Hear the TRUE VOICE of the guru-kulis.





1. Hear the TRUE VOICE of the guru-kulis.

2. Srila Prabhupada Room Conversation About Gurukula November 5, 1976, Vrndavana


1. Hear the TRUE VOICE of the guru-kulis.
Nirmala Has Stolen My Day In Court
Prabhupada vs. Jagadish

Most of you have heard about the lawsuit filed against ISKCON by the Turley
Law firm.
The following is a petition I'm circulating to send him. The reasons for this
petition are given below in my letter to Turley. I will include your
responses to him on this matter unless otherwise requested not to.

To:  Mr. Turley
640 North Central Expressway Suite 1000
Dallas, Texas 75206

Raghunatha Anudasa
PO box 1108
Hilo HI 96721
323 696 4727

Nirmala Has Stolen My Day In Court
Prabhupada vs. Jagadish

Dear Mr. Turley,

I was ready to join the lawsuit. Then I met Nirmala Chandra, Mr. Hickey. And
I saw his Dad, Jagadish, the ex minister of education. No one in the last 5
years has been more abusive with me then Nirmala was in 20 minutes.

Nirmala was furious because I have been rallying my guru-kula friends to join
the lawsuit so we may use our portion of the settlement to buy back the
temples of our choice. To many guru-kulis like myself, there is no sweeter
justice then winning the beautiful temples of our childhoods from the hands
of the monsters who tortured us.

If justice for the victims is the issue at stake in this case, then our
interest in these temples is as legitimate as those who wish to have the
cash. It maybe more legitimate then demanding cash, for the temples are the
spoils of our enemies--abusers.

There's something even more pressing. Temples provide shelter to hundreds of
women and children as their only room and board in addition to offering them
a religious and cultural center. Temples offer parents an instant community
for their kids in an age otherwise deprived of community. How can I live at
the expense of innocent women and children in the name of some cause. This is
exactly what was done to me and my friends and Mata, Mother, when I was a
boy. I must give these innocent dependents the consideration otherwise taken
from me as a child or else, I perpetuate the heartlessness of my abusers

Then we have Nirmala: "I don't care what other guru-kulis want." If 2,000
guru-kulis wanted the temples while he remained the only one who did not, so
what. It makes no difference to him.

For Nirmala, this case has little to do with guru-kulis, their abuse and
their justice. This case is about Nirmala. Nirmala was your first contact and
so it appears that Nirmala has set the tone, the agenda and the priorities of
this case. Nirmala has turned our cause into a case about Nirmala's personal
prejudices against Indian culture.

Nirmala Chandra considers everyone a deviant should they have any affections
for the charms of  India; Indian culture, Indian religion or anyone even
lightly associated with them. You see, Nirmala's hatred is not for ISKCON and
Prabhupada per say so much as it is for anything Indian.

Nirmala and Siddhababa, Ben, said as much. They beat up on me because I
happen to love India. The country can be demanding on the best of us but when
you see things as the Taj Mahala or the Himalayas or South India, its beyond
compare. I love Indian culture. Hands down, they have some of the world's
best vegetarian cooking, some of the most exotic music, dance, fashion and
antiquity. I have found direction from its spiritual teachings and a great
deal of solace from many of its practices such as yoga, meditation and
devotion. This makes me nothing less then an enemy to Nirmala.

Nirmala has successfully ostracized a number of abused victims like myself
from joining while making many others who are on the lawsuit feeling
unsettled at best. Nirmala has taken an issue of justice so important to
thousands of other guru-kulis and turned it into a case about his agenda, not

I can take a poll should you care to see how true this is. I will circulate
this letter to my other friends to get specific names and numbers of
gurukulis who feel the same.

Why, out of a thousand or even two thousand abused children, have hardly 40
signed on after a year with another 50 or so only now considering? In one
word-Nirmal. He insists on going after a culture most guru-kulis have respect
for and as often, a great deal of affection.

Here lies the problem. Nirmala is compromising my simple case of child abuse
by his hatred of anything remotely associated with Indian culture. It may
only be a building once used by those who partook in Indian traditions. He
hates such a building. Anyone who could want such a building must also be
virulently condemned. He harshly berates such guru-kulis. Constantly.

The bigotry of this radical stand provides a great deal of leeway for the
abusers of my childhood. They can legally maneuver their crimes into the
mantle of India's glory. That is the last excuse I want these criminals to
use in their defense. They will hold up the legitimacy of India, Indian
culture and the rights of religion to hide their abuses. I will fight
them-anyone--to keep them from hiding there.

Their crimes have nothing to do with India, its people or its culture just as
it has nothing to do with religion, one's right to practice it or the US
Constitution. It's much like the witch-hunts that killed millions of women.
It has little to do with the bible or true Christianity. To have a case that
says as much give these abusers little room to hide. I want them to face the
full fury of their guilt. Anything less would not be true justice.

Walking out of Nirmala's house left me reeling. I was feeling Nirmala was
playing right into the hands of the abusers by radicalizing our legitimate
case of child abuse. I felt demoralized, disgusted and hurt. Very hurt.

See it from my eyes. Here's Nirmala chandra. Nirmala was given VIP treatment
as the son of the Minister of Education. Where was his abuse while I was
being systematically tortured in every possible way under the stewardship of
his father?

I had to watch year after year after year as Nirmala was exempted from most
every abusive teacher and practice while I was subjected to its harshest as
the movements oldest, longest standing and most `troubled' child. I was the
one made to bare the beatings, the starvation in the name of discipline, the
one left locked in cold showers for days in winter and sexually abused while
he remained sheltered under his father's position and influence.

And now today, I have to again see Nirmala, but this time, he provides safe
haven to his father under the cause of my abuse by his father.

Nirmala has taken the abuse of me and my friends and used it for his cause of
hatred of Indian culture and protection for his dad.

I now have to listen to Nirmala tell me that his father, Jagadish, is

No matter that his dad knew of my abuses.

No matter that Jagadish knew of all the abuses of all my friends throughout
the world since the very beginning. No one knew as much, about so many. A
secret his dad carried with poise for more then a quarter century.

No matter that his dad crafted the policies of abuse, promoted them more then
any other and then instituted them throughout more schools then all others

No matter that Jagadhish spent decades justifying them. He was not a 20
something hothead youth. He knew better or should have after 30 years, 2,000
students and as a mature man of 50.

No matter that Jagadish hid the crimes and aggressively defended the abusers
to other GBC leaders, parents and devotees at large. When these criminals
could no longer find amnesty in one of his schools, he arranged for their
transfer. It was not other leaders, but Jagadhish. Jagadish sent them to
other schools under his guardianship. He did so without informing the leaders
of those places what to speak of parents. His `teachers' again abused
children, but did so more aggressively the second time around. The teachers
ended up abusing the children of the local leaders. This was Jagadish's
doing, not the leaders whose children where abused by his teachers.

No matter that all of this was done exclusively with the money collected and
provided by my mother or other parents bullied by him to hand us over to his
`protection.' Guru-kula was his cash cow. That's how he made his money. That
was his living. My dear Mata, Mother, alone gave him up to a quarter of
million dollars. Money that was supposes to go to guru-kula. It was suppose
to go to me and my friends. I was the last to get the benefits of her money
while he was always the first. The money covered his many tickets and those
of his children.  My Mata's money went to Jagadish's VIP privileges from
specially furnished quarters and vehicles, to good medical care and his own
cook for meals not allowed other devotees, children or me. He could have at
least shared some with me. It was my Mata that sent him the tens of thousands
of dollars every month for years. Nope. That was his decision. No one else's.

No matter that Jagadish perpetrated these crimes using the powers vested in
and taken from the comforts of the very highest office the society had to
offer on any given year. He did so till his very last day. He happily enjoyed
the luxury afforded his office and continuously employed the full power of
his post as Minister of Education. He did so as one of the select few members
of the GBC. He again did so as a sanyasi priest before moving onto the
highest position of all, that as venerable guru. The post of guru comes with
nothing short then all the honors bestowed upon Christ himself.

Each of these positions Jagadish returned to after having left them and the
society for months at a time. Jagadish would leave every 3 or 4 years and did
so for most of his entire 30 years he was a leader in ISKCON. His conflicts
remained severe and for good reason. Yet, he always returned. That was his
choice. He remains the only person in the history of the whole society to
have been reinstated so many times. He has always been privileged more then
most anyone in the movement much as Nirmala has been privileged more then
most any other child in our guru-kula schools.

No matter that Nirmala was protected by his dad's post throughout the decades
of his dad's reign while I suffered horribly at his father's hands. Nirmala
some how feels the right to tell me his dad is suddenly innocent. Not tell
me, but to berate me publicly when I come in respect and good will for his
birthday party.

Abuses of other guru-kulis in the cause of justice are no different then the
teachers abuse of guru-kulis done in the name of religion. Let's not become
the monsters we so disdain.

Never till this day have I spoken an ill word against Jagadish. Not in 35
years. I started the newsletters that exposed the abuses of the guru-kula
schools and its teachers when devotees considered such material blasphemous
and when other guru-kulis wanted nothing to do with guru-kula past. I managed
to interest both parties leading to the guru-kula reunions, which I also
started, and the reform movements against child abuse in ISKCON. Yet after
hundreds of pages of such a newsletter and thousands of letters of
correspondence on the subject, I avoided condemning Jagadish. I did so out of
respect for what seemed to be his genuine remorse for these abuses.

But, I ask you; what am I to do? Nirmal now mercilessly attacks me for not
joining him in blaming Prabhupada. Jagadish, meanwhile, sits by mutely
knowing full well how he beat me, how he had others beat me severely and that
it was Prabhupada who stepped in on my behalf to have a teacher, Jitaparan,
thrown out when informed by Bhagaji of his beating me. Beatings Jitaparana
did for years with Jagadish's knowledge and support. Only when brought to
Prabhupada's attention was Jitaparana asked to leave. Jitaparana was gone the
very next morning.

One of the only times Prabhupada uses the word "beat" was after nearly a half
hour of prodding from the teachers. It's a revealing conversation because
Prabhupada recommends a series of other options for disciplining a child.
Prabhupada covers everything from finding the child a different engagement,
another place or an entirely new setting like a farm. Finally, Prabhupada
recommends the Hydrabad farm. The teachers will not hear of it. They insist
there is no other way but corporal punishment. They again press Prabhupada.
Who leads this charge? Jagadish. Prabhupada goes on about 10 times, `have the
boy transferred' and as many times, Jagadish pushes for beating the boy.
Count them when I send you a copy of this discussion. This conversation was
very much like Jagadish in Dallas years before; prodding Prabhupada into his
idea of child rearing.

Who is leading who? Was it Prabhupada's policies or those imposed  upon him
by Jagadish? You will find this same scenario played out time and again when
it came to Prabhupada and the GBC.

Prabhupada told Rameswara to return Robin Goerge to her parents. Rameswara
instead hid her, shuffling her from temple to temple and implicating each of
those temples in the court case her parents later filed against ISKCON.
ISKCON lost millions. Who's responsible, Prabhupada or Rameswara and the many
others who also hid her?

Here's Prabhuapda, an 80-year-old man, being told by his most senior men and
most senior teachers what was needed-to "beat." These teachers had been
taking care of the kids' day in and day out since the beginning of guru-kula:
Rupa Vilasa, Dhanur dhara, Yasodananada and most of all Jagadish. Jagadish
was one of Prabhupada's most trusted and senior men. Jagadish regularly told
Prabhupada what to do as repeatedly demonstrated in their conversations and
years of correspondence. I will send copies of this later. Prabhupada finally
says `send this boy away and only then if he is still misbehaving, then you
can "beat." Prabhupada follows this up by restating it's better to send this
boy away then corporal punishment.

I know the time, place and friend they talked about: Jagaman, Vrindavan
India, 76. I think the most pertinent point is that Jagaman had a great time
at the Hydrabad farm as Prabhupada suggested. Ask him. Nor was Jagaman ever
hit again.

The very fact Jagadish was pressing for permission to "beat" demonstrates
that Prabhupada could assume kids were not otherwise hit. Prabhupada could
only assume this in degree he could trust Jagadish. Was Jagadish worthy of
this trust?

You must read the conversation. Jagadish starts by relating how early he
wakes us kids up in the morning: 3:30 am.  Prabhupada is surprised. Reading
this amazed me for I thought that such an early schedule was on Prabhupada's
insistence. Low and behold, it was not. This will surprise most guru-kulis,
parents, and even many teachers & leaders. In fact, Prabhupada expresses
concern. Prabhupada points out that Mangala arotic is at 5 am. and then asks:
Why wake the kids at 3:30 am? Prabhupada ask this several times and as many
times Jagadish reassures Prabhupada all is fine.

Prabhupada is similarly amazed and then concerned about the duration of class
time 1 hr 45 minutes, the lack of food, the lack of sleep and the lack of
play time. Again, just as many times, Jagadish continuously reassures
Prabhupada everything is fine. In spite of these reassurance from Jagadish,
Prabhupada still presses that class time be reduced by 60%, that there must
be breaks, that more meals be added, that the kids get more play time, etc.
The conversation personifies the very heart of the issue-Prabhupada vs.

I also know how this conversation played out as policy in Guru-kula. The
teachers pressed the point that they needed corporal punishment to keep the
rest of us in line. Prabhupada repeatedly dismissed the idea. And that was
the result. That conversation marks when the teachers stopped hitting us for
the first time in years. They kept their hands off us till Prabhupada's

The teachers instead twisted Prabhupada's later recommendations of using peer
pressure to influence the younger. The teachers rallied the bullies to beat
up the weaker kids who fell from teacher's grace. Finding this too
troublesome, teachers reverted to lining us up in front of a misbehaved
student. The teacher then made each of us slap this boy.  If the teacher felt
the slap was not hard enough, we were made to slap our friend again and
again. This was a daily ritual.

Teachers also started working us for hours, denying us meals and locking us
in bathrooms for days. This was all done to honor Prabhupada's demand that we
not be hit. The teachers reverted to these drastic measures to keep us
terrorized without hitting us. The stories go on and on how they distorted
"Prabhuapda said" into incredible tortures. This was their doing, not

How could a cultured, 80 year old, Bengali gentleman imagine these seemingly
smart, mature men, Jagadish, doing such horrible, horrible things? How could
anyone of Prabhupada's generation ever imagine atrocities being born of such
gentle and simple recommendations? How could anyone imagine?

Jagadish wrote the official guide for all schools in the movement referred to
as the Guru-kula Handbook. He wrote this about 15 years after Prabhupada's
passing. To my utter disbelief, Jagadish changed Prabhupada's letter to read
that children should not live with parents when the letter (like many others)
actually reads just the opposite. This was to be a book read by hundreds of
teachers and devotees who would certainly catch such a brazen lie. Devotees
did catch this lie within months of the books release.

These are but a couple out of hundreds of examples that I can gather from
parents and teachers, devotees and leaders. I will send them copies of this
letter to get their own first hand recollections of Jagadish. They will
relate story after story how Jagadish ignored, strong armed and lied outright
about teachers, abuse, students and worse of all: "Prabhupada said."

I have hundreds of pages worth of stories like this about Jagadish and the
teachers vs. Prabhupada. I can fill in hundreds more on the GBC vs.
Prabhupada. Yet, Nirmala despises me for not joining him in pointing the
finger at Prabhupada.

Nirmala has made it simple: 'You are either with us or you are against us.'
No middle ground. No pause for consideration. He leaves no possibility that
there could ever be another side to this story. If there is, he does not want
to hear it. This is the very fanatism I crew-up with. Bigotry under any
heading is evil. Pain and suffering of the innocent means nothing in the
march of their cause.  I will not be part of that even if done in the name of
my justice.

How can I join Nirmala's cause against Prabhupada when I know the truth about
his father's role in these crimes? I know first hand all his fathers crimes
against me. A truth Nirmala knows little about and one he cannot and will not
hear. Nirmala cannot afford to hear the truth for it's his family that
carries much of the blame. I remained respectful throughout the whole of
Nirmala's tirade, but now I must speak.

The final travesty of this whole thing is that Nirmala uses the podium of my
abuses, like those of my friends who also suffered at his father's hands, to
now shove his lie down my throat. He does so on the very day I was to have
justice from my abusers starting with his dad. I feel Nirmala has stolen my
day it court. I feel crushed.

It's comparable to a son of Hilter telling Jews that Hitler was innocent.
`You can't blame Hitler. Those mass exterminations are really just an
extension of German culture, and the German people.' What bull. It's worse
then bull. Such a dreadful lie would be so terrible; it would overshadow all
the other crimes of Hilter's entire Third Reich.

The simple truth is that Jagadish over saw the greatest crimes against
humanity ever committed in this country in nearly a half century--40 years.
He over saw more child abuse then most anyone else in the `civilized world.'
He alone stands as the only common link to most every crime committed in our
schools. No one else comes close to being associated with the number of
abusers, abuses, places, decades and victims. No one.

Remember; Prabhupada was only around for about 5 years of guru-kula. 2 of
them was in resignation due to his failing health. That's just 3 years.
Jagadish carried on guru-kula with those schools abuses growing in severity
for 2 more decades after Prabhupada's passing. That's nearly a quarter of a
century. By then, Jagadish was the high command. Jagadish wrote the book on
guru-kula. Jagadish has nowhere else to look but Jagadish.

That guilt cannot be excused, allowed excuses or given safe haven no matter
who his son or attorneys wish to implicate. How can anyone but the victims
offer immunity to such a man? This is exactly what the GBC did when it came
to one of their `own.' You are repeating the corruption of ISKCON all over
again before you've taken your first step. See how easy it is to fall into
this trap. To protect Jagadish against our specific request is the final
crime to his victims and the ultimate betrayal of justice.

I implore you. Please, don't do this to us. Not you. Please not you. Don't be
taken in by this man or his son. All the students, parents and my dear Mata
have paid a terrible price for this same mistake. I know the charm of
Jagadish's soft spoken and thoughtful manner, the sincerity of cause, the
straightforward and self-deprecating style and most of all, the so reasonable
justifications for his sorry story. It was this very charm that assuage
victims and parents alike and that left leaders and devotees speechless in
their fury over the abuses. Worst of all, it made Jagadish's role invisible
to the world and to himself. Must I see this same sham repeated on my own day
of justice? Please.

There would be no greater travesty then the Man-of-Justice starting this
entire case by defending Jagadish and then doing so to me and his other
victims. You've found the right case. You are starting with the two worse
possible persons: Jagadhish and his son.

Nirmala chandra can only blame his dad and mother for these crimes. These are
Nirmamla's only two choices: either blame his parents or blame Prabhupada. It
was his father who was there in the background through all these crimes while
his mother took the foreground as the societies longest standing and most
senior teacher in the world. They set the tone and mood for both teachers and
parents. I'm sending a copy of this letter out to parents who can also
confirm this point. Still, Nirmala chooses to blame Prabhupada.

Nirmala simply does not know better. He was too young, too sheltered and then
left too early to know what was going on with anyone else but himself. He was
about 2 when Prabhupada started guru-kula in 72 and hardly more then 6 when
Prabhupada passed away in 77. I was a teenager by then. All Nirmala can know
is what his dad told him. This is true of most of Nirmala's generation such
as Ben. They only know their abuses and what they were told about Prabhupada.

I am one of the few who knows most guru-kulis, who knows about most abuses,
who lived in most every school, under most every teacher in the movement back
in the day and experienced them under the different GBC administrations. I'm
probably the world's longest standing guru-kuli still active in the movement
and the guru-kula cause. I am one of a handful who knew Prabhupada, who was
there under Prabhupada's care and who was old enough to have clear
recollections of those times.

Those in my peer group share a common affection for Prabhupada-especially if
they where in Vrindavan in Prabhuapda's last days: Deva deva, Jagaman,
Jagaddanda, Dwarkadish, Vrindavan, Dirodhata, myself, etc. It was this group
who went through the harshest abuse and yet they don't blame Prabhupada. Do
they know something Nirmala does not? This goes without mentioning the other
90% of the 2,000 guru-kulis who are also quite upset that Prabhupada is being
accused-by Jagadish of all people.

My request is that you kindly give us consideration when we say the blame
lies not with Prabhupada, but with the GBC and teachers such as Jagadish. How
can you have Prabhupada's name on your lawsuit when Jagadish is hardly
mentioned? Do you see the insanity of this?

We are happy to leave it up for debate but please do not deny us the
opportunity of sharing our insight on those we know are to blame. Nirmala has
already denied 90% of us from speaking on his web site and conference because
of our feelings for Prabhupada and yet dares claim it the VOICE of
guru-kulis. I pray that Nirmala has not created a climate where we will again
be denied our voice in our own court case.

Nirmala and his dad may have convinced you there is no choice but to blame
Prabhupada. I simply ask that you hear us out. I encourage you to review
Prabhupada's role in setting the policies and tone of ISKCON and those of
guru-kula. However, please review this with input from those who where
actually there and who were not criminally involved. Hear the TRUE VOICE of
the guru-kulis.

You now find yourself in the same seat shared by the leaders of ISKCON past
and present. You have found the full truth. It directly points to your very
own man. Will you ignore the truth in the name of your cause or bury it, bury
me, as so many GBC men did before you? Am I once again to be ignored?

You now have a small taste to the struggles faced by the GBC. The truth is
sloppy, terribly inconvenient and as often, not a pretty site. Are you ready
to change your entire strategy if necessary to find the truth? Or have you
already been locked-in much as the GBC was held captive by criminals in the
name of a greater cause?

You do not need Jagadish or Nirmala chandra just as ISKCON did not need
Jagadish and his men. Jagadish's crew had a big part in destroying ISKCON
just as they can now destroy the credibility of your case, our case, my case,
by once again hiding behind the cause of guru-kulis.

If you need conspiracy I can show you one. But it is not on Prabhupada's
part, that I am happy to debate. That is all I am requesting, that you allow
us to at least debate the point.

I'll write more on that in my next letter. For now, here's what I ask:

1)  That Nirmala Chandra be asked to step down as your spokesmen just as you
asked of others such as Pratyatosh who failed to represent this case
appropriately. Having Jagadish's son speak for us is distasteful at best.

2)  That Nirmala's cultural prejudices for India are understood to be
unrepresentative of the goals and issues of this lawsuit. These prejudices
don't reflect the vast majority of the guru-kulis feelings and we consider it
detrimental to our cause.

3)  That you kindly consider revoking Jagadhish's immunity. Providing him any
kind of amnesty against our wishes is the final travesty of justice to his
victims. If Jagadish wants to do something useful, he can start by
apologizing-to me and all the hundreds of others so severely abused for
decades while under his administration.

4)  That you at least entertain the possibility that the Hare Krsna movement
was high jacked from Prabhupada in both intent and control and therefore the
corruption was of the GBC's making, not Prabhupada's. This is the general
feeling of the vast majority of guru-kulis and parents.

5)  That Vaisnavism be recognized as more then some money laundering
operation and of sound religious legitimacy. Indian culture is not to blame
for these abuses. Again, this sentiment is reflected by the majority of the

6)  That the victims, guru-kulis, be allowed to spend their settlement money
on buying temple properties without condemnation or prejudice. Further
condemnation is the last thing we need.

The terms of justice are important or else, it is not justice at all. Your
prompt attention to these issues would be very much appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

Raghunatha Anudasa
(John Michael)

Please reply to
323 969 4727
PO Box 1108, Hilo HI 96721
SANAT: yeah,this is super!! Jai,just what i'm aiming for also.
Therefore,PADAemones also should have no part in this case. The
PADAfanatics support the Rurucollie-celas and their demonic parents [all
of whom should-accd'g to scripture] be BUZZ sawed and fed to Yamaraja's
dogs,or-as in NearMule's case-used as third base in a game of ball,and
etc.;and the vast majority of kulies,according to Raghu Prabhu,and their
it doesn't happen,perhaps Goddess Kali will arrange a bloodbath on the
streets of Dallas...we can only hope and pray...that Raghu dasanudas and
bona fide GKulies get their way and silence the PADATamalt "closest
advisors" from croaking further abuses upon the abused children of Srila

PS amazing that PADAssuras don't ever mention that manyof these 44
Rurucoolies themselves have abused their own children,or others.
Nearmole Hackey himself is abusing a living entity he claims {WRONGLY}
to be his own daughter. The child in question was actually fathered by
my best friend,Rasala dasa Goswami [Master of Cows],and Nirmule couldn't
possiblty be the legitimate father,because his penis is paralyzed [like
PADA's?] from the head down. The mother of the child in question can
confirm this [Mata Dhara],and we have seen the child,and she LOOKS
EXACTLY THE IMAGE OF RASALA. She doesn't at all have the characteristics
of a Raksasa [like NearmuleDemonseed],and furthermore,when Rasala
requested a dna test,the RabiddogNearmole declined [he said his genes
are also paralyzed,and sensually deprived? awe,that's sad! maybe a
little more demon weed will reinvigorate them?!]...

Interesting,also,is that nearmule admitted to having had repeated sexual
relations with dogs,pigs and monkeys while a student at Vrndavana
Rurukula. So,then he gets his severe reactions,plus parents abandon
him,etc. but now "Prabhupada's to blame",isn't it? And PADA,who seems to
be also quite able to have sexual relations with objectionable living
entities,agrees with this other Raksasademone?! SNAKES OF A SKIN LIE

Anyway,Nirmule is abusing a child [he falsely claims as HIS OWN],why?
because he's impressing the child with the idea that her father is an
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2. Srila Prabhupada Room Conversation About Gurukula November 5, 1976, Vrndavana
* As discussed above by Raghunatha prabhu.
Prabhupada: The modern education means... Just see what is the disastrous condition. For 531 posts, three lakhs people have applied. How the unemployment... This application means they are all educated. Uneducated, they do not apply for any post. That means educated unemployed. This is India's so-called education. Without light it is... You can open door. (break)
Jagadisa: First thing, I wanted to go over the daily schedule. According to the schedule, the boys get up between 3:30 and quarter to four.
Prabhupada: Why so early?
Jagadisa: Why 3:30 and quarter to four? That's what time we all get up.
Prabhupada: We are holding mangala-arati at five. So why 3:30?
Jagadisa: Well, they do japa before mangala-arati.
Prabhupada: No, no. It will be too early for them. They first of all...
Jagadisa: They're accustomed to getting up at...
Prabhupada: Eh?
Jagadisa: They've been getting up at that time for years.
Prabhupada: If they are accustomed, that is all right. But otherwise it is not needed, so early. When they go to sleep?
Jagadisa: At 8:15.
Prabhupada: Oh, then it is all right. That is all right. At least they must have rest, six hours, complete.
Jagadisa: Oh, they get more than that.
Prabhupada: Then it is...
Jagadisa: Then they get ready, bathed and dressed, by about 4:10. So they chant japa from 4:10 until five o'clock under the supervision of their teacher. Then arati, tulasi worship. And after tulasi worship they again have japa up until guru-puja, greeting the Deities.
Prabhupada: Hm?
Jagadisa: From the time tulasi worship is over until the time of greeting the Deities.
Prabhupada: How long it is?
Jagadisa: That's an hour and fifteen minutes. Altogether they have japa time amounting to...
Prabhupada: And who... They will... The small boys, they can devote so much time?
Jagadisa: Well these are not small boys. These are...
Prabhupada: Oh, teachers.
Jagadisa: At least ten years, nine, ten years old.
Prabhupada: Still...
Devotee: Nine years old to fourteen years old.
Prabhupada: They should be engaged in chanting, not sit down and japa. That will not be possible for them.
Jagadisa: The problem is that some of the boys are fourteen, fifteen, or thirteen. They should chant japa because they are required to chant sixteen rounds a day. Many of them are initia...
Prabhupada: Sixteen rounds, it requires, utmost two hours, two and a half hours.
Jagadisa: Well, two hours is on the schedule, two hours and ten minutes.
Prabhupada: Chela bangiya (laughter). How are you? That's nice.
Jagadisa: So they have two hours and five minutes of japa.
Dhanurdhara: Some boys that are younger, they make a vow to do less and then they can study.
Jagadisa: Some of the younger boys chant six or eight rounds instead of sixteen. They chant that much during that time and then they study. Then they attend the temple program, guru-puja and Bhagavatam class. And then after that, they go upstairs, wash their clothes and clean the asrama. That takes them about an hour, to wash their clothes and sweep and cleanse the floor, cleanse the shower room, wash their clothes...
Prabhupada: Now, when they chant the mantras?
Jagadisa: Brahma-samhita?
Prabhupada: Or any...
Jagadisa: Any mantras. At... Right now they're chanting from nine until 9:30 in the morning with Yasodanandana Maharaja.
Prabhupada: Not in the, early in the morning?
Yasodanandana: In the early morning I take some of the boys in the Deity room between 5:30 and six the boys and the Deities.
Prabhupada: Deity means temple.
Jagadisa: Yes.
Prabhupada: Deity? What do you mean, "the Deity room"?
Yasodanandana: Within the Deity room, when they are bathing the Deities, we are offering the prayers to the Deities, the Brahma-samhita and Isopanisad.
Prabhupada: Why? Why? Deity room? Within the Deity room there is no need of chanting. Who told you this? There is no need. Eh? Within the Deity room? You told?
Pradyumna: No.
Prabhupada: Then?
Pradyumna: Sometimes you... I thought you said, for installation or at other times when the Deity is being bathed, to chant Brahma-samhita prayers.
Prabhupada: No. Within the Deity room there is no business. No business.
Jagadisa: When we hear the chanting, that's where it's coming from in the morning.
Prabhupada: Oh. They can chant outside, yes. The Deity bathing or whatever, dressing, may go on. You can chant not within the Deity room. That you can do outside. Then when their reading, writing begins?
Jagadisa: That begins at 10:15, after prasadam. They take prasadam at 9:30, and then at 10:15 their English class begins.
Prabhupada: Just after taking prasadam?
Jagadisa: Yes. Fifteen minutes after.
Prabhupada: Hm. What begins?
Jagadisa: English class, that goes for one and a half hours. Then there's math class which goes for forty-five minutes.
Prabhupada: Not continually. They should be given a recess ten minutes. Then again come to the class. And a class should not be more than forty-five minutes. One class should not be continued more than forty-five minutes, then ten minutes recess, then begin another class.
Jagadisa: For the English program it is required, in order for them to have enough time to read and write, then they would require an hour and half, so they would have two classes.
Prabhupada: In the meantime, one and a half? You give ten minutes recess.
Jagadisa: And during the recess what should they do?
Prabhupada: Nothing. They'll be free. Nothing to do. Recess means nothing to do. That is brain, I mean to say, rest. All continually you cannot do that. That is not good. Utmost, forty minutes or forty-five minutes. Then give them ten minutes' freedom. Then begin another. Not more than forty to forty-five minutes at a time, reading, writing.
Jagadisa: After class, then, by 12:30 they bathe again, second time.
Prabhupada: They take prasadam first and then bathe?
Jagadisa: They bathe... They take prasadam at 9:00 in the morning, 9:30. Then they have class. Then after class is finished, then they bathe.
Prabhupada: After class they bathe?
Jagadisa: Around 12:30.
Prabhupada: Not needed. After prasadam they should not take bathing at least for four hours.
Pradyumna: They have a schedule where they have dal, rice, and sabji, and capati at 9:30 in the morning. Is that what they have in the afternoon?
Prabhupada: Eh? So, when they first take bathing?
Jagadisa: Uh, when they rise, at around four o'clock.
Prabhupada: Oh, that's nice. Then they take the prasadam at what time?
Jagadisa: 9:30.
Prabhupada: 9:30. So...
Jagadisa: We can take prasadam earlier.
Prabhupada: No, no, why earlier? Earlier, any breakfast?
Jagadisa: No.
Prabhupada: So why not? They are children. They must have some breakfast.
Jagadisa: They have three meals. One at... This is the way the temple program is scheduled. The temple eats at 9:30 in the morning, so the boys also get prasadam at that time because everyone eats the same...
Prabhupada: But early in the morning they should have some, at least munch of sweetmeat, something like that.
Bhagatji: Like chewra.
Prabhupada: Eh?
Bhagatji: Like chewra and curds, they can take. After taking bath at one o'clock they should take little prasadam.
Prabhupada: Yes. Early in the morning, just after mangala-arati, they can take something. They must take something. They are taking bathing at what time?
Jagadisa: In the morning?
Prabhupada: Eh?
Jagadisa: Ten to four.
Prabhupada: Eh?
Jagadisa: Four o'clock.
Prabhupada: Four o'clock. So after mangala-arati, the mangala-arati prasadam should be given them, a little sweet.
Yasodanandana: We hadn't agreed on that (indistinct).
Jagadisa: Yes, the mangala-arati sweets.
Prabhupada: Mangala-arati sweets, they should be distributed amongst the children, little sweets. Then they can take 9:30 prasadam.
Jagadisa: Full prasadam.
Prabhupada: Yes. Then? Again they are taking bathing at what time?
Jagadisa: The scheduled next bathing is 12:30.
Prabhupada: Then what is the... 12:30, then?
Jagadisa: After bathing they take a little prasadam.
Prabhupada: Yes, that's nice. Then it is all right.
Jagadisa: Then at 1:30 they take some rest.
Prabhupada: Yes, that's nice. How long?
Jagadisa: One hour.
Prabhupada: That's nice.
: Then they have Sanskrit class from 2:30 until four.
Prabhupada: Hm. 2:30, four, that's all right.
Jagadisa: One and a half hours. So there should be a recess in between.
Prabhupada: Hm?
Jagadisa: That's one and a half hours, so there should be recess in between.
Prabhupada: Ten minutes at least.
Jagadisa: Then at four o'clock the chanting party leaves for the Yamuna procession.
Prabhupada: In process... That's nice.
Jagadisa: And they return by six for darsana in the temple room.
Prabhupada: No, let them return by 5:30.
Jagadisa: 5:30.
Devotee 2: Can we have the class while we're there? 'Cause it takes us...
Jagadisa: Well, we can adjust this. Because darsana begins at 5:30, they should be there by...
Prabhupada: No, darsana begins at five...
Jagadisa: 5:30.
Prabhupada: 5:30. Why?
Devotee 2: It was at six o'clock in the evening. Originally it was at six o'clock.
Prabhupada: No, no. The darsana opens at five.
Jagadisa: No, when you come into the temple room, Srila Prabhupada. Your darsana.
Prabhupada: No, no, my darsana is different. Public darsana. When the Deity room is open?
Bhagatji: At five o'clock in the evening.
Prabhupada: That's it. Why do you say six?
Jagadisa: Uh, I meant that when the darsana period for yourself was at six.
Prabhupada: No, it should be 5:30.
Jagadisa: 5:30.
Prabhupada: General darsana is open at five. That's nice.
Jagadisa: So then the boys would return at 5:30...
Prabhupada: I think it may be little earlier, no, half an hour.
Bhagatji: Half an hour, it would be because the arati is going at 6:30...
Prabhupada: Yes.
Bhagatji: So the afternoon darsana would be at 4:30.
Prabhupada: Yes.
Bhagatji: That we had, many, last year.
Prabhupada: Yes.
Jagadisa: Then the boys would come for the chanting and recitation of Srimad-Bhagavatam.
Prabhupada: What time?
Jagadisa: 5:30 to 6:30.
Prabhupada: No, 5:30 we begin class. In that class they can chant.
Jagadisa: Kirtana.
Prabhupada: Yes.
Jagadisa: Yes.
Prabhupada: That's nice.
Jagadisa: And then, at 6:30, there will be arati and they'll stay for arati. Then, after arati, they take a little prasadam and then take rest.
Prabhupada: That's nice. That's all right.
Jagadisa: And as far as everyone's duties are concerned, Rupa-vilasa is the English teacher. He teaches English, and math, and, of course, Pradyumna teaches the Sanskrit program. And Dhanurdhara Prabhu has been. He works in the asrama, overseeing the boys...
Prabhupada: Taking care.
Jagadisa: Yes. And Yasodanandana Maharaja will...
Prabhupada: Recitation.
Jagadisa: Recitation.
Yasodanandana: And I also help with getting the boys through japa and kirtana and getting them more enthusiastic.
Prabhupada: That's nice.
Jagadisa: It's nice to have a sannyasi involved.
Prabhupada: Oh, yes.
Jagadisa: He can be a good example.
Prabhupada: Very good.
Jagadisa: And Bhagatji.
Prabhupada: For feeding. Feeding. Give them sumptuous food so that they may become healthy, nice food. (laughter) Yes. That is also wanted. Children, they must eat sufficiently. Not overeat. Even overeat, that is not wrong for children. And that will be exercise, by going to Yamuna and coming? That will be bodily exercise. This is nice. Do that. Strictly follow. There is no scarcity of space there, yes. Vrndavana is holy place. And there is no government interference, so increase it. Bring more student from all over the world. Then it will be unique. And you also make scheme to get Indian children from aristocratic family. Sucinam srimatam gehe yoga-bhrasto 'bhijayate. Those who are born in high-class, rich family or brahmana family, they are not ordinary. But there is no brahmana family now. So at least the richer section, they can be induced to send their boys to learn Sanskrit and English and Bhagavad-bhakti. They can do business, and whatever they like, they can do later on. But these things, they should be... Father-mother should be careful. (Hindi conversation) ...just attract all good family children. (Hindi) ...working, they will have to live. They cannot. They cannot become pandita or spiritually advanced men. They have to work. But if the richer section, they get their sons, good character, good devotee. Canakya Pandita says, ko 'tha putrena jatena yo na vidya na bhaktiman: (?)"What is the use of such son who is neither devotee nor learned?" Kanena caksusa kim caksuh pidaiva kevalam.(?) What is the use of blind eyes? It is simply troublesome. So if the aristocratic family, they do not give education in spiritual line, they'll become all hippies, loafer, and drinking, and wasting father's money. They should be informed. (Hindi) (break) I think there must be three, four classes.
Bhagatji: Three four classes afterwards, but at present?
Prabhupada: Ah.
Bhagatji: If students are in great number, then we shall introduce, otherwise...
Prabhupada: Classes to be arranged according to the number of student increases. That's all. That shall be...
Jagadisa: Now there are two classes.
Prabhupada: Eh?
Jagadisa: There are two classes according to age.
Prabhupada: Kata (?) according to time and circumstance.
Bhagatji: In my opinion, Prabhupada, there should be one period for Hindi classes.
Prabhupada: That's very nice.
Bhagatji: Forty minutes, forty-five minutes
Prabhupada: Oh, yes, very good. That is essential. If the Indian students come they will require some vernacular like that.
Bhagatji: Hindi class there should be. In Vrndavana they will...
Prabhupada: Oh, yes. Do that, Hindi.
Bhagatji: In Mayapura there should be Bengali class. And Hindi and Bengali, two language are very close.
Prabhupada: Yes. Not any other language. Hindi is essential, must be compulsory, Hindi. That is state language.
Jagadisa: For the Western children also?
Prabhupada: Oh, yes, everyone.
Bhagatji: You should find some time, entrust some time for Hindi.
Prabhupada: Hindi, Sanskrit, English compulsory.
Bhagatji: That's all. Then, afterwards we can make other, just elemental mathematics, arithmetic or just that, afterwards, when the regular studies go in the (indistinct). Now (indistinct), these three things. By learning Hindi they will (indistinct).
Prabhupada: And the government also will like that, that foreign students...
Bhagatji: If they can understand the language and they...
Prabhupada: Oh, yes, Hindi is essential. It is not difficult. The same principle as Sanskrit. Reading and writing, that's all.
Jagadisa: So far as the financial situation, I've discussed with Bhagatji and it seems that the best idea is to open a separate gurukula maintenance account with co-signers Bhagatji and Rupa-vilasa, so that... Because there's so much...
Prabhupada: So then some of them, they are getting money.
Jagadisa: Yes, the parents are sending money.
Prabhupada: That's all right.
Jagadisa: Because with the temple there has been confusion.
Prabhupada: Now the temple, you can make separate account.
Jagadisa: We have one question about one of the boys. His name is (name withheld), and he's a... He's more or less a bad boy. He's had a bad background. His mother's a devotee and she's a nice devotee, but he's very... He terrorizes the other boys.
Prabhupada: Accha?
Jagadisa: He misleads them. He lies.
Prabhupada: How old he is?
Jagadisa: He's thirteen.
Prabhupada: So he cannot be... He must go back. We cannot spoil other children.
Rupa-vilasa: They are being spoiled by him.
Jagadisa: I was thinking, to make an example of him, either we should beat him or send him back.
Prabhupada: Best thing will be send him back. He's incorrigible.
Yasodanandana: Personally I had that boy with me for two months when I went to South India, preaching, and I thought it would be an asset to have a young boy, but he was so misbehaved that it was too much problem. And the same things that he was doing, in the beginning with me, telling lies and misbehaving, he is still doing now and he does not correct himself never. He has no effort to better his behavior or his conduct. He does not chant his rounds. He rarely comes to the kirtana, or else when he comes to the kirtana, he does not chant. He simply plays and makes fun. And it's very... He has a very bad influence on the other boys.
Prabhupada: No, then he should be sent back. Or he can be sent to Bombay to work ordinarily. Or Hyderabad farm. Like that. Let him work on the ground.
Yasodanandana: He speaks Bengali. That boy was in Bengal before and he picked up Bengali.
Prabhupada: So he can go.
Pradyumna: He's very intelligent, but he's just had a bad...
Prabhupada: So he was in Mayapura?
Yasodanandana: Yes, he was in Mayapura before. He knows Bengali. He can speak Bengali.
Prabhupada: So he can go with the Mayapura preaching party as well.
Yasodanandana: We could send him with Bhavananda Maharaja.
Prabhupada: Yes, that will be nice. He knows Bengali. Let him go to Bengal and keep him under Bhavananda.
Jagadisa: I think that he'll be a problem wherever he goes.
Prabhupada: No, Bhavananda will correct his problem.
Jagadisa: I think Bhavananda won't want to take him because he knows he's a problem.
Rupa-vilasa: Bhavananda told me he did not want to see that boy again.
Prabhupada: Eh?
Rupa-vilasa: Bhavananda told me he did not want to see that boy again.
Pradyumna: In Mayapura he had some girl...
Jagadisa: In my opinion, the best thing is to make an example and beat him.
Prabhupada: Yes, send him to farm, work in the field. If he does not work, beat him. Murkhasya laktausadhih. (?)(Hindi conversation)
Yasodanandana: He was just in Hyderabad for that ceremony there, and he caused such disruption in the whole temple that I don't think they'd want him there.
Jagadisa: The thing is, if we beat him here and keep him here, then all the boys will straighten up because they will see that if they go bad, then this will be their punishment.
Prabhupada: As you think, you can do. But I wanted to engage in farm work, in digging.
Yasodanandana: Yes, that is his propensity. Actually it's a fact when he was with me I would try to teach him Isopanisad and your purports, which are so clear and simple, but after three or four times explaining the same thing, he would become angry to receive the instruction.
Prabhupada: No, no. He is meant for sudra's work.
Yasodanandana: And when that boy would be told to watch himself...
Prabhupada: You cannot expect that everyone is brahmana. No. He has got sudra mentality, so let him till the ground for Krsna. Svakarmana tam abhyarcya. He is fit for tilling so let him till and produce grain for Krsna.
Jagadisa: Hyderabad?
Prabhupada: Yes. Hard work. He should be given hard work. This gurukula is for high, high class brahmana, ksatriyas, not for the vaisyas and sudras. (man laughs in background) No, everyone is required for Krsna's service, but there... That I was describing today. There must be division. Don't put horse before a cart.
Pradyumna: Race horse before the cart.
Prabhupada: Eh?
Pradyumna: Race horse before the...
Prabhupada: Yes, that will not be nice.
Bhagatji: (Hindi)
Prabhupada: Vaisya is meant for krsi.
Indian man: If you don't teach vaisyas for this gurukula then how do they do the accounts?
Prabhupada: No, we are not taking vaisyas by birth.
Jagadisa: Accounts is just a skill. Anyone can learn to do account.
Indian man: No, vaisya is special work.
Jagadisa: Yes.
Prabhupada: Yes. No, accounts are meant for kayasthas, sudras. (Indian man laughs) Vaisyas are meant for producing grain and protecting cows. Yes. According... One Englishman used to say, "This clerical job means educated laborer, educated sudra." (laughs) Sudra... Actually the kayasthas are counted amongst the sudras. You know that?
Bhagatji: In Bengal kayasthas is the...
Prabhupada: No, no, Bengal. Mean in U.P.
Bhagatji: In U.P. kayasthas are sudras.
Prabhupada: And originally they are sudras. The history of Bengali kayasthas... They went with the brahmanas as servant. That is the history. And in Bengal the system is... (Bengali saying and Hindi explanation) Actually it is... If some low class man, he becomes rich, then he's taken into the kayastha community. Anyone who cannot stick to the principle of caste system, he becomes a kayastha.
Bhagatji: Varna-sankara.
Prabhupada: Yes. (Hindi) Some of them are ksatriyas and some of them... Like that. But that is not essential. That is all gone. Now, if one cannot take education, he can be used in farm work, a little hard work.
Jagadisa: (name withheld) is another problem.
Prabhupada: Hm?
Jagadisa: (name withheld), (name withheld)'s boy. He is only eight, but he is becoming like a street boy.
Prabhupada: So let him go to farm working. Farm working is for suitable...
Bhagatji: He likes that. He'll play with cows. He likes dung.
Prabhupada: What is that?
Jagadisa: He likes dung.
Prabhupada: That's nice. Let him take care. He should take care. Therefore we must have all these engagement. He'll be encouraged to take care of the cows.
Bhagatji: But he's not in Gurukula. How can you send him? He is with (father's name withheld). (father name withheld) left him for five days. (father name withheld) is keeping him.
Prabhupada: If the father takes care, that's all right. Otherwise he can go to Hyderabad. Hyderabad should be for grhasthas, for plowing, for growing, and flowers, like that. No education required.
Bhagatji: He is not interested in education, not at all.
Prabhupada: No, no education... That is waste of... For such boys who are not interested, why they should be enforced, education? They are not meant for that. Education is for higher brain, sober brain. And not that everyone has to become literate. It is not required. He can do other work. Yes.
Bhagatji: Prabhupada means that according to the nature, you engage them.
Prabhupada: Yes. Guna-karma-vibhagasah. Guna-karma-vibhagasah. "You can do this? All right, do it. Why you should be forced to learn Sanskrit? Not necessary. Not necessary."
Dhanurdhara: What of a boy who does the chanting nicely and the kirtana nicely but doesn't do the school work nicely?
Prabhupada: Hm?
Dhanurdhara: What of a boy who does the japa very nicely and...
Prabhupada: Well, japa... Whether his father is doing japa nicely, that is also doubtful. What to speak of children? Japa, children cannot... That should not be taken very seriously. Whatever he can do, that's all right. We should enforce, we should... But not that if he does not immediately, he should be rejected. No.
Jagadisa: You've often said the first-class intelligent men are the brahmanas, second-class intelligent men are the ksatriyas...
Prabhupada: So we have to train like that, guna-karma-vibhagasah, not that everyone should be Sanskrit scholar. Why? It is not necessary. There are so many other things.
Jagadisa: The inclination depends on guna-karma.
Prabhupada: (Bengali) Although by nature we should not enforce something. We should see for which work he is suitable. You should engage him. And we must have all departments of work--the weaving department, the plowing department, the cow-keeping department, the Sanskrit department, the English department, the trading department. We should have all the departments. Guna-karma-vibhagasah.
Jagadisa: Head, arms, belly, and legs.
Prabhupada: Yes. Whichever suitable, that... One must be suitable for any of these. It is the guide's intelligence: for which purpose he is suitable engage him, like that. That is required, not that everyone has to become a big scholar in Sanskrit. That is not required. Let him come to gurukula, but if he is not suitable... Gurukula, this... So far character is con..., that is for everyone. Just like early rise in the morning, chanting, and going to the... What is the objection? Anyone can do it. That is practice. And for working, if he is not suitable for higher education, let him go to the farm, take care of the cows and grow food, flowers, fruits, eat, and dance and chant. Chanting, dancing, everyone will take part. There is no doubt.
Bhagatji: How to mend him from lies? He speaks lies.
Prabhupada: Eh?
Bhagatji: How to mend from lies?
Prabhupada: That is by your good association. What lies he tells? Don't believe him at all. That's all. Take him that he speaks only lies. Then don't believe. Whatever he says, you force him to do. Take him that he speaks only lies. Why should you consult him? He's a liar. But see that he's working, that's all. Now we are getting so much land. We can develop. We can utilize everyone's service. That requires brain. Not that "He cannot do this. Therefore reject him"--no, engage him in some other...
Jagadisa: One other point I want to make, and that is that until the construction is completed I think we should wait...
Prabhupada: There is ample place now where can live.
Jagadisa: But I mean to bring more boys we should wait until the construction...
Prabhupada: Why? Let them come. It is already there. It is not that the guesthouse is all filled up. Let them come.
Jagadisa: As many as possible?
Prabhupada: Why not?
Jagadisa: Okay.
Prabhupada: Let them come. And arrangement should be made when it is... If Vrndavana is too hot, at that time we can send them to Mahabalesvara, or if we get that Madras place, that is very cooling, Nilgiri hills. That will be good recreation for them. They should be kept quite comfortably and built up, their character, education. That is wanted. There is need of some good first-class men, ideal men. The world is full of rogues and thieves and bad character. (Hindi)
Bhagatji: I just told you that building, that Sisu-vidyalaya(?), Sarasvati Sisu-vidyalaya, you saw it with Gunarnava?
Jagadisa: Yes.
Bhagatji: Prabhupada asks about that.
Jagadisa: Oh. But they said no.
Bhagatji: Who said?
Jagadisa: Gunarnava went to see them, Mr. what's his name.
Prabhupada: You cannot send Gunarnava. He is not fit for this purpose. You should go yourself. (Hindi)
Jagadisa: That's our report, Srila Prabhupada.
Prabhupada: That's all right. Do that.
Yasodanandana: Jaya, Prabhupada. (end)
HDG A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada