I was saved by Srila Prabhupada thru HDG's Krishna Cow Program



1. I was saved by Srila Prabhupada  thru HDG's Krishna Cow Program
* I was saved by Srila Prabhupada  thru HDG's Krishna Cow Program
* Let's torture not only Srila Prabhupada further, but now the cows are also to blame for
  these POOR ABUSED CHILDREN, so let them sell the cows for beef, isn't it
* Yes, And HOW SCIENTIFIC and SCHOLARY this rochshasha is!! Out of tens of thousands pages of Prabhupada's consistent and infallible writings, Roachford quotes NIL  to support his most   ludicrous statements of placing blame for the [Ravinedra GoodOleBoysClub-] attacks on
children and Prabhupada's Movement ON HIS DIVINE GRACE SRILA PRABHUPADA.
* I was VERY AFRAID myself upon reading Padmahara's Sastricly-supported statements.
 WE ALL need to only look within to see how we've abandoned the Pure Devotee's guidance,
 and allowed Prabhupada's Mission to severely deteriorate. But EVEN NOW ALL CAN BE SAVED,if some sincere people come forward and speak the Truth.
* Let's take hands out of jabber bags for a 'moment' [during a crisis] and
  work co-jointly to pull back the curtain and reveal to the world what these
  CockRochford Wizards of Ozkcon REALLY LOOK LIKE,eh?!. [Slugz-in-Saffron?]
2. Real Preaching
1. I was saved by Srila Prabhupada  thru HDG's Krishna Cow Program
Dear Mukunda Prabhu, plase accept my humble obeisances.
All glories to Srila Prabhupada .
 Prabhu, before I begin to describe my [miserable] life,here's a minor update on the Errorplane indications.
Disasters and airplane-related happenings often seem to come in threes. Krishna is also known as 'Lord of Threes'. The first Errorplane-event as you recall was where PADAna ran out of  Lucknow; That Calcutta flight to Lucknow crashed and burned in Patna  [PudNaLucknow-PODZ outta luck?.NOW?!] . [aborted flight] . The next one  [Paris-Gonesse] was still more constrained, in that the engine had been checked and repaired the day before Balarama's Plowshare dragged it back down to earth. In that scenario, the plane was in trouble before it took  off,with engine abalaze,and pilot severely distracted,with no ability to  abort takeoff . But, the IS GONESSE's karma obliged the craft to lose gravity-freeing potency  [and it crashed into [IS]Gonesse,a population center...attempted aborted takeoff/crash landing] Also interesting in  the second plane mishap was that it crashed into a  hotel [in IS Gonesse], killing five people there;in the PADANA disaster,a house was struck by the exploding vessel, and several folks on ground were also killed by the [IS GONESSE] Alliance airplane, thus symbolizing that the Turley case WILL INDEED implicate many other people who indulge in accepting it's demonic views and attacks upon Religion Personified, Srila Prabhupada.

Now, in the third Errorplane event, a man tried to 'hijack' a plane in NY yesterday, but was unsuccessful just see! People DO NOT WANT THE 'ISGONE VERY NOMINAL TURLEYPADA OFFENSIVE COURTCASE - ERRORPLANE'  TO "TAKEOFF"!!!  No, they don't. That's the reading I  get from these three [amalgamated] Events. Each event was successively more constrained. Finally, in the latest one The Errorplane couldn't even budge,and EVEN THE PASSENGERS HAD TO DISEMBARK! This kind of thing is  subtley profound & to me there is no question of the hand of the Supreme being involved to give hope to those who want to see the blasphemers of Krishna's Representatives severely chastised. I've never been more certain about something in my life. Of course, time will tell what it all means, and I by no means can predict Krishna's next move, but I am certain that Krishna has already 'moved' to enliven His hopeful servants' servants.

It's fascinating to me that the middle name of yesterday's Errorplane's hijacker was Amartei. There's that Martyr idea again! Yes,one Soulocana-type Martyr can-by his faith in Gurudeva's words-prevent the Turley Terrorplane from even getting off the ground. THAT appears to be the tramscendental desire of the innocent population, who, by and large, are not so much interested in becoming further implicated in direct blasphemy of the Infallible Personality of Servitor Godhead. IF SAID TERRORPLANE DOES GET OFF THE GROUND, 'the population centers' over which such ISGONNESSE DISASTER VEHICLE flies WILL BE MARKED FOR POTENTIAL OBLITERATION, as recent events tend to signify.

I didn't spend much time reading the latest story [of the attempted hijacking], but I thought it was interesting that the man's middle name was  Amartei [just as the pilot's name in the Paris crash was Christian Marty.
Actually, this gives new meaning to the aforementioned interpretation of the first two Errorplane events. In the second disaster, the pilot who attempted to correct the engine deficiencies, and who also tried to abort takeoff, was named Christian Marty. This actually symbolises Srila Prabhupada, who attempted to keep Iskcon's engine intact by proper hearing and chanting and bona fide Vedic book publications and distribution, proper Deity worship [ie. Acarya Prabhupada Dharma], etc. The IS GONESSE demones changed all that, so that  Prabhupada's bona fide Movement, which had taken off by the sole potency of Prabhupada' purity, immediately caught fire, crashed and burned upon being usurped and polluted by those who hate the pure devotee.

Another point: The President of France witnessed the Paris disaster; he was sitting in another plane which was waiting for the ISK Concorde flight to take off before it could taxi in to disembark its passengers. He told the news media how he saw the whole thing, beginning with fire in the engine at take off.

This IS SIGNIFICANT [in 'my reading' of these events] because, as I said  before,Prabhupada was last in France 27 years ago explaining clearly how  false propagandists must be  exposed, chastised, face-kicked, face-urined, 'killed',etc. [see Aug.13,1973 SPC  Re: RuruMahaNagji]. So, as the 'leaders' of France in past 'witnessed' Truth  Personified's arrival and Departure from their country, without seeking to grasp the profound import of His Message, now the Head-of-State of the same country is witnessing the 'beginning of the end' of their demonic Era, in which Saintly Personalities [have been and] are derided, demonic ones are given free reign, and society nears the brink of the abyss.Therefore, that the French Pres. was on hand to personally witness the Commencement of Goddess Kali's Symbolic Ruru-ex-TERM i Nation Pgm. in the same City [Paris-kcon] in which Prabhupada Deva warned of the dire consequences of  "accepting what he [RURU Mahanagji,and other raksasa pseudo-spiritualists] says "is an impressive display of the Supreme Lord's direct control of Kalila-events which soon will convince even the most stubborn skeptick.

Anyway, whether you accept my 'crazy' READING of Krishna's inscrutable Will in these matters, or not, it's obvious that the Infallible Lord is consciously active in effecting the outcome of this [Toily] court case, AND He acts based on the interest and action of His devoted servants' servants. [He's NOT a dead stone!]

I was saved by Srila Prabhupada  thru HDG's Krishna Cow Program
So, anyway, I was saved by Srila Prabhupada  thru HDG's Krishna Cow Program, and soon I also realized that only a small handful of Prabhupada's purported followers accepted the literal truth of Krishna Cow Worship, and consequently nearly ALL 'devotees' [esp. including my former self] were [or had been] deeply stunted in their spiritual development, love and appreciation for KRSNA CONSCIOUSNESS [by dint of nearly total ignore-ance of Krsna Cow Culture and  Seva...] The 'Cow idea' is what factually sets HKM apart from ANY other religious  epistemology, and ANYONE WHO DOES NOT BECOME A DEVOTEE OF 'Krsna's Cow  Program' [KCP], or atleast theoretically & PRACTICALLY accept the philosophy, morals and ethics surrounding kcp, will never taste the nectar of  actual Krsna Consciousness, and will undoubtedly remain ineligibull to go back to home back to Krishna Godhead Loka, to reside with Srila Prabhupada and Lord Caitanya perpetually, assisting them in Their Krsna Cow Krishna Gopi/Gopa-Lila. [This point,ie. FACT has been drawn out in the 'Turley case',wherein it has  become fully obvious that ALL the so-called reformers of Iskcon, the big, big 'devotees',t he gorukulies,their MOST PATHETIC PAIR ANTS ['UnapParents']  a significant percentage of the readers of  all the ISK-Controversies,etc.,HARDLY ANY OF THESE DOZENS AND SCORES OF 'DEVOTEES' HAS  GRASPED THE LUCID AND UNDEFEATABLE POINTS WE'VE PUT ACROSS since 1992, and especially in regard their blaspheming Srila Prabhupada in the Turdley case {the 'culmination' of Pudface's seven-year CMG-expose'}. can only mean that the blessings of Krishna and Krsna's Cowies have eluded these hapless souls,and some of these folks are even OPENLY ENVIOUS of the cows, and antagonistic toward those who risked everything-including doing jail time-to work to rescue those hundreds of unprotected DIFFERENT Isgonner Farms.

The point is: minus the blessings one receives via FULL, OPEN, HEARTFELT [AND BLISSFUL] acceptance of kcp, GRASPING THE ISSUES OF THE DAY IS IMPOSSIBULL AND UNATTAINABULL, in as much as it's  ludicrous to think that a person steeped in the lower tama gunas,eating meat,etc., could ever possibly understand the esoteric principles of devotional service as delineated by Maharaja Pariksit, Prthu Maharaja, Srila Prabhupada,etc.Therefore,we openly hint to everyone: get involved in our actual philosophy [kcp] and THEN perhaps you'll have brain enuf [blessings enuf] to comprehend what's being said ['out there'].

KCP is the only thing that can save us from Kali's grip, this point can be nicely apprehended by a thorough study of Firrst Canto Part Three Bhagavatam, as well as a study of the Pastimes of Prthu Maharaja in the
Fourth Canto,and especially a total absorption and open acceptance of Tenth Canto and Krsna Book [only AUTHORISED books exclusively by HDG ACBSPM]

This concept is also gradually revealed in our 1992 "GN Farm Report". For all its faults and inebrieties [as expertly pointed out by our well-wishing friend SriPADAnacarya-Pranjon],the basic premise of our 'Tome' is this: Either serve the cows, appreciate the cows, worship and spread Prabhupada's teachings Re same,or to one degree or another we're   'killing guru and becoming Goru'.

For example,just as we pointed out several [dozen] times already: The East Coast Ratha Yatras were traditionally glorified by ox carts and beautiful Krsna Conscious oxen sublimely glorifying the KC parades,but Asatsvarupa and Ravinedra,etc.,were so hardened against the cows and,more specifically,the cowherds, that this practice was ended immediately after our people were expunged from isgone soil. [Actually,after the 1992 RY,the 'devotees' DID stage one more parade w/animals: NY RY,1993,but this particular event was obviously done in the total false ego mode,and with no regard for the health and well-being of the cows,because when the 'transitional cowherd' returned to GN after a full day and night in NY,he discovered to his horror that a fence had been left down and an ox got tangled in it,which tore down to the poor creatures bone. It took many months for the ox to 'leave his body' [which happened the following winter] and the trauma and pain it went thru was simply unimaginabull by human standards,and excruciatingly distressful EVEN FOR A DUMB,IGNORANT ANIMAL [QUOTE UN QUOTE.]

This incident was carefully monitored by our people,and well documented by my person. Why did this happen? Well,what do you expect when cows are used as a rock to crack the nut of Ravinedra [&Co.'s] economic development?.to the point where NOT ONE person was left behind at the farm on the [NYRY] Day in question, and in addition,no careful supervision of the cows,the fields,and farm infrastructures were emplaced since the time these cow-hating rogues extirpated any and all sincere cow Sevis from GN soil.?! Yes,worshiping cows and caring for them: VERY DIFFICULT, PRABHUJI, right? But worship of Rabidra's Boathole at HIS Wrath aYatra?: keines  NO] Problem at all, He's Srila Vyasadeva's pure,transparent via media,isn't it? He, Tamalt, AsatsvapiShammy,and now.the BareKing Puranjana [who's discovered he's w/out clothes?.]

Thus for a human being to call himself a devotee of Krishna is most absurd and contradictory if said person isn't very much inclined towards Krsna's cow program and Krishna's Cows. And there is SIMPLY NO EXCUSE to not in some way be involved with,concerned with,and devoted to the sublime cause of Lord
Sri Krishna's Sweetmost Cow devotees. This IS NOT A THEORETCIAL PROGRAM!!! Otherwise,as we've witnessed AND EXPERIENCED: KILL GURU,BECOME GORU [OR RURU DAS], KILL ONESELF.

We've witnessed MANY editions and versions of this self-killing lila,and [bad] self-interest cannot possibly be eschewed without the concomitant higher taste of KCCS [KC Cow Seva].There's no other way,no other way,no other way for severe 'Kali-yuga-cases' like us to become unencumbered from our Guru-hateya,self-worship insanity. Why? Because cow service is totally self-LESS,just like child worship, BUT EVEN MORE SO-AS KRSNA BOOK DEMONSTRATES ON EVERY PAGE.. Child worship,as SP points out IN MANY PLACES,in this world can also easily become imbued w/our self-glorification mode,especially because our tendency is to live thru our kids,to see that they do our bidding,become what we wish them to be,and etc. [Also: kids grow up,become self-dependent [wrecks like the PADA-parents realized after they abandoned their ALLEGED children for 20-30 years to their illustrious Tamalt-fiends.and are now actively blaming Srila Prabhupada because they don't want their kids to come KILL THEM,as Prabhupada Himself warned WOULD HAPPEN if they are left unprotected and the PARENTS AVOIDED THEIR ROLE-MODEL OF SPIRITUAL CULTURE.];


Let's torture not only Srila Prabhupada further, but now the cows are also to blame for
these POOR ABUSED CHILDREN, so let them sell the cows for beef, isn't it

So,before I go into the 'next chapter' of description of my [miserabull]  life's activities,and etc.,I wanted to say these statement s about cows and KCP,and also to request any and all readers who wish some direct connection with Krsna's cows,to contact my self or my wife,Linda,or Rasala dasa and Padmahara Devi. Our two families have ten cows between us,and we can't possibly continue our program satisfactorily without help and concern from other PrabhupadaCow-appreciation folks. We [ie.Prabhupada-Krishnas] Cowies need active,inter-devotee concern&support, YOUR concern. .Sastra says to support the cows;here's a bona fide opportunity to do so. The program of KC Cows is an always expanding one [by KRSNA's arrangement], and for it to be sustainable and attainable for the duration,will absolutely require Krsna Cow Bhakti Sevis to come forward and participate in the KCP. So please consider this Sastric-Cowherd Boy Circle Istaghosthi PLEA;DO get involved;maybe a renaissance in KC cowpreciation can save the world from the pernicious effects of Puranjana's 'encourage the Rurukoolies-and the world-to smear the Spotless Name and Fame of Srila Prabhupada-program' [In his much-glorified and touted Turdley case]

Not only this,but it is quite possible that the Turley Suit,and future LOSSuits could jeopardize the Cows remaining on ISGONESSE soil. For example,the Gita Niggardly Farm [\under Rovan DEADwiley SvaRuruoops, and his DEADAssessor,uh,PreDEADcessor, I mean, predass, anyway, SdoG, yeah, HIM] could conceivably go into Receivorshit,and if the Suit goes the predicted way of the Ravinedra Ditch-the-Cows/pay Turdley Nowz-Plan.then  the Cows could be sold to slaughter;WHO knows what is in store-and OF COURSE these Krsna Pets have already been in constant dire straits under their Kansa, Child-Swallowing Regime for so many years {HAY!!! Where's the Spokesfolks for these neglected, abused, tortured, starved, abandoned, harassed, murdered, and under-appreciated creatures,Huh?! Why no lawsuit on behalf of the Lord's Treasured Devotee Cowie Pets? Did not Srila Prabhupada state that Cows are also Praja,CITIZENS of state,and that LAWS should be enacted to protect them from danger and IsgoneKali-Cela demonization and harassment? Those who torture them will suffer in hell,why don't we get a lawsuit on Cows' behalf,and sue ALL of isgone and all 'leaders' who aided and abetted Ravinedraksa's "Let's Get the [DAMN] herd down in size-Pgm. And drink their blood [via Adopt-A-Cow embezzlewments!] YES! Let's SUE the basturdleys!!

Anyway,as I was also saying: Padmahara dd has written a letter to a Samika rsi das,requesting use of his land,etc.,toi house GN's cows in event the court case forces Cows off GN farm land. So,some devotees are already considering future contingency plans to aid the cows in a 'safe' transition should a RuruCool court case further threaten to send hundreds more of Krishna's Cows to Ravinedra/SatsHeDuped/ Tamalt/ Kirottenanda CowTortureLoka.Yes! Let's torture not only Srila Prabhupada further,but now the cows are also to blame for these POOR ABUSED CHILDREN,so let them sell the cows for beef,isn't it,and then they can have clear consciences, and enjoy life nicely [while they also nicely abuse THEIR OWN kids,smoke ganja,and generally teach by example that killing Guru,trinking His blood,killing Cowies,swallowing them whole,and abusing their own children will most certainly be theraputanic,uh theraputic,and will be an excellent example for the world,and now everyone will FEEL MUCH MO BETTA,isn't it And our most Compassionate  Ruru Reform School Ruru Coolie Friend and advocator of theraputic Guru Head Bashing [and cutting],Sri MAD [CowDizzy-eaze] Bar King Puranjana Doguru will advocate that the Rurucoolies should open their own Guru'sCowmeet market and sell GN Cow burgers at the Dallas Courthouse [w/Beer] to help assausage,uh, assuage the pain they must feel now upon reflecting that those STUPID DUMB animals were receiving service that had been meant for them, the 'coolies of RuruHead'. Yes,they,the coolies ,were even still more neglected because money,manpower and energy that couldv'e gone for their 'proper' worship was wrongly diverted to those disgusting ,Phillthy Puranjana-gagging, hairy critters,and as a result,the Rurucoolies are suffering even more horribull nightmares, and they will be greatly relieved to first PUBLICLY CASTIGATE ALL COWS WHOSE SERVICE COMPROMISED THE POOR GORUCOLLIES,and next to help them feel relief from their PCSD
[Post-Cowmatic Stress Dissed-order],these poor abused kids can purge their pain further by engaging in Puranjana's PCST [PrimalCowScreamTherapee],they can publicly torture the cows [as PAYBACK PADAABUCK for all the torture they had endured while the cows lived 'the life of Riley' out on the green
pastyours in GN [and wherever!];After public torture and slaughter,a big Texas Cow-bake can ensue,and proceeds can go toward purchasing some 'green pastures' for retiring rurucoolies to head to in their later years.

Whoahh!! Sorry to go off like that on such a tangent [a good tanningGents?]. Yeah,but of course,there's a lot of truth in these statements. Hang Guru,Hang Cows,eat them both,enjoy life,the SriKing {Shrieking?] Puranjana way,isn't it

Anyway,if you want to help the cows [avoid Gorucoolie/Pranjohn-CowCompassionDestination] just call up RasalaDasa or His good wife Padmahara. Rasala nearly single-handedly saved the GN cows for many years after SatsheShitface abandoned them for his Lessons from the IS-ComOde,which hallucinatory-trip the MahaNaga went on to play the TeflonGoru [in terms of GN child molest pgm.,false guru worship,etc.],and
turn everything over to his RavenBraindeadrotwilerGoru friend,who was still mo betta at Cow forgetfulness, etc.Yes,Rasala is THE MAN to contact if any of us wish to become spiritually revived,enriched and overhauled via ecstatic Cow Appreciation,service and worship! Rasala das RULES! And if anyone follows his rules nicely, and does the Cowfull,uh,needful,then life improves,cows appreciate us back,and Lord Krishna reciprocates unlimitedly! [read also Light of the Bhagwat for Cownfirm ation.]

Let the PADAophiles and roguefordRavinedras fall into their cow-hating/GuruDefaming Ravine,and let us pick up the sublime banner of Krishna's Cow Appreciation Program,and strive to steer the world back to Home, back to Prabhupada's lotus feet.  [Prabhupada has lotus feet,PADAophiles have LOAD US  or LOW 't US feat]
Yes, And HOW SCIENTIFIC and SCHOLARY this rochshasha is!! Out of tens of thousands pages of Prabhupada's consistent and infallible writings, Roachford quotes NILL  to support his most ludicrous statements of placing blame for the [Ravinedra GoodOleBoysClub-] attacks on
children and Prabhupada's Movement ON HIS DIVINE GRACE SRILA PRABHUPADA.

Yes,so Ravinedra,PADAophiles,alleged Parents of kulies,E.Jurke Roachford,et al, they would NEVER tell these kids the truth,while purporting to be SO CONSERNED AND COMPASSIONATE to them,why?

Well,because these rascals are all afraid of the coolies' anger. They don't wish to become victimized in return for their complicity in keeping the children in ignorance. Rogueford himself has for almost 2 decades been
supporting and defending and worshiping the false gurus [rurus] and to this day worships [ie. Esteems the qualities of] Rabidra Sva-ruru-oop. We presented all evidence to this demonRogueford for so many years,and because his desire is to become famous via deriding the Great Soul [Srila Prabhupada],even while purporting to be a 'neutral',scholarly commenter of the HKM,he's one of the chief persons to help the Isgone rogues suppress the horrendous offenses to the kulies. And now this rochshasha is still there pretending the 'gurus' did their best,it was ALL PRABHUPADA'S FAULT,and he, E. JURKE COACKROACHFORD is the more-than-guru man to nicely explain it all,is it not?

But according to scripture,such blasphemous demon,and all his Ravana-usurpers and abusers of children and the spiritual master,should be killed [by a righteous Ksatriya king] [and SP says the children will eventually kill parents who led them to hell.]

This fact is what these rascals are worried about.

Rochford in his ISGONE-Communications/Ravinedra-attack on Religion Personified [Srila Prabhupada] states that "there's some evidence" that Prabhupada knew fully what deviations were going on regarding the
children,and covered it up and thereby fueled such diabolical system for 14 years-plus. But the rascal gives zero evidence to support his statement [that  "there's some evidence" SP 'suppressed the truth']  ,except he offers the misguided statements of some extremely bitter and parent-abused children,children who's own parents were supposed to protect their charges as well as the entire gurukule system-as explained by M. Padmahara in her masterpiece letter to JaggedEdge Gorascal [Jaggad-eesh].'Parents' who were unprecedentedly abusive and neglectful of their own children,renounced them,etc.

But the demone Roachford glosses over the true parental abuses,as he also ignores the Letters from Prabhupada which clearly implicate THEM in their refusal to accept responsibility for the positions Prabhupada gave them -Positions THAT THEY AGREED TO,.Positions that these Jagged-Edge swine
facilely AND TOTALLY capitalized on in terms of sqeezing out respect,honor and admiration [AND A NICE LIFESTYLE.OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS SANNYASSI CLUB OF CHILD SWALLOWING ROCHSHASHAS?.] in their Good 'Ole Boyz Club of Smarta-Brahma-Rockshashsa ISGONE But positions that they now pretend they never had,or were responsible for.

Yes, Roachford nicely [continues] covering for these rascals [as he uses his 'studies' of Isgone as the rock to crack the nut of his own economic development,false prestige,etc.-prestige as the CHASTISER OF GURU' the ULTIMATE in more than,ney MOST than Guru, THE GURU on Guru.]

Yes, And HOW SCIENTIFIC and SCHOLARY this rochshasha is!! Out of tens of thousands pages of Prabhupada's consistent and infallible writings, Roachford quotes NILL  to support his most ludicrous statements of placing blame for the [Ravinedra GoodOleBoysClub-] attacks on children and Prabhupada's Movement ON HIS DIVINE GRACE SRILA PRABHUPADA. But he takes a few obviously specious statements of some VERY CONFUSED individuals [parentally abused and abandoned ex-children], juxtaposes them with something 'Prabhupada said' and thereby very cleverly minimizes the authority of the Spiritual Master,and gives the impression that what Prabhupada speaks and what a bewildered, angry, ignorant, messed up and totally parentally-ABANDONED paraplegic [& friends] speaks are on par. And this sentimental manipulation Roachford [attempts to] passes as dispassionate,neutral, SOCIOLOGICAL STUDY.[!!!] so he can keep his self-gratifuecktory lifestyle intact,and rub elbows w/the Ravinedra "Leader-Scholar" dogurus for the sole purpose of himself becoming THE leader,THE scholar,the HISTORICALLY PRAISED personality,The GURU on Guru,the MASTER of THE Master.

I request 'my' readers to at once view the movie MIB to find out what's behind these CockRochford's demonic activities. What's truly motivating them-where these cockRochford Ruru hail from. They are indeed
cockroachford's from another planet,hell-bent on dominating this planet,and the universe with their CockRochford-slimey worshit program. [it's an ongoing conspiracy of Demones from PADAloka]

Next,I would urge you to  view the movie Braveheart to find the antidote for such nescient paradigm-ie. [how a ksatriya king should know] Where to send these Cockroaches from Hell for their blasphemy..are we clear?

In my talks w/ a couple former Gurukulies,I found 'some evidence' that Mr. Rogueford actually is covering for people like Murlivadaka and Ravinedra,because he had a sexual relationship with both of them. One 'coolie' told me [on tape] that 'Roachford may have had sex w/Murlivadakoit within minutes of the latter 'joyin w/a Coolie.' [Roachford's cockroach tongue in the nukulie jar?] Also,there is 'some evidence' that EBR also engaged in some illicit [ill is it?] activities with M.Palika,while he 'interviewed' her for one of his cockroach books. We are asking anyone with knowledge of EBR's licentious [and covert] activities to come forward and confess their complicity;perhaps some charges can evolve out of such inquiry,and the public can know 'what strange bedfellows Cock Rochford Ruru Politicians make'.

Anyway,these Cockroachford's are fearful that a backlash could happen imminently from the 'coolies' they've abused with all their suppressive 'scholarly' garbage,and manipulative,pseudo-spiritual concern. Trying to stay aloof from this repressed anger is what is causing these Roguefords,the parents,the pseudo PADA-reefermores,et al to act in the strange manner we all see they are acting: 'Nicely' calling their PrabhuPETda Guru over to take full blame and responsibility for their collective crimes of ignore-ance. It's apparently incredible that this is what's being said by supposedly 'devoted followers' of Srila Prabhupada,but when looked at in light of the FEAR FACTOR,it's also not very surprising.

We see how such fear also kept the PADA-sheep in line for many years after Sulocana was killed. These people know very well-HAVE KNOWN all along that Prabhupada's Movement was usurped by the [MIB] Cockrochford Samepradaya,that Prabhupada was 'killed',that the books were changed,and etc. THIS IS AN INESCAPABLE FACT,and can be grasped quickly by those who analyze the smarta/good ole boys false prestige mentality these PADAophiles have been consistently and undeviatingly exhibiting since 1967
Only those who wish to be cheated [by COCKROCHFORDS] will NOT see this. And those who want the TRUTH better look to the bona fide AND PRABHUPADA CONSCIOUS statements of soft-hearted female disciples of Srila Prabhupada,like M.Padamahara,Saradiya,etc. Prabhupada does say: "Women are
very soft-hearted and men are often VERY HARD HEARTED. [what to speak of Male Cockroach PODZ?]

I was VERY AFRAID myself upon reading Padmahara's Sastricly-supported statements.
WE ALL need to only look within to see how we've abandoned the Pure Devotee's guidance,
and allowed Prabhupada's Mission to severely deteriorate. But EVEN NOW ALL CAN BE SAVED, if some sincere people come forward and speak the Truth.
The following Sastric statements explain what will soon be the fate of the ferocious serpants I was VERY AFRAID myself upon reading Padmahara's Sastricly-supported statements. WE ALL need to only look within to see how we've abandoned the Pure Devotee's guidance,and allowed Prabhupada's Mission to severely deteriorate. But EVEN NOW ALL CAN BE SAVED, if some sincere people come forward and speak the Truth.Sastra offers further evidence of  why we should be fearful of King Puranjana's {& FOLLOWERS,such as Friends',Ministers,Secretaries'} attacks on Religion Personified:


When the time of death came for King Puranjana,Yamaraja and his Yavana followers immediately drew near to arrest him. Binding him like an animal,the Yavanas began taking him away to the place of judgement. The King's FOLLOWERS became greatly aggrieved,but even as they lamented,they  WERE FORCED TO GO ALONG WITH HIM. The serpent,who had already been arrested by the soldiers of  Yamaraja,began to follow his master along with the King's attendants. As soon as they all left the city,it was immediately dismantled and smashed to dust. That most unkind King,Puranjana,had killed many animals in various sacrifices. Now,taking advantage of this opportunity,all these animals began to pierce him with their horns. IT WAS AS THOUGH KING PURANJANA WERE BEING CUT TO PIECES BY AXES.

[PP.193-99  S.Bhag. 4.4]

So,sometimes 'animal' and 'soul' are used interchangeably. Indeed,Sri Isopanisad states clearly that the killers of animals and killers of the soul equally descend to the darkest regions of ignorance. Thus the Puranjana living entities-and their bogus followers-who engage in Purposeful Defamtion of the Spiritual Master will undoubtedly experience the above-described reactions.

In the PURPORT to 4.28.26 Srila PrabhupadaSastra states:

"In Bhagavad-gita [16.19] Lord Krsna states:

tan aham dvisatah kruran
samsaresu naradhaman
ksipamy ajasram asubhan
asurisv eva yonisu

'Those who are envious and mischievous, WHO ARE THE LOWEST AMONG MEN, are cast by Me into the ocean of material existence,into various demoniac species of life.'  The animal-killers [dvisatah],  envying other living entities and the Supreme Personality of Godhead,are placed in darkness and cannot understand the theme and objective of life. This is further explained in the following verses."


When King Puranjana was being dragged with great force by the powerful Yavana,out of his gross ignorance he still could not remember his friend and well-wisher, the Supersoul. [S.Bhag.4.28.25]

At the end of the Purport to that verse,Srila Prabhupada writes:
"Unfortunately,due to our bad association and great attachment for sense gratification,we do not remember our best friend,the Supreme Personality of Godhead."

Bad association,according to Bhagavad-gita is the mind. Thus if the Puranjana-living entities in Isgone persist in refusing to eschew the bogus bad association of their minds,and in its stead accept the authority of the Supersoul,Sastra, and the Spiritual Master-due to strong desire TO BE THE SPIRITUAL MASTER-such recalcitrant souls are certain to be heading back to the Cockroach-loka planets near the bottom of the universe.

Prabhupada Maharaja also answers,or exposes,  the faulty arguments of the faulty Puranjana-living entities in isgone who say the parents of abused children aren't the primary culprits in their childrens' degradation,but who instead posit  that their RuruDoguruBrothers are the chief mischief-mongers  [a ludicrous argument that these ignorant fools surmise will free the parents,isgone leaders and pseudo-reformers from blame in this second generation-disaster.but if THAT 'one' don't work,HEY! NO ProbwhoPADAlem: "We can handily attach full responsibility and blame on our ProbwhoPETDA Guru!!! JAI!!.Prabhupada:  "I never said that, I NEVER DID THAT!".

Anyway,in the Purport to 4.28.22,His Divine Grace writes:

"Foolish people do not know that every  individual soul is responsible for his own actions and reactions in life."

Thus,those who are now blaming Srila Prabhupada for horrible crimes,are undoubtedly already being punished-HAVE BEEN PUNISHED-for their most severe offenses at the lotus feet of great souls in this life and in previous lives.

Srila Prabhupada continues:

As long as a living entity in the form of a child or boy is innocent,IT IS THE DUTY OF THE FATHER AND MOTHER to lead him into a proper understanding of  the values of life."

Herein lies the problem for these Bar King Puranjana Doguerurus. They feel strongly that Prabhupada is ultimately to blame for their collective ignore-ance of HDG's instructions. But that's not a fact,anymore than it's
true that God is to blame for our predicament of leaving the Eternal atmosphere of the spiritual world and journeying-against the Supreme Lord's good advice-to this miserable world of birth and death. SURE, ignorant,ordinary people say like that,and that's a common atheistic argument,just like SP gives the example of the mothers of European boys who were sent to battle in WW II;and who prayed to God to return their sons safely,and when the sons didn't returned,and had been killed,then those 'formerly faithful' mothers immediately dismissed the existenc eof God,or said His existence was irrelavent,since He was 'impotent' to fulfill their desires and necessities in life.

Similarly,the Bare King Pranjohns and their mislead folly owers,having lost intelligence due to strong desire for sense gratification [subtle,even, in form of profit,distinction,adulation,etc.], are now Bark King up the wrong tree by stupidly resorting to the logic and 'commode sense' of ordinary,foolish living entities who are blinded by lust,undue attachment to the material body,and matsara,malice,or original envy of the Supreme Personality of Godhead,residing in their bodies as the Supersoul,as well as envy directed towartd the External Representative of the Supersoul,the spiritual Master,and also by their disdain for the Sastras and those sadhus [sad whos?] who appear before these Puranjana-cockroachfordGooruse as a chastising feature of the Spiritual Master and Sastras for the express purpose of halting their progess to the darkest regions of ignorance,and halting their process of offending the Spiritual Master and spreading such obnoxious idea to other innocent individuals,thereby VICTIMISING them.

Yes,so Prabhupada IS NOT to blame for your disastrous exPEERimeant known as Molestcon,YOU ONLY ARE RESPONSIBLE,because ALL instructions were there clearly given so that everything would turn out perfect. But, your AsatsvapiShammys,JaggedEdges,Murlivadacoits ,et al, intentionally WALKED AWAY from their duties as formerly agreed upon by them to the Spiritual Master,the Fire,and the Scriptures. This 'renouncing' of the Order of the Spiritual Master was performed out of  strong desire for sense gratification [becoming worshiped,getting CHEAP followers,money,etc.],and each and every person renouncing the Spiritual Master's Order will soon have to 'pay in full' for such 'sense of ENJOYMENT' of enjoying senses thru-and at the expense of-the bona fide Spiritual Preceptor.And,just as the JaggedEdges and AsatsvapiAsuras,etc.,have both renounced their 'service' and blamed Prabhupada for making mistakes,so now the Foe King Puranjana-Reformers are similarly grasping for power,adoration and money by renouncing their duty-HAVING RENOUNCED THEIR DUTY ALL ALONG toward their progeny-to Guru,and now, conveniently blaming Guru for their Goru-like ignore-ance.

Prabhupada: "When a child is grown,it should be left up to him to execute the duties of life properly. The parent,after his death,cannot help his child."

Yes,but if the parents of that child fully renounced their duty in the beginning,later pretended they did their best "because Prabhupada MADE US DO IT [Prabhupada,their 'devil' MADE THEM DO IT?]"; later,when the children asked why they were sent to be Harassed while the parents lived a comfortable life at home [with NO RESPONSIBILITIES],the parents said: "Hey,you're now grown "it should be left up to [you] to execute the duties of life properly!" And,while the children were being 'nicely' abused by the 'teachers',having been fully abandoned by the parents,both parties,namely parents and teachers developed the notion that Prabhupada had intentionally allowed all these crimes of abusiveness to go on and perpetuate themselves.This scapegoat of the Guru naturally let both camps off the hook,and now the children would have to themselves [being grown up] "execute the duties of life properly" [having been wrongly guide from their inception into the Pare Ant-Ruru Reform School]

So,this faulty logic of blaming the Guru-or God-for one's actions,reactions,and inactions,is the worst in ignorance,and such blasphemous attack is not going unanswered;all foolish living entities who wish to follow the King Puranjana rascals to Yamaraja's Court,the flight is now booking in the Turly Low OffASSes: ALL ABOARD ! ALL ABORED the BareKing Puranjana Errorplane which is,plain and sinful,uh,simple,heading to the ErrorlessPlane of the Yavana King.Fasten Seat belts for the ride of your life-airs! .

This time could WELL BE a precursor to the KRISHNA 'NUREMBURG' TRIALS,and anyone calling themselves a follower of His Divine Grace,Srila Prabhupada,should carefully review their life,and be prepared to EVEN NOW offer words [or actions] of support to the bona fide Representative of Godhead  [the Transcendental Cowherd Boy,Lord Sri Krishna.]  By the way,please read Prthu Maharaja's statements that ALL DEVOTEES are worshipers of Cows. Even Bhumi [Earth] sometimes takes shape of Cow,as Pastimes of Prthu Maharaja demonstrate quite nicely.

Ys,sanat d ass
Let's take hands out of jabber bags for a 'moment' [during a crisis] and
work co-jointly to pull back the curtain and reveal to the world what these
CockRochford Wizards of Ozkcon REALLY LOOK LIKE,eh?!. [Slugz-in-Saffron?]

P.S. There's always so much disturbinb talk about others' practices,eg.: "Do you chant so many ['jabber'] rounds of japa?!",and etc.

First of all,only Srila Prabhupada,Who is a cent percent Pure,Unalloyed Devotee,free from propensity to [unnecessarily] criticize others [see NOI] has the right to ask His disciples and followers this question.
Secondly,Prabhupada wanted His devotees clean-in brahminical sense[free from physical filth and chanting PURELY,ie. Free from offenses,such as the propensity to criticize others {than oneself},and He wanted His temples clean-as clean as polished glass or marble. And once when he discovered 'devotees' chanting 'japa' while temple was filthy, He instantly pointed out their utter hypocricy,and exposed their chanting as an unnecessary disturbance [to society,ie. HIS Society]. THIS is the Beauty of Prabhupada,and we've NEVERseen ANYbody or ANYpada-ee posing as a follower of HDG so perfectly reveal the essence of Vaisnava philosophy,and expose cheating like Prabhupada did [does]. No,we've only seen people criticizing others while themselves retaining immense quantities of unrepentant anarthas, MOUNTAINSIZE;and such habit,or practice,of behaving like THAT has caused many people to think that chanting the Hare Krishna
Maha Mantra is a practice of demons and hypocritical upstarts! [SP 'SAID': "Unless one overlooks the faults of others,he cannot make any spiritual advancement." ,but the rascal 'ProblemPADA's say: "your faults are our highest meditation!"-is it not?.] For example,as I explained in a newspaper article in April of 1993-which articull was published after I'd gotten copy of Ravinedra Svaruru-oop's  two-page 'character critique' of my [obnoxious] self-when I had arrived at Gita Nagari farm in January,1991,a month after my wife told me our marriage was a mirage [a mire age] I quickly noticed that the farm was all-round in a  dECRaPeIT [with a capital D,as in Dogruru] .state. I immediately set my bead bag on a shelf [which I retrieved two years later] and set about to purify the ether of all the jabberjabba-the-hut abomb-in-a-bull chainting. Thus I cleaned every shed,garage and sorage facility of approx. five years of debris,raked several years of leaves,and mulched them,hauled hundreds of tons of garbage to be burned,buried and Iscomposted,hauled thousands of tons of cowmanure to purify the fields,fixed and repainted the 'temple',fully restored and rebuilt the farm's roads,installed working drainage ditches and culverts for the first time in the farm's history [to divert the infrastructure-damaging thousands of gallons of water that flowed down the farm's hills every time it rained or snow melted.],hired several devotees to assist me in my work of demonstrating Prabhupada's Satyayuga Cow protection program -devotees whom had been ostracized from KC movement because they didn't chant and follow Regs as purely as Ferocious SnakePodz like RobinBrainDEADRotwiley Svaruru-oop,etc.;repaired and installed 13 miles of  O-Fences and cleared all the weeds,trees,etc. growing along thoses valuable cow-protecting fences [with immense help from Cowherdsmen,Sri Krishna dasa & Rasala Dasa],repaired three miles of wooden fences [with assistance from Yamuna dasa], fully repaired the demonetornado damaged main barn with $5,500 insurance funds I single-handedly secured,repainted three miles of wooden fences,both sides [w/help from Yamuna],got funding to fully rebuild,repair,and restore the three main barns for Krishna's cows,and oversaw and fully managed the massive job of completing this task, worked with Rasala das to seed thirty acres of neglected pastures,and put up fencing for Rasala's PASTURE ROTATIONAL GRAZING method of cow maintenance [which was studied by cow 'scholars' from different parts of the country], got funding and oversaw the painting of the GN main barns [with help from the venerable Radha-Damodara servant,Sriman Gudakesha Prabhu] which barns were painted deep,barn RED,in honor of Lord Varaha Deva,Who had personally rescued the GN farm from the great GarbledRuruduck Ocean; got the barn roofs restored and repainted; made certain the cows were protected from the SatsheAsuras who were always eager to harass and torture cows and cowherds alike;arranged for FOUR East Coast Ox Preaching Engagements [New York,Washingtomn,Boston and GN-with intense support and enthusiastic execution by Rasala and Sri Krishna Cowherds],made sure everybody got paid properly and timely for their immensely joy-giving KrishnaCow-seva [even while people accused us of being dopers and Padaheads],repaired the hay elevator [and bought new shoes for the Cowherds] and worked diligently to put up 7,500 bales of the purest,most golden hay that's been 'produced' since Satya Yuga, helped the Celebrated Ox named Lee as he passed away,by giving him water and hay-and by having secured the peaceful state of the other animals beforehand, so that Lee was fully undisturbed while 'disappearing' in our midst; photographing the venerable Ox, LEE at his moment of passing,as he humbly bowed his head and made final obeisances to Radha Damodara Dasa [Srila PrabhupadaCowherd,who kicks so unhesitatingly on the faces of the jabber-joppering Cowards,who let Krishna's farms,cows and Cowherds go to hell-WHILE 'chanting'-let Krishna's children go to hell,WHILE chanting AND discharging semen in unspeakable places,and who blame it all on Srila Prabhupada -STILL while hand remains in body bag, uh, that's bead bag and jaba-the-hut joppering and 'following' cockrochford RURUs' odors,uh,that orders].

Yes,so where was I? Oh,yes,so while I fully and totally neglected 'chanting' jabber chanting,I also was ebgaged doing some of the following: keeping a Journal of the 'leaders' odious activities,and information about their cheating propensities,especially such things as how Asatsvapi shammy went on his infamous 'Lessons on the ISK-COM-ode',which Tore,uh Tour, he em barked on [as bar King Doguru] the VERY MOMENT that the 'parents' of the GN boys 'suddenly' realized their 'lil Prahladas' had been initiated into more than just brahmacari sadhana while residing in TamaltBhavypodz school of anal I tickle and spitritual inter courses.

Then the cow abuses,the marriage breaking,the harboring of known child molesters,the harboring by Ravinedra of known child rapists like SurlyMurliVadacoit,Helladhara das,etc., the elbow rubbing of pseudo reformer Ravinedra with Rochshashaford demone scholars like E. Jurke Roachford,Larry Shitnn, etc. which was instrumental in continuing the suppression of Soulocana's GENUINE REFORM MOVEMENT,and perpetuating the myth [acaryas] that 'Prabhupada Appointed' KaliCela Ravinedra-type Serpents [U-SurpAnts] to be God's Representatives,that Guru needs Reform,that everbody MUST 'follow Tamalt to hell',and that Killing Guru,becoming Ruru is the Lila of the Age,etc. [which was fully rubberstamped and accepted by Rogueford & Friends,who made plently of money supporting the DemoneMolestkcon-lie alive,and got accolades from mundane and 'spiritual' scholars alike for their 'incisive' studies on how "religion and child raping go so swell together like a hand in glove".

Yes,I paid close attention,kept excellent notes,witnessed everything possible,and now it will all gradually come out nicely as I continue to attempt to serve Srila Prabhupada with NO MATERIAL MOTIVE [and, of course, FREE FROM JAABBAA-DA-HUT JOBBA CHANTING, ie. Considering myself pure and immune from reaction,while looking closely and scrutinizingly at others to find out so many faults of character] .

I will continue later 'ennumerating' my multitudinous [and humble] activities of  'cleansing the ISGONEDitcha temples [of Doom]' at another time,because my right shoulder [and feet] are tiring from all the PADAhead Cockroachford-RavineTamalt-kicking [and typing] . It,of course,will take a long while to complete this enumeration, because I was forced,or obliged, to do all these so many things [like even Clean Philthy,PA temple of SReela  DemoneRavinedraKSA -SR= Simply Rascal-which cleaning was reported in the newspapers] aand etc.,while hundreds of REAL disciples carefully kept hands in beadbag and purifried the ether by chanting in the Tamaltuous/Ravinedra Jobba-da-hut-PraDIEya. So,forgive me for my inability
to 'rationalise' WHY I left my [jabber] bag on shelf for so long,ie. The NEEDFUL things I was asked to do by Srila Prabhupada DIRECTLY.this will be shared later,Prabhupada-willing

U-SurpAnt, sanat

Let's take hands out of jabber bags for a 'moment' [during a crisis] and work co-jointly to pull back the curtain and reveal to the world what these CockRochford Wizards of Ozkcon REALLY LOOK LIKE, eh?!.[Slugz-in-Saffron?]
2. Real Preaching
To: <>
Subject: Real Preaching

A devotee namked Yadavendu has got the Turley firm to start to look at the letters and they are now talking more about Srila Prabhupada's intent, they want more of the letters, and they are listening to him. Of course Sanat said Srila Prabhupada should shut up when we said the letters should be presented, just like Tamal says. Sorry, you guys are not going to get Srila Prabhupada to shut up. Anyways, this shows that your tactics of threats to kill do not work, but Yadavendu's real preaching has worked. He will get the credit for helping and you will get the credit for making some of the gurukulis more aggressive. thanks pd    
Sanat yes,very good,we agree! First,'our' threats were not ours but are Sastra. So the stick has been forcefully shown to Turdley,and THAT is why they are possibly appearing to change their tune--ONLY. Therefore Prabhupada's preaching works: SHOW THE it so nat? And if [and when] turdley comes to sense, and declares the actual truth about Prabhupada's perfect,infallible and Spotless position,we will be the first to bow to him [them]

Goddess Kali--in our 'Dream',was forgiving to those who repented. Just like Maharaja Pariksit,he was prepared to behead Kali [SHOWED THE STICK] when the miscreant feigned KINGSHIP,ie. Representative of God--even while abusing the most defenceless entity [ie. praja] who,which should be protected by a [purported] king. So,when Kali came to sense,seeing the resolve [and stick] of the Actual Emperor [M. Pariksit],then the rascal said: "Oh,whoops,I,uh,well,I think maybe I probably erred here, and,well,uh,if you'll kindly put that thing [Sword] down,and lemme explain,and,oh,yeah,sure,I'll take the King's clothes off,why not,uh yeah,well I was just messin' round,you see,we were havin' a Halloween party,and,and..."...

So,yes,you can [PREDICTABLY] give credit to this other fool [for why turdley may 'suddenly' listen to sense],that's fine with  us,but we know-by dint of Sastric evidence-that Turdley,and Co. have nochoice but
to recant their misguided position when Krishna's Mace is so obviously poised to smash his thick skull in,is it not?  The fact is,turdley&Co. are outsiders,therefore not anywhere near as offensive as Pud NearMal Rochford Ravindra TamaltGoon Squad, as Srila Prabhupada clearly pointed out that Govinda's Movement CAN NOT be layed asunder by any outside force,but only by inside deviancy. So by Pud-Nearmole Envious ["Compromising"] ass ociation,these 'outsiders' may become contaminated for the time,but a little bona fide preaching [good assoc.,ie. Goddess Kali stick-showing]  can turn that around,is it so nat? 

Thus,yes,the so-called 'Prabhupada vani' coming from the snake-lips of SriPADAchorya we don't want to hear [nor should Turdley hear such]:Yes,SHUT UP!! GOOD POINT!  The real Vani,unadulterated,, as for instance how Mukunda [or Sulocana] presents Prabhupada--AS HE IS,that kind is desirable,and is factually bringing good results...

So Prabhupada Vani touched by Pud's snakelips has Pudoinous [poison us] effects,and must be eschewed: SHUT UP! Very Good point,but if Turdley hears Prabhupada As He Is,that will have good effect. It indeed has had good effect,and we appreciate Pud's keeping turdley informed of our 'rantings',because now it's possible that these folks will shake off the pud-nearhole venom,and possibly 'repent' [before it's TOO LATE BABY] and be spared  [instead of speared]...

THAT IS DESIRED,and we don't care if snakes give us no credit;we know ALL credit goes to Srila Prabhupada,who's boots will kick on all rascal envious mudhas.

Other point [by the PudDead:   that we evoke aggressiveness in Gurukulies. Yes,that's also true,because we see that Anudasa is suddenly alive and even aggressive,after 20 something years of near [mole] slumber,is it so nat? Yes,so we brought the truth of Pud-MNearmole's blasphemous turdley vibrayshun case forcefully to RaghuAnudasa's & /friends' attention,and now he's aggressively kicking on your demone faces,and his voice ultimately will supercede NearHoles [who's brain dropped dead recently?--so we heard],and the case will get a new face,without a doubt! Yes,and now also CaturBahu is coming alive and will probably also become 'more aggressive' in kicking on your ruru-cool nighmarish turdley blasphemy case. And these real Gk's may become still more aggressive as they see their parents as culprits for having abandoned them. And also when they see how the Pud demones are misleading them;for example,how two years ago we explained the parents were primarily to blame,and Pud, Prayatosha,et al squealed : THATS DISGUSTING, yes. So,we've wanted SP to speak all along,and the pud has censored this attempt all along! is it so nat? Since 1991 we have been presenting the SP Truth: "CHILD WORSHIP IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN  DEITY WORSHIP" but your tamalt-worship paradigm has resisted these truths,and you puds have bascially said : SHUT UP WITH THAT GARBAGE,if you want to know what SP thinks,ASK FRIGGIN US!!!   is it so nat?

Yes,so we've preached this truth all along,and the puds and tamalt-worship crowd have said to shut up with that nonsense all along [cause we  Puds want to rule over all when the crap hits the fan]  

Therefore now that our message is finally finding some ears after many years of pud's censorship 'Prabhupada should Shut Up-Newslitter',it's not surprising that genuine Gurukulies would listen up,take our bona fide message to heart,and BECOME AGGRESSIVE in imbibing the truth and taking action. This makes perfect sense,is it so nat? Now,it may even be that such GK's could become aggressive enough to do as SP warned:  k'ill parents who neglected to give them love [ie. Krishna],is it so nat?! and is this not why pud,Roachford,tamalt/Ravinedra et all have so cleverly suppressed [ie. said shut up to] Srila Prabhupada's ACTUAL instructionsall these years?

And,since pud wants tamaltgoons' seat,he's right in there all these years encouraging the 'children' to fault Srila Prabhupada,and now he admits to having "COMPROMISED WITH TURLEY AND NITYANANDA". But Anudasa WILL NOT compromise with turdley and nearmole. AND IT MAY BE THAT EVEN TURDLEY WILL KICK OUT NEARHOLE AND JAGGED EDGE, esp. because Krishna [in form of Goddess KalisWordPoint] is looking him eye to eye...and perhaps the VOICE OF THE SECOND GENERATION WILL BECOME PROMINENT IN THIS CASE [as for example that VOICE was heard SO NICELY  in the form of Raghu's letter to turdley & Co which exposes Pud and Nirmole as being in bed together in their complcity of blaming Prabhupada for the parents abandonment and the Ruru's' Ruruworshit on the kids-Pgm...IS IT SO NAT?!

And it may be that turdley will come to us for supporting evidence to nail the BasTurdleys in isgone, particularly because we have many hours of footage of uncut vidyo interviews with these [real] GK's AT WRATHA YATRA FESTIVALS,and etc.and these reveal more than anyone knows in this case,esp because the real GKs admit [on camera] that :


And we-on vidyo-also LET PRABHUPADA SPEAK repeatedly :


Jai,hope this meets you 'blissfully' receiving the 'mercy' necessary for you to see the Truth of Real Prabhupada Vani [esp as it comes to us from Sriman Mukunda and Sulocana Prabhus!]
your serpent sanat