuring themselves in the press by changing their story from the
"original version"  as stated in the Juniata Sentinel December 30, 1992;
7. Trying to turn our substantiated findings into a "personal issue";
8. Filing Restraining Orders against three of my friends simply because
they monitered the current situation with the cows;
9. Sending out a letter to their few remaining supporters that the "Farm
is going under", and blaming me for it;
10. Rehiring the man who had abused the cows last year;
11. Never apologizing for their reprehensive actions at the [lotus] feet
of Srila Prabhupada and Lord Krishna;
12. Calling themselves Brahmanas while being very UNTRUTHFUL to the
public about what has gone on and what's STILL going on at their
compound;  and
13. Allowing Dr. Deadwyler to pose as a Christ-like guru who is bowed to
with prostrated obeisances by his 'disciples' every time he enters the

Anyhow, in spite of the fact that the leaders of the ISKCON Compound are
remaining silent after Padmavati dasi's [Poppy Stalker's]  account
(regarding abuses to Farm Cows) a few weeks back, we cannot ignore their
In Bhagavad-gita As It Is (by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada) 10.32
Lord Sri Krishna states:

"Of all creations, I am the beginning, and the end, and also the middle.
O Arjuna, of all sciences I am the spiritual science of the self, and
among logicians I am the conclusive truth."

In the PURPORT, Swami Bhaktivedanta writes:

"Among logicians there are different kinds of arguments. Supporting
one's argument with evidence that also supports the opposing side is
called jalpa. Merely trying to defeat one's opponent is called vitanda.
But the actual conclusion is called vada. This conclusive truth is a
representation of Krsna [or God]."

So we have offered exhaustive, conclusive proof regarding not only what
has actually gone on at the ISKCON Compound regarding the cows and Dr.
Deadwiler's ISKCON Foundaton/Tree-cutting/land development/ devotee
excommunication conspiracy, but especially in regards to their cover-up
and ongoing duplicity.

I herewith submit an unsolicited letter I received from a newly-formed
organization on the West Coast of ex (or ex-communicated) devotees who
got hold of a copy of my  "Gita Nagari Farm Report". The individual
writing the letter claims to represent over 100 persons who have been
driven out of the Hare Krishna Movement. My purpose in offering this
letter is manifold, but most importantly I want the public to understand
that not all Hare Krishna devotees are 'sheep followers of self-declared
gods.' There ARE those of us who hold fast to independent spiritual
thinking, morality, and liberal acceptance of all God's children!

signed   Stephen Voith
              Port Royal, PA

Letter from Timothy Lee, Puranjana das, editor of PADA, to Stephen
Voith, printed underneath S.V.'s letter:

Dear Stephen Voith (Sanatana Goswami Dasa):

I have just received your "Gita Nagari Farm Report." It is AMAZING HOW
EXHAUSTIVE your study is. Devotees around here do not suffer from
disbelief; almost all of them displayed shock, pain, disgust, revulsion
and frustration....[sanat: Yeah, asspecially disgust that they
Pud: Most of them are former ISKCON project members, and they know very
well how most post-Prabhupada temples and farms have fallen into a large
pit, along with the cows as you nicely point out!

After Prabhupada's departure, the so-called "living gurus" have
destroyed most meaningful projects, and they drove away over 95%  of
SP's followers.  Their "living guru" touch means death; clearly that is
their track record. How Gita Nagari has weathered their storm at all is
itself amazing.... [sanat: YEAH!  it  IS  amazing that Rasala dasa, the
Main Protagonist of our 'Gita Nagari Report',  SINGLE-HANDEDLY kept the
cows afloat for five years during SDoG Ravinedra 'transition' years! But
what were YOU doig cow-wise during those years?! HOW ABOUT CHILD-WISE?
Pud:  Now you are simply experiencing what 95% of us have already
[sanat: yeah, right, Mr. Complainer, EXCEPT WE kicked back, and
simultaneously HELPED the innocent cows in spite of our 'experience'...]
Pud: We were cast away as demons, envious, offenders,etc. [sanat:  aw,
that is sad! lemme go get a hanky ... as i actually cry for the
defenceless cows, children, etc. that YOU (and your 95%) 'cast
away' useless...]
Pud: Some of us were beaten, shunned, threatened, harassed... [sanat:
and some of US beat, threatened, shunned and harassed Ravinedra and
SDoG's rascal-faced supporters, SO WHAT?!...] 
Pud: We were harassed, all for the sake of the "Living guru project"!
That is THEIR sacred cow.... 
[sanat: and pada's sacred cow is to kick Kunja Babu Tamalt out of his
seat, and climb in for his own glory ride, is it so nat? ...Tamalt:  "I
Pud: When you call attention to the vulnerable being crushed beneath
their tank tracks,they want to get rid of you real fast...
[sanat: YEAH, das' right, like Pud wishes to jettison anybody who calls
attention to his VERY NOMINAL blasphemy of Srila Prabhupada?...] 
Pud: Of course, it did not help that we were working on analyzing  the
initial authority for the living guru project...
[sanat: yeah, but it DID help that Sulocana had already performed that
miracle task...though it didn't help that pud was envious of Sulocana's
work, and tried to bury him [Sd] and take credit for it himself: 'Yeah,
first  i'll usurp Sulocana's seat; NEXT tamalt's!'.... is it so nat?]
Pud: Seems there are now four separate versions of the "appointment
tape." that we've found so far....
[sanat: and how many 'pd-appointment' tapes?]...
Pud: Since then we've found extensive proofs that the living guru
project was never authorized or intended by Prabhupada...
[sanat: then why are you always asserting that YOU are the PADA, the
SriPADA Achoreya who all must bow to, oh most imperious one?]...
Pud:  In California,  both farm projects went bust some years ago. But
the cows were saved by an independent devotee, who has no ties to the
living guru project....
[sanat:so, where's evidence you, an "independent devotee with no ties to
LGP" helped the cows...or abused children for that matter?!... ] 
Pud: When we told one GBC man that this man was doing great service ,
saving and protecting these cows, he said, "he's a cattle rustler." ...
[sanat: and pud said: 'forget those damn cows, there's only gonna be
glory for me in cmg,cmg,cmg,cmg, ;Pud Neglecting his daughter?...]
Pud: In short, they could not do it, but they begrudge someone else who
[sanat: yeah, and we helped both cows and children, as far as possible,
and pud and friends begrudge us when we expose their good ole boyz club
hypocrisy - encouraging 'the children' to shift blame from GBC and
parents onto Srila Prabhupada...] 
Pud: They are justlike the Gaudia Math folks.
[sanat: and you just like TamaltMath ones!]
Pud:  I think your efforts to protect the four-legged vulnerable souls
is wonderful... [sanat: yes, EFFORTS, NOT JUST WORDS, COMPLAINING,
WHINING and DOING NADA for decades...] 
Pud: Our efforts have been more along the lines of getting the child
molester section out of ISKCON...
[sanat: the cmg section NEVER was "in iskcon", though Regarding the
section of CMG in isgone PADA NEVER GOT A ONE OF THEM OUT , and now he
and friends, embarrassed that they have nothing to show for all their
years of whining and ragging (about cmg,cmg,cmg!!), are anxious to 'get
the cmg section out of Isgone via hanging their venerable Spiritual
Master in the Village Square! : "Oh no one listened to our 'old
woman-whining-efforts'      for 20 years, so let's use Guruji as the
rock to crack our economic development, ie. kick tamalt outta his seat,
and emplace SriPADA Achoreya therein! Everything else failed, maybe if
we 'give the guru a bad enuf name and hang HIM, THEN we will attain our

Pud: I have written to many gurus and GBCs asking for any shred of proof
that child molesters were gurus, who were not only gurus but who
certified the second wave of current gurus; and they are silent...
[sanat, just as you were silent about Sulocana's role  and now you've
been silent about our role...except to usurp both and make yourself the
big,big pudcheese...]
Pud: Their policy is still threaten, harass, bully--- no philosophy...
[sanat: sounds awfully familiar!! 
etc. ZERO philosophy, but LOTS of harassment!!...]

At any rate, the best way for us to resolve our differences is in the
public media...
[sanat: yep, sure, so you send your media demonz to ole sanat (telling
'em what a 'would be Krishan terrorist' we are, and we'll be
de-freakinlighted to straighten them and the world out with Prabhupada's
pure philosophy on these DIFFERENCES, ya hear?...]
Pud: They [the GBC] have no interest in discussing any kind of
philosophy, or even common morality...
[sanat: ditto, Mr. Pud; just like your daughter has been nearly totally
neglected, abandoned by you for years, what kind of morality is THAT?!
And what kind of philosophy is it to go on crucifying your Spiirtual
Master publicly by fanning the flames [in hell] of the rurucollie cela's
public hatred and blaming of SP?

Srila Prabhupada:Where  is the difficulty? Christ's picture is there.
Suppose we have got our picture, Krsna. So all right, don't believe in
Krsna. But you have got picture of Christ, and you can see that he is
being crucified. The cross is your symbol.
Guest: We don't worship the dead Christ.
Srila Prabhupada: You may not, but Christians...The Christians, they put
the cross, a reminder that  "Christ suffered for us." This is the cross.
So we became sinful, and the Lord, he suffered for us. We should stop
this sinful activity. THAT is sanity. But  "Christ will suffer, he'll be
repeatedly crucified, and we shall go on with our nonsense activity." Is
THAT religion?...we are talking on the principle THAT IF WE ARE SO BASE
AND FALLEN DOWN that we go on committing sinful life and "Christ will be
crucified; I'll be saved,"  THAT way is said, what kind of religion?
"One should continually suffer for my sin, and I am free to act
sinfully," Is THAT religion?  [SPC Vol. 20, p. 92]...

sanat: So, what kind of religion is Pada-Pud practicing that the most
sinful thing of dishonoring Guru publicly is being encourged and
supported by him?! Killing guru is sinful; Dishonoring is far worse, as
Lord Krishna explains: "For one who has been honored, dishonor is worse
than death."; therefore 'death' or murder for SP is insignificant
compared with His 'disciples' publicly blaming Him for the
GBC/rurus/parents' crimes...thus, dishonor of the Guru is the worst sin,
and Pud and Associates are continually crucifying and torturing their
Guru, and also poisoning the minds of millions of 'innocent' persons who
become victims of these sins upon hearing such blasphemous talk, and not
Pud : So let's do it for them. Ihave started a newsletter with only abut
a 1000 circulation right now...
[sanat: yeah, right, you WISH!]
Pud: and it has been well-received . Let's work together...
[sanat: yeah, like you 'worked together' w/Sulocana, ie. let him do the
work, tell him he's nuts for wanting to see KS, et al dead for their
crimes, etc, becoming overjoyed upon Sd's assassination, and then
cleverly suppressing his work, usrping it, and waiting patiently to get
Tamalt'seat, is t so nat?!  And then later treating sanat, "YOUR LONG
LOST BROTHER" in an identical manner?....]
Pud: I'll rustle in the child rustlers and you get the cow rustlers.
Please keep up your great preaching....
[sanat: yeah, i will Mr. Traitor, my boots are very active just now, esp
w/ Guru-dishonoring

Puranjana dasa
Visalia, CA

Here is an editorial that gives first-hand evidence of our friends'
assisting the cows WHILE CMG [cow-molesting gorus] abused the cows. Fro
February 24, 1993 LETTERS TO THE EDITOR, Juniata Sentinael, Mifflintown,

To the Editor:

As far as the so-called ISKCON Farmers' latest statements are concerned,
i must say atleast that i don't hate them as persons. Lord Christ taught

So, yes, whereas we have a prblem with the ISKCON-ers' irresponsible
handling of the cows last year and also  (even more so) regarding their
childish responses in the press to our FULLY SUBSTANTIATED ALEGATIONS,
we don't hate them as persons. Nor would i, or my friends  attempt to
personally malign their characters. Some individals, however, cannot
grasp that calling a spade a spade is not at all an act of venom, hate,
or slander. That is unfortunate.

We actually hope and pray for a reasonable outcome to this fracas. But
until the ISKCON Farmers [so-called] wake up to how they've been used by
Dr. William Deadwyler [GBC of Philadelphia]  in his alleged scheme to
divide and conquer the Farm  and possibly -- as newly revaled
information describes -- to sell off the farm and move the cows
somewhere else, we shall go on in our "TRUTH SESSIONS" in this forum and

We have contacted leal counsel and very soon the "ISKCON Farmers",
ISKCON Foundation, etc., will have their day in court to present their
testimony {as in the 'Turley Case'?} to law-abiding citizens. Although
most of these individuals are currently not in the country for comment (
or soon to depart ), it is obvious that the time is drawing near for the
"mother of all battles" to be fought for justice and righteousness on
behalf of ISKCON's Founder and Proprietor, [HDG] A.C. Bhaktivedanta
Swami Prabhupada, the Lord's pure Representative.

Herewith is Padmavati (Poppy) Stalker's eyewitness testimony  as t
appears in my ISKCON Farm Report. She wrote it independent of Chris
Colm's (Sri Krishna dasa) , but lease note the similar points she makes.

As Sargeant Joe Friday says:  "Just the facts, ma'am, jes the facts."

Stephen Voith
Port Royal, PA

To the Editor:

Let me paint a picture of the winter of 1991-1992 at ISKCON Gita Nagari
in Port Royal.

                        IN THE BARN

Troughs overflowing with water due to leaking pipes and waterbowls.
Urine and stool EVERYWHERE (inside the stalls, all over the floors, on
the pools, on the cows). In the troughs that weren't overflowing with
water, there was rotten silage that the cows refused to eat. [WOW! life
ain't gonna be a bowl of cherries for Ravinedra, SatsheDupes, Pud, et al
in their next 'cow-abused' body...though ATLEAST they'll have the
distinct honor of being maltreated by....folks w/ beadbags wrapped
around their (withering) arms...]
Padmavati dd: atleast 50 sticks in each trough, baling twine left lying
around everywhere,in and out of the troughs. Sometimes we even found
dead rats in the feeding troughs. Cows lying in water, urine and stool.
Every cow except the two mlkers and the two calves were so skinny that
you could see a distinct outline of their bones. They all had sad looks
on their faces and alot of them began mooing as soon as they saw a

In the ox barn, things were even worse. [wow! next birth for rurucoolies
who Rape SP's Church and sell cows to eat so they can smoke ganja and
abuse THEIR children!?...]
Padmavati dd: The ox barn was rarely cleaned, so there was stool about a
foot deep all over the floor and ground. The cows were trudging around
in the mess with thin, weak, bruised bodies and sad faces. Cow next door
poking their heads through busted up metal walls mooing so loudly and
hungrily [GuruCowla Hell, or what?!] When I took them hay, they fought
over it viciously and ate it all in less than 30 seconds. And still they
mooed, wanting more.

I watched helplessly as my favorite team of oxen that used tobe big,
strong and very muscular became weak, thin, sickly and bruised. One of
my favoritee named Bali became so thin and weak that he became very
intimidated bythe ther oxen. When it was feeding time they would shove
him away, and he was incapable of defending himself. Some'one' said: "He
just must not be hungry."
Why then did he have big, scabbed bruises all over his body? It was
obvious to me that because of being so weak, he was being beaten on by
the ther oxen.

It took many years of hard work to get all the working oxen in the shape
that they were in before this tragedy.
And in just a few months of being starved and not being worked, they all
became thin, sickly, we, and in too bad of shape to be worked.

A friend and myself would sneak in the barn at night and feed the cows
any hay that was left lying around. Before long someone must have
realized what we were doing because they stopped leaving hay out, and
they put a padlock [PUDlock?] on the door of the hayloft.

                  IN MEMORY OF ACE

Some of the cows got abscesses from being fed in dirty places.  Ace was
one of them.  He was found one day, stuck between a rock and a wagon
that had been left out.  They managed to get him out somehow.  No one
knows how long  he had been there because no one had fed or checked that
group of cows in three days.  After they tried to feed Ace a few times
they called the vet .  He said that Ace"s abscesses were making it
impossible for Ace to eat.  He had become so weak that he could no
longer stand up. It was inevitable that he would die.  But there was no
excuse for the way he was in his last days. 
    The day after the vet gave his diagnosis, there was a wedding at the
temple.  Afterwards, one of the mothers, a dear friend of mine, and I
went to the barn to see the cows.  Coincidently, this mother had a very
good excuse for having not been at the barn in a long time.  As for me,
I couldn't do much to help the cow because I was seven months pregnant.
When we got to the barn, the first thing we saw was Ace lying outside
with his head pointed downhill, in the mud, in the middle of the
barnyard, which left him totally exposed to the weather.  The wind was
howling, and the temperature was below freezing.  We were both apalled,
to say the least, that he had been left there to die such an utterly
painful death.
      We ventured into the barn, dicussing what we should do about Ace.
When we entered the barn we saw the apalling scene that I have
previously described.  We were drawn back with horror, but not with
surprise.  That is, I wasn't suprised because I had been seeing this for
months.  She, on the other hand, was very surprised, even though I had
already told her about it.  You really had to see it to believe it.  We
proceeded to clean out the troughs.  There was no telling how long it
had been since they had been cleaned.
      After we had done as much as we could, we went and gathered up all
the men that we could and asked them to help us move Ace.  A lot of mem
came in their dhotis and waited a minute or two, but by the time the men
who knew what to do and how to run the machinery arrived, the other men
had gone.
      I was told that the reason Ace was where he was, was because they
had tried to move him to shelter the night before, but when he kept
falling off the board that they were dragging him on, they gave up and
left him there in a place worse than where he had been. I wonder why, if
they could get him half-way to   shelter , they didn't just keep trying.
If it was there own son, I doubt they would have given up and left him
upside down on a hill where the weather could hit him the worst.
[ya hear that, Pud?: cow=child!]  
They didn't even attempt to cover him with anything to try to keep him
    All I could do was stand and watch, but after five hours and alot of
hard work, women included, we finally got him to shelter.    
      He died the next morning.
   All this was only a portion of the horrors I witnessed last year.But
due to lack of time 
since I was asked to write about it, I am unable to finish.
     We as devotees have a responsibility never to let Krishna's cows
suffer like ths again.
                                    Padmavati  Dasi
Port Royal                    P.S.-I worked two years, milking, working
oxen, and performing other duties with the cows.  I think it's time we
practice what we preach--cow protection!
sanat: Yeah, Pdd, the Puds DO practice what they preach: cow neglect and
abandonement, as well as total neglect of their own DwiPuds

 Padmavati-Poppy's Poem of Remembrance  
of Krsna's Cow Program at OLD Gita- Nagari
              Date: March 14, 1994   
   For many years I remember fondly,
   Now through tears I tell the story
   Sweet cows in Goodness grazed the pasture
   Serving Krsna with all they had                              
    Oxen worked so hard for Krsna
    They pulled the plow but now are sad        
 For suffering has come
to these sweet   creatures,
     Whom Krsna holds so dear                          

      Where once was joy in serving Krsna
       Now there lies great fear 
       Where once was life so pure and gentle
       Now lies death and filth and sorrow

For the cows whom Krsna holds so dear
are of less concern than money here
'Preaching' is most important they say
but who are we to preach I pray
if to Krsna's cows who've done such nice service
we leave only to die
in their stool and in their tears

Don't you see the cows are suffering?
From ISKCON's poison of greed and ENVY?
This poison is not the cows' to bear
And the ones who suffer are those who care.
the envious and the greedy won't allow facility,
for those who are caring, willing and able,
To do right by the cows and Krsna....

The following euology was written by my wife
 in early 1994, after the Ravinedra-Cow Torture crew had rehired Sickhi
dasa, the raksasa who'd systematically tortured and starved the working
oxen into extinction in 1991-92. [NOTE: SSRD exacted some revenge on
Sickhidasa not too long after his cow torture days: twice his home
burned down in as many years, his crazed wife just barely escaping the
second inferno with her life...also, we reported these rscals for child
neglect several times, and they were investigated and chastised, etc...]

So, Ravinedra's cow-killer party was very determined to 'keep a good
thing going', ie. "get the [damn] herd down in size" (so more money
could be embezzled, and less would have to be 'wasted' on dumb and
useless animals - which The Svarurupa had, after all, INHERITED from
SatsHeChildSwallowerMahaNiggardly Shammy) 
Anyway, we stayed vigilante, Linda especially, since she was so fond of
some of the oxen, especially  the venerable Burfy Prabhu...and also
because Rasala, SKd and myself, and Yamuna dasa had all been legally
restrained from visiting the Farm and keeping tabs on the goings-on,
being that we'd become such vigilante troublemakers and 'would be
RavinedraDEADwyler-Terror-ists', etc...So, Linda wrote GN Farm Report
Part II, excerpts of which i will include after i post my letters to
Ravinedra to "REFORM OR RESIGN", which i wrote in my 200 page Expose',
and also my letter to the GBC and Justice Board, requesting them to
prove they weren't mlechha-yavana non Aryan swine by demonstrating how
they would EVEN THEN take their penises out of each others' mouths [and
the childrens' stitched up anuses] and get to work to help Mother Cow
and Father Bull ... unfortunately, Ravinedra -child rapist couldn't be
convinced, nor his asuric partners in crime, thus Linda and i kept up
the pressure in 1994 and 1995, staying in touch with vets, media, AAC
members, cowherdsmen around the world, and others; we were so 'zealous'
in defending the cows, that we obliged the Ravinedra-SDoG clan to take
us to court to attempt to silence us, WHICH THEY FAILED MISERABLY AT... 

So, here's Linda's tribute to a Pure Working Devotional Ox [Burfy -
friend and Associate of Sri Sri Radha-Damodara]  and afterwards i will
post my Farm Report-letters to GBC, etc., then more 1992-93 news
articles and editorials [including excerpts from the GN Board
Cow-haters' club's newspaper editorials...

March 16, 1994
Mifflitown, PA

     In Memory of Burfy, My Favorite Ox

             by Linda Laracuente [now Linda Voith]

All glories to the great soul Burfy, who pulled SriSri Radha-Damodara's
parikrama cart for atleast 14 years that I witnessed. He toiled to pull
the plow over Gita-nagari's brown and muddy, Spring fields. He pulled
wood from the forest to heat SSRD in Their Lordship's Temple. And
brought wood also to warm the devotees in
their homes. Glories to Burfy who moved hay, cultivated fields and
pulled a cart for the garbage-run.

Burfy performed all this service for the Lord's pleasure even when he
was caked with manure, because we were too lazy or ignorant to know that
he needed to be cleaned. He was tolerant and never kicked or even
flinched when I vigorously brushed great chunks of manure from his body.
He was the most tolerant and gentle ox I ever brushed. He was such a
well trained gentleman, he cooperated and followed me wherever I would
lead him. He stood still even though his lead rope came untied from the
fence. I never noticed that my "extra strength" granny knot had fallen
out until he was all cleaned and I went to untie him, to lead him back
to the barn. Because of his kind nature, I gained confidence enough to
lead almost any ox (except Bill) out of the barn.

Glories to Burfy who I loved so dearly.
Who was so tolerant and patient when I last saw him, lyng near the fence
in the barnyard. His big horns kept getting stuck in a wire strung along
the wooden fence. He looked up at me gratefully with recogntion as I
gave him two apples and a carrot. He gladly accepted the grain and hay
which Mother Banu brought him. There was no fence around him so the
other cows came and tried - NO, succeeded - in stealing most of his
meal. Yet he ate peacefully, accepting his fate with no anxiety over the

Glories to Burfy, the great souled-ox, who had the most magnificent
horns of all the oxen in Lord Damodara's Herd. Those horns and his
gentle nature attracted many a person's attention on his many Ratha
Yatra appearances. He didn't deserve to die as he did. May his memory
continue to attract people to the practice of cow protection, and may we
learn from his life's  [and death's] example what cow protection really

to be continued .......

2. Dinadayadri / NNV reunion

sanat responds to Pud [PADA]

So, some other points for clarification.

Pud  [PADA] says--in response to our Dinadayadri letter -- that "the
tiger is real". He therefore contradicts Srila Prabhupada, who says the
tiger is false. Even taking the tiger to be real-in that it is
temporary-still why is 'it' , ie. the 'tiger' of spousal abuse  being a
subject matter to absorb the minds of hundreds of souls nearly three
decades later?!
So therefore these PADAophiles are trying to create an  ETERNAL tiger?
The tiger even has passed, and we're doing our absolute best [because of
Pud's desire for political supremacy?]
to bring it back 'alive' and dwell on it perpetually? IS THIS VEDDY GOOD
BUSINESS?  Srila Prabhupada was tortured and poisoned unto death, and
now HDG is being assailed publicly  [with support,  by Pud-for the
DEmoan-kulis' strong desire to blame the Spiritual Master w/only pudz
'"VERY NOMINAL"  offense]  for something He had no part in, but let's
now focus on the 'perpetual pain and suffering' of some woman who has
ignored Prabhupada's instructions, and is now the pot calling the kettle
black in her complaint of abuse...Prabhupada had cautioned Ddd :

"You are a very good girl and a sincere devotee therefore, even though
you have experienced difficulty you are remaining pure in KC and keeping
faith in Krsna and the spiritual master. THIS FAITHFULNESS has pleased
me very much. So many great devotees have had to undergo difficulties,
and the great example among women was Quen Kunti, whose family life was
perpetual danger, but because she always thought of Krsna she was
You have got one child, so NOW make Krsna your husband and take shelter
of our temple...and you say you are much inspired by devotees like
Goverdan and the others. So take SPIRITUAL instruction from your elders
YOUR ever well-wisher,

Abhaya Caranaravinda Bhaktivedanta Swami

So what is the wrong in SP's CLEAR explanation to Ddd in this matter?!

Obviously, Srila Prabhupada considered as 'INSPIRATIONAL'   ONLY
Godbrothers and sisters  who supported the Prabhupada-Sastric conclusion
of putting a "closure" to this incident right away ["FORGET THE
PAST....without ANY lamentation or lamentation!"], not  alleged Godbros
who would be keeping the 'misery' - temporary misery or temporary
'tiger' - ALIVE not only for yourself [three decades or one generation
later, and BEYOND ALSO] but for numerous other souls to have to endure
this PAST incident. IS  IT NOT?!

Prabhupada clearly said to take Krsna as husband in assoc. with those
inspirational Godpersons who supported such action and saw hankering and
lamenting to be NON-spiritual. So, doeas NOTKrsna, as husband PROTECT?
Then why does Ddd need to make the ludicrous, Apa-Sastric Pud be her
husband?  "You have no bread, therefore you will eat rocks???" SP states
[elsewhere]  "Is this sane???" 

If Lord Krsna, who is known for being Bhaktavatsala, the dearmost
well-wisher of His Bhaktas, is Ddd's husband, as declared by Ddd's
Spiritual Preceptor, then what need s there for any other husband, or
any other Instructions? The instructions from Ddd's NEW husband, in form
of Bhagavad-gita are so sublimely simple:  "matars sparsas tu kaunteya:
learn to tolerate these seasonal miseries, lamentations, hankerings,
etc. rise above the bodily platfrom, by accepting a bona fide spiritual
master, bowing before your guru and God and coming back to Me in the
very near future."

So where is the instruction - or NEED - for such person as Dinadayadri
[in such secure position] to later come to some rascal - like Pud -
posing as the source of absolute knowledge, who's ambition and motive
become obvious by how the Pud-pada DIRECTLY CHALLENGE AND CONTRADICT
Sastra generally, and especially contradicts the very letter and spirit
of SP's self-evident instruction to HIS disciple, Srimati Dinadayadri
Devi Dasi?????? Prabhupada gives the BASIC spiritual advice to His
disciple: suffering is temporry, learn to tolerate it, forget the past,
especially in so far as suffering arises in family life, and seek to
FOLLOW in footsteps of other saintly ladies of the past like Kuntidevi,
bas; and in assoc. with other like minded SPIRITUAL Bothers and
Sisters,, and w/ Lord Krishna as your husband, and the SM as your
Father, MAKE SPIRITUAL PROGRESS in this life, bas! Prabhupada never
suggests to Ddd-or ANYbody- to: "Yes, nurse  a grudge to NNV, who is the
ONE who caused you distress; remember your sfuffering in family life
perpetually, get in contact with 'brothers and sisters' who are similar
malcontents, and who will help you to nurse this grudge so that your
grandchildren and greatgreat grandchildren can always remember your great
and unceasing atachment to this body and the [EXPECTED] resultant
miseries that come its way because of our forgetfulness of God as being
THE thing they should dwell on so they can also forget Krishna and
remember GreatgrandMata's supreme suffering", and etc?!

So Ddd is become equally culpable for IDENTIFYING a 'mischief-monger'.
SASTRA says this, not us! WHY is this the fact [that Sastra declares
this? ]  Because, a devotee knows that everything that happens is
sanctioned by the Lord. Not a blade of grass can move sans the Lord's
will. The material energy does not move independently, therefore a
devotee, in his misery always NEVER blames the Lord or ANY agent,
just as the cow and bull, when asked by M. Pariksit "Who has done this
great injustice to you-of beating your legs and torturing you," the bull
and cow, revealing the quintessence, DECLINED to name a cause [of their
OWN great suffering]...Here are a few points made in the chapter
"Punishment and Reward of Kali":


O greatest among human beings, it is very difficult to ascertain the
particular miscreant who has caused our sufferings because we are
bewildered by all the different opinions of theoretical philosophers.

In Srila Prabhuada's Perfect PURPORT:

Although the bull, or the personality of religion, and the cow, the
personality of the earth, knew perfectly well that the personality of
Kali was the direct cause of their sufferings, still, AS DEVOTEES of the
Lord, they knew ell also that without the sanction of the Lord no one
could inflict trouble upon them.  According to the Padma Purana, our
present trouble is DUE to the fructifying of seedling sins, but EVEN
THOSE  seedling sins also GRADUALLY FADE AWAY by execution of pure
devotional service [this counters Pud's apa Sastric statement that Ddd
should have never received suffering, even as t manifest from her
'previous' husband]
Thus even if the devotees see the mischiefmongers, THEY DO NOT ACCUSE
mischiefmonger is made to act by some indirect cause, and  THEREFORE

NOTE: in this connection it can be said that those who reject the above
conclusion, and blame others as culprits, will be obliged to accept MORE
suffering, and NOT a minimised level of token punishment...for eample,
the other day a story in the news appeared of a Pakisani woman who was
in the U.S. to be treated for wounds caused by her husband ; He had cut
off her nose and ears, and tried to poke out her eyes as well. She was
angry and wished him [husband] the same fate. So, this woman may be a
former 'cut your nose to spite your face' non-devotee from a past life
who REFUSED to acept the above Dharmic philosophy. Our philosopy is : Tat
Te Nukampam susamiksamano" Tolerate these pains as reduced 'Krsna'-karma
and go on offering obeisances to the Lord in the core of our hearts, in
full greatfulness of the Lord for giving us such reduced punishment
[whereby we can REMEMBER the Lord's lotus feet always]  and saving us
from geting OUR JUST DUE  of GREAT kramic reactions under the stringent
laws of material nature....Ad another corolarry note is this:

A devotee always avoids accusing someone who has harmed him out of
humility [trnad api sunicena] and because f the philosophy as
above-cited. But a devotee [like Maharaja Pariksit] NEVER tolerates the
sufferings imposed upon innocent living entities by miscreants, as the
Great King was prepared to behead the miscreant Kali, for the latter's
abusive treatment of the innocent cow and bull; had Kali not desisted
from his heinous action, and had Kali not renounced the kingly dress he
[as sudra] was donning, the Emperor Pariksit would have assuredly
punished him appopiately:

Whoever causes offenseless living beings to suffer must fear me anywhere
and everywhere in the world. By curbing dishonest miscreants, one
automatically benefits the offenseless.
[S.Bhag 1.17.14 T]

Similarly, SP gives the example that Lord Nityananda did not take action
against the sinful Jagai and Madhai for their offense of injuring the
Lord. Lord Nityananda tolerated the insult as most insignificant and
continued attempting to deliver the pair [of stupid fellows]

Lord Caitanya, however, became intolerant of the offfense, as did M.
Pariksit in the case of Kali's offenses to the cow and bull, Earth and
and LC was prepared to also behead the mischiefmongers Jagai/Madhai, had
they remained unrepentant.
And Srila Prabhupada states quite emphatically several times: NO TRNAD
API SUNICENA! that a devotee NEVER EVER tolerates an insult to Visnu or
Visnu Bhakta. For himself, it's "yes, do what you like, i'm a miscreant
also, i deserve it, but please just you chant Hare Krishna!".
But when a great devotee or God is blasphemed, then TOTAL INTOLERANCE
 ... Just like in the Turley trial, PADA says: "Trnad api...yes, let's
be more than very nominally tolerant that SP's being blasphemed!!! NO
PROBLEM AT ALL, as long as i get Talt's seat later..."
Yes: "VERY NOMINAL offense", instead of acting like fire to chastise
those falsely accusing SP, the Pud instead says these adults [former
kids] should be able to nicely vent their anger publicly at HDG Srila
Prabhupada...But Pud never encouraged these same rascals to rightfully
accuse Tamalt and co. like that...again: when you IDENTIFY a
mischiefmonger you become equally culpabe. These so-called GK's wish
toIDENTIFY a mischiefmonger, and just see how Sastra is accurate: They
have wrongly blamed Srila Prabhupada, so such reaction is proof positive
that Sastra is perfectly accurate in saying that the identifier is
equally to blame ...BECAUSE Pud and the Goukuli Complainants in the
CULPRITS or evil doers or mischiefmongers, ie. the CMG, child moleter
gorus, NO;
ANYTHING PERSONAL IN THIS TRIAL and Tamalt & Co. couldn't care less what
bad thing happens to the legacy SP started-and they care even less if
Prabhupada 'takes the blame', since THAT was their idea all along:
"Prabhupada knew these things, and only consulted with his 'closest
advisors' (us, tamalt&Co.), whom he instructed to discreetly avoid
informing the parents or authorities about the alleged crimes in the
HIS ASSETS OF HIS MOVEMENT ARE AT RISK...Thus Pud [who knows all  these
facts quite well, will be obliged to visit  Yamaraja's Court for
torturing Srila Prabhupada in the worst possible manner: BY DEFAMATION
Since for one who has been honored, dishonor is worse than death-and no
one has ever been honored like Srila Prabhupada has...

Anyway,   Dinadayadri dd has become equally [and more] culpable than her
so-called husband [NaraNarayan V das] for several reasons. 1. He was
apparently acting in ignorance, whereas Ddd is acting in knowledge. He
allegedly abused her, but Ddd is abusing everyone with this ignorant
apaSiddhanta exercise. [Bhagavad-gita sates that violoence means keeping
people in ignorance or not giving them KC]; 2. Srila Prabhupada
specifically told His disciple to "forget the past." , so this
PADA-supported public vendetta is actually directly opposed to the
principles directly laid down for this soul in HDG's specific
instruction to her.  He gave her a prescription for Spiritual Recovery,
SPIRITUAL 'closure', and rather than associate with individuals ["good"
Godbros and sisters] who would have been in full accord with SP's
conclusive instruction to Ddd, instead she has availed herself of
poisonous Apa-ISKCON assoc. [in the person of PADA and demonic rogues
and nondevotees] who have corrupted her good intelligence and obliged
her to remain stuck in the past, and overcome by hankering and
lamentation [and ILLUSION]...And now Ddd is in situation of falsely
advertising herself as a 'spiritual candidate', when actually her
actions show she's fool number one [to borrow the words of Sri Krsna].
Why shall she call herself 'Dinadayadri', which name indicates spiritual
initiation [and intelligence]  and service directly toGod's Servants and
devotees?! If she wants to act in the bodily conception as we were
acting prior to SP's  rescuing us from such Samsara misidentification,
then she must go by her previous bodily name and identification and not
by the transcendental name Srila Prabhupada awarded her out of HIS
CAUSELESS MERCY upon her. A transcendental name and second birth oblige
us to become and to act transcendentally, atleast theoretically. In that
sense also, Ddd must also follow the instruction of her bona fide
spiritual master, avoiding those who would oppose such instruction.
In spiritual circles, such nasty dealings as we've now been painfully
drawn into HAVE NO PLACE OR STANDING! Ddd and her husband have 27 years
of experience since the problems of their relationship took place; So
Ddd may blame her husband and still hold a grudge, but her doing this is
hypadacritical because by denying the message of SP, she's intentionally
and ercilessly-IN KNOWLEDGE- inflicting emotional harm on NNV and others
as well. She's intentionally RE-opening a closed chapter, in knowledge,
and creating another dangerous whirlpool of degrading energy in this the
material pool or field. So according to Bhagavata, she is not only
culpable for IDENTIFYING her husband as a mischiefmonger, but
lamentably, she's also created a new set of offenses, culminating in an
offense to the Spiritual Master for disobeying His order [as above
delineated]. [the Third offence in chanting the holy name is to disobey
the orders of the SM]], if Krishna IS her husband, then she should
leave all decisios u to her transcendental husband, and if her
Transcendental Husband, Lord Sri Krsna, thinks that NNV needs more and
further chastisement for his offense from nearly 30 years ago, then Ddd
shouldn't try to override her husband's [Krsna's] will in this regard.
Anyway, to see a filthy pot calling a kettle black is a most ludicrous
affair: physician heal thyself FIRST!

If Ddd really thinks NNV needs further chastisement in this matter, and
is unrepentant, unreformed with a heart of stone, a missoginist, etc.,
then she an also take solace in the words of Sastra, which are Krishna
as Mother:

An upstart living being who commits offenses by torturing those who are
offenseless shall be directly uprooted by me, even though he be a
denizen of heaven with armor and decorations.

[S. Bhag. 1.17.15]

Further Bhagavatam quotes on this subject:

Maharaja Pariksit wanted to get a statement of accusation against the
direct mischiefmonger, BUT THEY DECLINED TO GIVE IT ON THE
to find out the 'cause' of the Kulis' abuses thru the Turley trial,
which starts off with the offensive speculation: "Prabhupada, Religion
Personified, is TO BLAME!, or PADA speculating as to the cause and
remedy of Ddd's suffering] ...
[S.Bhag. 1.17.18 P]


There are some thinkers who believe that no one can ascertain the cause
of distress by argumentation, nor can one know it by imagination, nor can
it be expressed by words. O sage amongst kings, judge for yourself by
thinking over all this with your own intelligence.
[1.17.20 ]


The Vaisnavites or the devotees of the Lord  DO BELIEVE, as above
SUPREME LORD. He is the supreme director, for He confirms in the
Bhagavad-gita (Bg. 15.15)  that He, as all-pervading Paramatma, stays in
each and everyoe's heart and keeps vigilance over all actions and
witnesses all activities. The argument of the atheist that one cannot be
punished for one's misdeeds, unless proved before a qualified justice,
is refuted herein, FOR WE ACCEPT THE PERPETUAL WITNESS and constant
companion of the lving being. A living being may forget all that he
might have done in his past or present life, but one must know that in
the same tree of the material body, the individual soul and the Supreme
Soul as Paramatma are sitting like two birds....The devotees know this
truth, and therefore they discharge their duties sincerely, ithout being
overly anxious for rewards. Besides that, ONE CANNOT ESTIMATE THE LORD'S
INTO DIFFICULTY AND NOT OTHERS?  ...There is no incongruity or inebriety
in His actions.


Suta Sosvami said: O best amongst the brahmanas, the Emperor Pariksit,
thus hearing the personality of religion speak, was fully satisfied, and
without mistake or regret he gave his reply.


The statement of the bull, the personality of religion, was full of
philosophy and knowledge, and the King was satisfied, since he could
understand that the suffering bull was not an ordinary one. Unless one
is perfectly conversant with the law of the Supreme Lord, oe cannot
speak such things touching hilosophical truths. The Emperor, being also
on an equal level of sagacity, replied to the oint, without doubt or


The King said: O you, who are in the form of a bull! You know THE TRUTH
are no other than the personality of religion

[so, Ddd, you 'know the location of'  NNV's alleged irreligious acts,
public testimoney and castigation...just like the GK's (so-called) in
Turley trial are themselves the cause of their own suffferings because
of their vindicive and accusatory nature, and the bestproof in this is
how they have UN-sagaciously joined an inimical lawsuit which is simply
an attack on the personality of religion. They AREN'T EVEN  blaming the
'real' mischiefmongers, ie. Tamalt and Co., but actually and factually,
Pud's allies in this suit are directly and indirectly placing full blame
for these crimes onto HKM Guru, HDG ACBS Prabhupada...]


A devotee's conclusion is that no one is directly responsible to become
a benefactor or mischiefmonger WITHOUT THE SANCTION of the Lord;
therefore he does not consider anyone to be directly responsible for
such action...
[CAN you hear this even now, M. Ddd?! READS: why is Ddd directly holding
her 'ex' husband directly responsible for her own 'Godsanctioned'
suffering? Against her SM's instruction also, and in connection with
Prabhupada Defaming miscreant and misogymist, SriPudAchoreya?...]
Srila Prabhupada:  But in both the cases he takes it for granted that
either benefit or loss is Gd-sent, AND THUS IT IS HIS GRACE. In case of
benefit, no one will deny it is God-sent, but in case of loss or reverses
IT BECOMES DOUBTFUL how the lord could be so unkind to his devotee as to
put him in great difficulty.
[and of course, there will be plenty of opportunist Pud-types to fan the
flames of that doubt just to increase their own mislead following...]
Jesus Christ was seemingly put into such great difficulty, being
crucified by the ignorant, BUT HE WAS NEVER ANGRY at the
mischiefmongers. THAT is the way of accepting a thing, either favorable
or unfavorable. [and factually is the way SP personally instructed Ddd
in the 1974 letter as above cited: let the past sleep, and FOLLOW-don't
imitate- the sublime life's example of Kuntidevi...]
grasp, esp. byvenemous Pudserpents] , like the mischiefmonger. ByGod's
grace, the devotee tolerates all reverses, and Maharaja Pariksit
observed this, and therefore he could understand that the bull was no
other than the personality of religion himself. In other words, A
DEVOTEE HAS NO SUFFERING AT ALL because so-called suffering is also
God's grace for a devotee who sees God in everything. THEY NEVER PLACED
Kali, although everyone lodges complainst before the state authorities.
The extraordinary behavior of the bull made the King conclude that the
bull was certnly the rsonality of religion, otherwise no one could
understand the finer intricacies of the codes of religion.
[S. Bhag 1.17.22 T&P]

So S. Bhag and the instructions of SP are there to help us understand
"the finer intricacies of the codes of religion," and if you wish
to rectify your mistakes you must STILL follow the spirit and letter of
SP's 1974 letter to you. DO NOT take shelter of miscreant misogynists
like Pooranjohn and etc., who will  say to you: "Oh, you're really hot
and disturbed? No problem! Here, take a nice dive in THESE cooling
waters!! Hoddy bowl!" [and after you dived into the three-foot water
well and cracked your spine, he'll be there saying: You stupid fool, why
did you take my advice before figuring out whatto do yourself!"

Just like we gave most of the tangible info to Pud on the GN child abuse
problem, and when it suited him, he spoke well of us and etc; and when
we exposed his hypocrisy, then he said: "They're to blame!! Hang them!!"
Similarly, he strongly urged me to get SSI, but now he accuses me of
this and that RE: same; same with y2k. I didn't know a thing about y2k
in 1998. Then he sent me a webtv and told e very alarming things about
y2k, and that i should check out the 2000 web sites on the topic; ow,
later, he's been saying i escaped into a fox hole, am afraid to preach
etc. Similarly he once nominally embraced the cow topic, now he says
what we did was equal to worshiping SatsHedupedya, and etc, etc.

Anyway, best to her from those Godbrothers and sisters who have true
compassion for you and your situation. My wife and i feel for you, and
Linda can give you the benefit of her own realizations on spousal abuse.
Her previous 'husband' punched her in the nose when she was pregnant with
her third child. This knocked her on the ground and broke her nose
severely.. Luckily the child was saved by Krsna. Her marriage was
severely interfered with by SDemonG [ASatvarurupa], and when i met Linda
in 1992 she handed me all the dozens of letters to her and her Ex from
SDoG, and i quickly assembled them in a booklet with scathing
commentary...As you may know, SDoG went entirely unchallenged until the
cow abuses were noted by my humble self. NO ONE, not a soul could figure
out what was going on at Gita-nagari, why everything went so deeply to
hell, until i powerfully exposed this most deceptive and duplicitous
miscreant, child hater, woman hater, cow-abuser Guru hatyaKiller, and
child molester [SDoG] . GRADUALLY a few souls woke up and got their
sense back and SLOWLY  we pieced the puzzle together.

Even Linda's ex took us to court twice [1995, 1997] for custody reasons,
and the latter trial lasted six days in Ithaca Tompkins County Family
Court and was dubbed by the locals: "The famous Ithaca Salem Witch Hunt
THIS NATION [atleast in terms of religious persecution] And i will be
happy to share these most incredible document for your edification, if
you so desire.

Yet, i harbor NO lasting resentment towards her Ex--even though he
harassed not just me, but especially my-and his= family in the process.
At the time i understood that i was both being severely tested ['cause
sometimes i just wanted to pick up an axe and, uh, well grind it
somewhere nice!] and also being 'mildl' punished for crimes perpetrated
by me in this and past lives...of course, at the time also, I WAS quite
angry on behalf of my family members' being disturbed, but even that i
surmised to be somewhat my own responsibility since i am the 'head' of
the household...but in any case, we got through it-with Prabhupada's
guiding hand, the miscreants were painfully exposed, Krishna REALLY
smashed them in such an 'unseen' mysterious manner, ALL of Ithaca found
out about the Government's humiliation, the sneering subsided, our
chanting became more thunderous--especially in front of the Courthouse,
DURING TRIAL, we kept our, Prabhupada's , children, we got our PHKM
[Prabhupada's HKM]  Precedent in our LANDMARK case, and we got over the
distress. ..Still to this day,  do all the driving for visitations, and
never do i speak or act vindictively towards Linda's Ex.

Furthermore, Linda does not harbor any resentment towards Ray, knowing
[also by  Sastra's and my assoc.]  that he was also a victim of bad
association and he's also suffering, perhaps more than can be understood
by us...We feel compassion for Ray, and pray that at some point he may
heal, blame the real culprits in his suffering [NOT Srila Prabhupada,
anyway] and come back to ISKCON, ie. SP's association.

We were angry with him however when in the past he would trick the
children into eating meat, and other horrible things. And perhaps
Krishna had to let our dramatic court case take place so that the good
Lord could potently end such destructive and family-attacking offenses
on the father's part...but i NEVER remained quiet about such nasty
things! Believe me, i got in everyone's face about it [the other side of
family], and because of my outspokenness and 'attitude' perhaps the
court cases were more quickly catalyzed, but anyway, for myself i try to
accept my own reactions the way S Bhag. describes, that's how we try to
live our life; but if innocent or defenseless living entities are being
harassed, we must act to chastise and expose the culprits. When the cows
were suffering, it was our duty as students of HDG Srila Prabhupada, to
chastise the miscreants, which we did in some small way; same with our
children in regards to attacks by their 'father'...

Also, Linda and i went to 5 years of couples counseling. Our Couselor
was a Christian Minister, and knew everything about what we were going
thru; he knew not only what we'd gone thru, but what was happening in
the present. Thus he found out about my RY parade protests before and
after ti did them. He knew abut all the distresses of m court case
w/ISGONE, wherein SDoG and dissedciples accused me of threatening to
chop the snakes hade off, and etc. Our counselor also heard the long and
short of our 'cult Family custody battles' and etc. And he fully
accepted our process as bona fide, validating us in a very profound
way...Evn the first time he met us, after  15 minutes, he announced in a
very concerned voice: "You know what you two are suffering from? PTSD!"
We'd never heard about this syndrome before, and our 'suffering' s not
because someone did something to s, but because we honestly came to
terms with what TRULY took place in 's Society, and how it was
systematically, diabolically destroyed INTENTIOANLLY, including Srila
Prabhupada's tortured demise, and NOT A ONE disciple, including Pud cared
a fig about it, would lift a finger to do a thing about it, and only got
involved because of some material motive, and desire for false

Anyway, we recently received a nice, albeit short, letter from our
former therapist, Paul Pitkin, of Family and Children's Service of
Ithaca. I wish to share its contents with you.


Dear Linda & Steve and family:

How wonderful to hear from you, and have the wonderful pictures.
[referring to collage we sent with our new house, cows, land and family
in our big garden]    I now can have a real sense of your home and life

While your description of life continues to be extremely full, it does
sound like you have all adjusted.
You have worked so hard, I hope you get to enjoy the fruits of your
labors now and then. You are wonderful people, and I continue to want &
pray life's goodness for you.
Best wishes always,

Another point: It may seem strange that ASPIRING devotees may be
suffering 'PTSD, but really, if you saw how many horrible abuses to
Krishna's cows, and etc. we experienced in our attempt to bring aid to
these lovely creatures, it might shed some light for you. Also: the cow
and bull in the above-cited story were also abused and suffering. It may
be surmised that their PTSD or CTSD:  'Current  Traumatic Stress
Disorder or Dis-ease' was engendered by their bearing witness to the
horrors of Kali, which horrors were FIRST being perpetrated against
them...and they could foresee that the Age of Kali was not going to be a
blissful joyride for their sister and brother cows and
bulls...similarly, we also became VERY distressed and despondent upon
experiencing that the alleged 'Governors' and '
guruse' in ISGONE were the worst abusers of the cow practically in the
world. When SDoG had summoned me to discuss my Farm Report and my
subsequent 'attacks' in the press [on December 30, 1992], i informed him
the following [after he had 'informed' me that i was OFFENDING a few
devotees and bramins], etc:

 "Look, Maharaja, Sastra says the cow is specially treated by the Lord,
do you agree? Yes? Good, that's good, so even Go, cow is generally
mentioned before Brahmana, is it not? Yes, because Krsna knows very well
that  not only is the brahmana dependent on cow's milk for proper upkeep
of his brain so he can then properly guide society, but even more
importantly because the brahmin can take care of his own needs if
necessary, but cow is ALWAYS dependent on good men, vaisyas, and
ksatriya for perfect maintenance and protection, is it not? You with me
so far, Maharaja? Yes? Good. So you say that i am offending a few
brahmins, two-legged devotees, and i say, that even if it's taken that
these people ARE offended by 'my' actions [or ARE brahmins!] , then i
say that defending 110 devotees, four-legged,  supercedes the so-called
offending of a handful of smarta brahmins, who none of them will ever
lift a finger to help their four-legged brothers, unless of course when
they see the press and public are watching?
IS IT NOT?!. Therefore, since our Farm Report proves unequivocally
...HAVE YOU TAKEN TIME TO READ IT YET? NO???? You haven't read it???
Well, please do, by all means..i mean, how can you discuss the merits of
my work if you haven't even apprised yourself of what exactly i'm
talking about, what the charges against Ravinedra and Surevara, and Tejo
and the soc-alled 'brahmin Bored' of Gita-nagari, etc. Anyway, the
charges as made by us, and signed by over 25 followers of
Radha-Damodara's Cows' feet dust are incontrovertible and a total
indictment of not only Ravinedra but of Kirtananda and the whole GBC,
and by the way SP appeared in a dream on 20 December, 1992, ten days ago
and directly told me 'Your guru has fallen away, these people are
frauds, I WANT YOU TO FIGHT THIS BATTLE FOR ME!!"..anyway, the charges
in our Farm Report indicate that the 'brahmins' and Iskcon 'farmers' are
more sinful and demoniac than the slaughterhouse farmers, and therefore
IT IS GOOD that these two-legged 'devotees' are being humiliated in the
press; they quite deserve this, and i'm sorry to tell you i cannot cease
and desist as you see, the pseudo cow protectors are worse
because they false advertise, and collect moneys for their bogus
See, they advertise that they NICELY and perfectly care for Krishna's
cows, etc, yet really they've tortured the entire ox working team here
at Gita-nagari  out of existence; atleast the slaughterhouse farmers
advertise exactly what theydo, and don't give out false or misleading
propaganda to the innocent public...

Yes, so  we experienced enough to know exactly the sorry plight of
Dharma and Earth personified at the onset of Kali yuga! We experienced
this distressing situation first-hand at GN. We also went through
periods of distress. But we tried to follow the path as chalked out by
SP and M. Pariksit, and we amply chastised the miscreants as far as we
could possibly do. And yet there's not a shred of evidence that sugggest
in any way that we EVER lifted a finger to defend our own petty
egos...THAT is why Prabhupada was able to work through our humble selves
[on cows' behalf to effect so much change and so many peoples' lives.
THIS is also the fact, and incontrovertible. And PADA knows all this all
to well. We told him in 1995: Our Therapist says we're Post Traumatic
KaliRavinedra Cow-abuse disorder; Pud said: 'Great! so go to SSI office
and apply for aid; it'l be a cinch! Then you can have plenty of time to
help our preaching work the way, my wifes other boyfriend he
also gets this aid and they do different preaching programs, prasadom
distribution, etc.", and etc. Just see, now that i'm 'continuing the
preaching'via my aid, but am exposing Pud's hypadacritical attacks on
religion personified [Srila Prabhupada], now what i'm doing, according
to him is BAD, is it not?...

Anyway, you may call or write us anytime, and we will also be happy if
you,  or anyone [including NNV] would like to visit us and see our life
in action, see the cows and what we're actually trying to accomplish for
Srila Prabhupada's Movement, and understand how the finer intricacies of
the codes of religion can only be understood and FELT through

yours in Prabhupada's Cows' protectors' service,
sanat and Linda

ps i realized i hadn't given all the relevant quotes [after my last
tangent], so here a few more for your pleasure:


Thus it s concluded that the Lord's energies are inconceivable. No one
can estimate them by mental speculation or by word jugglery.

A question may be raised as to why a devotee should refrain from
identifying an actor, although he knows definitely that the Lord is the
ultimate doer of everything. Knowing the ultimate doer,  ONE SHOULD NOT
POSE HIMSELF IGNORANT of the actual performer. [like Pud is attempting
to cover your spiritual vision with his ignore-ance]
To answer this doubt, the reply is that the Lord is also not directly
responsible  because everything is done by His deputed maya-sakti, or
material energy. The material energy is always provoking doubts...
[as Pud. a materialist, is attempting to provoke doubts  in your mind,
and get you to REMEMBER THE PAST insead of  FORGET it; to be vindictive
instead of forgiving, to take PADA as your husband and not Sri Krsna, to
emulate Ramacandra KKhan instead of Srimati  Kuntidevi, to associate
with non spiritual envious brothers instead of good associate
Godbroothers and sisters...NOTE: Godbrother or sister means
REPRESENTATIVE of the Spiritual Father or Master, therefore, in context
of your 1974 SPL, this means WHO agrees with the letter and spirit of
SP's very GRAVE message to your good self...]
SP: The material energy is always provoking doubts about the supreme
authority of the Lord. [Supreme authority for us first is Srila
Prabhupada, who WHEN SOLICITED by us for guidance, MUST BE FOLLOWED AS
CAREFULLY AS POSSIBLE...because in your case it could EVEN BE ARGUED
PRABHUPADA, since for a woman husband IS Guru>>>BUT EVEN IF WE DON"T
BRING IN that  argument , which i won't here,  still, YOU Ddd approached
SP for specific advice, which He then mercifully gave you, just like
Arjuna appraoched Sri Krsna as humble disciple, NOT friend and declared
his inabilty to destroy his grief and lamentation, at which time the
Good Lord accede to Arjuna's request, then became Arjuna's Spiritual
Preceptor and instructed him accordingly...and which instruction is good
for ALL men in all times and places. Similarly, SP was appoached humbly
by you; He is your Guru, as good as God, and He instructed you properly;
and the general instruction therein [in SP's response] is also good for
ALL living beings: Krsna is everyone's husband, and etc.]] So the onus
is now on you to follow that instruction from your spiritual master, so
that your good example will lift others u out of the morass of maya
SP: The personality of religion knew peerfectly well that nothing can
take plae without the sanction of the Supreme Lord, and still he was put
into doubts by the deluding energy, and thus he refrained from
mentioning the supreme cause. This doubtfulness was due to contamination
of both Kali and the material energy. The whole atmosphere of the age of
Kali is magnified by the deluding energy, and the proportion of
measurement is inexplicable.

This is why SP write in the Fourth Canto that the 'perfect disciples' of
the SM work to set things in order after His departure. So the
self-interested Pud's and pseudo reformers, etc, their 'duty' is to
MAGNIFY the DELUDING ENERGY, and the Spiritual Master was concerned enuf
about you to warn you indirectly of that problem in His letter to you.
He warned that you take shelter of  good Godbrothers and Sisters, is it
not? So it's never too late to admit our mistakes and to humby pray for
rectification and forgiveness. [And we hope that you and NNV will TRULY
HEAL and become dearmost friends on behalf of Srila Prabhupada and His
generations f sons and daughters....

Prabhupada also succinctly gives us a solution to all the ills of Kali:

Man cannot check all these eils simply by statutory acts and police
vigilance, but he can cure the disease of the mind by the proper
medicine, namely advocating the principles of brahminical culture or the
principles of austerity, cleanliness, mercy and truthfuness. Modern
civilization and economic development are creating a new situation of
poverty and scarcity with the result of blackmailing the consumers'
commodities. If the leaders and rich men of the society spend fifty
percent of their accumulated wealth mercifully for the mislead mass of
people and educate them in God consciousnes or in the knowledge of
Bhagavatam, certainly the age of ali will be defeated in its attempt to
entrap the conditioned souls. We must always remember that false pride,
to women or association with them, and intoxication will divert the
human civilization rom the path of peace, however much the people clamor
for peace in the world. The preaching of the Bhagavatam principles will
automatically render all men practiced to austerity, clean both inside
and outside, merciful to the suffering, and truthful in daily behavior.
Thatis the way of correcting flaws of human society which are very
prominently exhibited at the present moment."

S Bhag. 1.17.24. P