WORKING TOGETHER (Letter by Raghunatha Anudasa)



1. WORKING TOGETHER  (Letter by Raghunatha Anudasa)
2. Nityananda's poisoning of Srila Prabhupada (continued from Volume 14)
   + sanat's CHALLENGE COW to tamal GUNAWEED


1. WORKING TOGETHER  (Letter by Raghunatha Anudasa)
OK PADA and you other Prabhus,

I think we may have finally come to a point we can all agree--the importance
of presenting the truth on Prabhupada and guru-kula.

If Sanatana cannot defeat by logic and argument or better propaganda, then he
should leave the debate just as most of the older ISKCON leaders have
concerning you (Puranaja), but death threats are not acceptable. This was
Sulocana's grave mistake both morally and legally as I think you and all of
us have learned.

Death threats should always be reported and announced publicly to create
greater verification. Bravo for taking these matters to the authorities and
encouraging others to do the same. This is what the GBC should have done with

Makhunda does have a point.  You have compromised your PADA or Prabhupada
Anti-Defimation journal by failing to protest in your usual strong language
against Turleys defamation of Prabhupada. You are choosing between two evils
much as the often GBC did when you fail to defend Prabhupada's name to Turley
in the name of justice for Prabhupada. Your journal is dedicated to this one
single task--defending Prabhupada. It is unbefitting for you to go mute on
this case that directly reaches millions of people around the world.

I appreciate your the conflict for I too was going to sign on to Turley's
case until talking with Nirmala Chandra and realizing the hatefulness he's
created against Prabhupada. I would have to accept this hate by signing on
unless protesting their blame of Prabhupada. Therefore, I have written a
strong letter to Turley as you should.

I will be sending that letter shortly to you and all the devotees. I hope you
and Sanantana and Makhunda will join me in this Prabhupada Anti-Defimation
effort. Swapping threats and name calling is accomplishinng little. Put a
little bit of the effort you have in going after ISKCON leaders into now
compiling a detailed history of Prabhupada's innocence. The very title and
purpose of your PADA journal demands as much.

Raghunatha Anudasa
(aka John Michael)
Dear Ragunatha Prabhu,

please accept my humble obeisances. All Glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Prabhu,i thank you very much for explaining your realizations that
Puranajan is corrupt and contemptible for utilizing Prabhupada's Perfect
Name in the title of 'his' bogus organization for the purpose of
becoming famous and worshiped.

But,by also accepting Pud's,uh Podz,i mean PADAhead's 'version' of what
i have said or stated,is potentially quite faulty,since he is already
admitted by you--and others--to be a contaminated fool,supporter of
blasphemy of PrabhupadaDeva,the ultimate Representative of Supreme
Godhead,Lord Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu,is it not?

Our BareKing,Foe King Puranjana has intentionally and purposefully
misconstrued EVERY THING i've said and been saying for the past seven
years;he has twisted,omitted,changed,hacked,usurped,denied,prevaricated
and perverted every main point i've made,every deed i've done,and he's
'handily' demonized me by also attributing false motives to the
same,such as 'death threats',giving Prabhupada a bad name... and etc.

Therefore,i say to your goodself now [as i spoke seven years before]
LIBERATION.... milk touched by the lips causes poisonous results.

Unfortunately,just as in Battle of Kuruksetre,people change sides,or
obliged to speak and reveal THEIR motives,their unpristine alliances
[esp. when their Allies are ALL lies]

Srila Prabhupada repeatedly stresses that fools remain undetected until
they speak;also that personal ambition is THE poison. You may take it
from me that i have personally NEVER been motivated by ANY personal
desire for profit distinkshun or or adoration in so far my work of
selflessly exposing the Ravinedra/FoeKing Puranjana/Tamalt/Rochford
living entities--and Defending Srila Prbhupada's interests. The proof of
the pudding is in the tasting! I am regularly maligned by any and all
[nearly so!!] of 'Prabhupada's disciples',so-called reformers,former
Godbros,exwife,exwife's second husband,etc.,etc. Yet i've spent nearly
$60,000 of my own funds in 8 years to stay with the truth. 

Pudface,on other hand,is a demon blasphemer of Srila Prabhupada,and
sastra--NOT ME-- states unequiocally that these King Puranjana living
entities should be put to death by a bona fide ksatriya, Sastra does
state these very PALATABLE things everywhere,and it's our duty to explain
the same,UNCHANGED to any and every body before Goddess Kali's
Retribution Program becomes fully manifest!

We stated the identical Prabhupada Philosophic points in our 1996 court
case with the Sulocana/Prabhupada murderers [headed by
Ravinedraksa,SatsvaSnakefaceCurtMouseface,and etc.] and the
Judge,Honorable Judith Rossiter,the Prosecutor Falkson,and ultimately
the Mayor of Ithaca,the District Attorney and also the thousands of
people residing there came to FULLY APPRECIATE PRABHUPADA's Movement,and
decided that these Puranana-type blasphemers SHOULD HAVE THEIR FACES

Whenever i return to Ithaca,and go on chanting party or prasadam
distribution,i am treated like a hero,people throw money,and
enthusiatically dance and chant Prabhupada's Holy Name as soon as they
hear our Battle Cry: "Jaia Prabhupada,Boots on SatsHeDupeys face,Jaya
Jagat Guru,puts the cockroachRurus in their place!...",and etc.

So,please,prabhu,perfect your intelligence by accepting the literal
conclusion of SastraPrabhupada's Beautiful Story of the Personality of
Godhead in its splendid Literalness,and help us ONLY by not being
blasphemy of the Pure Devotee...

PS therefore, i may also humbly point out to you that you've erred [one
of the four defects of we conditioned souls] in saying that Soulocana
Maharaja,our Martyrred Saintly Godbrother, erred in calling for death to
the Raksasas. No,Sastra says Aggressors may be killed and no karma or
material reaction will ensue. THAT is a fact. Therefore,since the Ruru
Kirottenanduh kidnapped Saint Soulocana's wife and child,Soulocana had
every right--even as a red-blooded American--to at once chop the
demone's head off. [perhaps Sd's ONLY mistake was hesitating to cut the
U Surp Ant's RogueshashaHade off,is it not?

Furthermore,Soulocana proved that Prabhupada's Mission had been usurped
and cows maligned,women and children exploited and abused,etc.,false
worship,guru killing,everything;therefore,he was absolutely correct in
suggestng that any and all the offenders at the Pure
Devotee,Representative of Godhead's Feet be killed,and that such
killing,according to Sastra-Prabhupada,is good both for the perpetraitor
of the evil deeds,as well as for society at large,since bogus
spiritualists and wolves in sheep clothing,according to
Sri Isopanisad,and etc.,are most dangerous elements in society.

Krishna,Prabhupada,and ALL Avataras appear to kill the miscreants and
reestablish law and transcendental order. Prabhupada many places states
that His,this Govinda's Movement has descended just to kill ALL the
Mayavadhi atheists,either by argument or by force. If you don't like our
philosophy,Lord Krishna's and Prabhudada's philosophy,i may humbly suggest
that you start your own movement or society and print your own
books....this is actually the practice of the upstarts from ISGONE,who
have been changing Prabhupada's books since even when HDG was on the
planet--changing the books and the society to conform to their own

But SP explains that when the 'disciples' 'change' they "become
something different".

These Puranjana-types can NOT,therefore help you,because they've become
SOMETHING DIFFERENT due to blindness engendered by self-interest and
personal ambitchin. Thus their speech is highly tainted and
poisonous,because of their innate envy towards the Supreme Opulences of
the Personality of Servitor Godhead,His Loving Divine Grace Abhaya
Caranavinda Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada Maharaja.

If you want actual help and relief,you will have to first accept
Soulocana's valuable assistance to you and to humanity,and you will need
to eschew the wrong ideas you've imbibed from those who think
Prabhupada's words are defective,or who apologize for these ambrosial
Maxims due to their own envy,stupidity or combination of the two,and who
refuse to allow Prabhupada to do the talking the preaching and the

I am also one person who doesn't deviate even an inch from the true blue
message of Prabhupada  [atleast in terms of LITERAL,theoretical
aceptance,and attempted-implementation thereof,free from
envy,lethergy,and desire to kill Guru and become ruru...] as HDG exposes
the trurBlue jackals whov'e Usurped his seat and are howling at the
Sastra's--which are Roaring back at them...

Prabhupada indicated to me at age seven that He was soon coming to save
my soul--this was exactly three years before He even departed from India
on Jaladutta [my tenth birthday,August 13,1965],i am His aspiring son
because i fully and toe-tally accept every thing He perfectly says;i am
His aspiring friend because i Witness fearlessly on his behalf,and
because i agree wholeheartedly that "he never tolerates ANY statement
which is against the teachigs of devotional service enunciated by Srila
Rupa Gosvami.".

Therefore,i must humbly point out your own defect in that you are
minimising Sastra by agreeing with the pseudo disciples who castigate
Sastra and put it under their foot as though they are superior to Sastra
and to Sastra-Personified,Srila Prabhupada.

ENOUGH LIP SERVICE (or outright changing of Sastra!!) Sastra LIVES and
so does Srila Prabhupada. It takes only somene with a modicum of love
for His Divine Grace [as the goal of life] to 'know' how to
explain,apply and utilize Sastra. Someone with a simple heart can
quickly see the Truth,one with a crooked heart and personal ambition
will be deluded  and mislead HELL...

Sastra does speak for itself,and sometimes,also,due to so much
interference, the true meanings have to be explained in context of
deviations. At such times,courage and discretion are called for. will not find us personally threatening anyone,but showing
how these folks are threatening their own lives and the lives of
innocent persons by their untoward attaxe in Religion Personified. If
you are at all sincere in really Reestablishing Srila Prabhupada in all
His Glory,it will mean discreet and courageous Acceptance of His Sastric
Evidence,and face-pounding of the misreant RobwhoPADA's,is it not? 

Soulocana,Mukunda,Padmahara,NaraNarayana,Rasala,my humble self,and a few
other souls can assist you in better understanding these fine points--and
i mean this sincerely,not in a condescending way...

but it is VERY NICE that you see the hatred of Nearmole and the
hypocrisy of FoeKing Puranajohn. Now you have to grasp better the
perfection of devotion of Soulocana and those who adore his devotion to
our beloved Spiritual Master

your rascal-faced serpant, sanat d ass
ps  so Mukunda's and our preaching has had good results,just see!
Anudeas was 'going to sign on the turdley case' but when he finally
figured out--by our preaching--that it would mean his spiritual death to
do so,he pulled back at last minute;esp. not wanting to go to hell and
become an eater of FoeKing Puranjana stool. Jai,preaching is the

2. Nityananda's poisoning of Srila Prabhupada (continued from Volume 14)
   + sanat's CHALLENGE COW to tamal GUNAWEED
P.S.nityananda das (aka nitaianda or nd) likes to think he's THE
AUTHORITY on who can criticize or expose corruption within isgone,etc.
other persons,who are acutally consistent in their Prabhupada-conscious
actions of exposing the cheats he is very derisive of; depicts them as
"troublemakers", accuses them of being vitriolic,etc. nd writes on page
378 (Someone-like nd-Has Poisoned Me) : "One who keeps changing their
position cannot be counted on as understanding things rightly and is
perceived as a dishonest politician."  Yes,so the pot calls the kettle
black;one iconsistent politician exposes another. without spending too
much time looking into nd's past to show the same inconsistencies he
attributes to Tamal,Killer of Guru (tkg),look carefully at his embracing
sdg's guru-killing biography of Srila Prabhupada; now he supposedly isn't
selling these books anymore. when we requested an explanation from him
as to why--why, when he knows that sdg is a chief architect in the murder
of Prabhupada's movement,Sulocana,etc.--he's earning money by promoting
these poison books,nd lame excuse was (in 1994): "because these
biographies ae all we have that depict Prabhupada's life." I told
him--and wrote him--that Prabhupada's relevant biography is contained in
Prabhupada's own revealed words,and it's a great insult to a Great Soul
to write a speculative treaty on the mundane platform about
Him; furthermore,i explained, which he already knew and couldn;'t
deny,that such books are written by co-conspirators in destroying
Prabhupada's legacy,and provided as proof fictitious conversations in
the final chapters that sdg asserts took place,but which we have no
record of,etc. but in spite f all inconsistencies in sdg's work,and
despite my 20 page letter partially exposing the essence of their
Prabhupada-killing motive ("kill guru-become goru"),nd,with the
"OBSTINACY OF A DOG",as SP describes,ignored my warnings,criticized me
to others,and went on down his path of supporting the guru killers'
Now he claims that tkg's diary was changed,that things have been left
out in subsequent editions,etc.,that tkg is always contradicting
himself,etc. But what about nd's friend,satsheloosa? why are his
contradictory  flip flops ignored,and his faulty books sold for profit?
why does nd not care that sdg's "ruru reform notebook",has been out of
prit for so long? how about sdog's tribute to a pure faggot,article in
the jan,1986 back to goathead mag? and how sdg himself later backpedaled
from such extreme writings and admitted (indirectly) that that which he
had written that resulted in the murder of Sulocana Prabhu now needed to
be revised? But nd overlooks THESE inconsistencies? But now,for
convenience sake,he reveals the contradictions in tkgs policies. for
example nd points out how tkg had written a letter to Gadai das
supporting the idea hat Kirottenananda was pure devotee,and it was
alright to write such in back to bonehead mag.  what about sdg's
poortraying kd the same way in 1986? what gives,pilgrims? and here,in
nd's recent book he again shows his bias and ignore-ance by portarying
his friend,sdg in a benign light,such as by suggestng that sdg took
tamal's statements about Prabhupada's condition (that he would pass away
soon) as absolute and began to fervently pray for SP to stay,among other
things. Why does nd refuse to admit--as history has proven,that sdemong
was really fervently praying,in concert with his snake-friends--probably
includindg nd also?--that Prabhupada hurry up and depart so they could
get on with their bodily business of assuming themselves very exalted
for having been Prabhupada's 'first' disciples? (even Bhagawat das
recently admitted that tamal was taken as the authority in the issue of
SP's Departure,and people hardly questioned his direction,and later
benefitted directly because they kowtowed to tkg. what about nd? he also
kowtowed-otherwise,why would he sell tkgs,sdog's,et all diarreahs and
also enjoy his sense gratification by such profitabull bidness--such
ruru business,as Sri Sulocana pointed out?. one dishonest politician
replaces another?

i could give many other  examples of nd's changeable and dubious
character,but i like to stick with my own experience,because such
experiences have afforded me realization in my search for the truth
regarding the plot to destroy Prabhupada's movement and introduce false
ego worship in Its place. Therefore,i'll cite another example (from my
experience with nd) that clearly reveals that he's a dishonest
politician--"one who keeps changing their position",who "cannot be
counted on as uderstanding things rightly,and is non different from
tkg,kd,sdg,et al in wanting to be worshipped as "Srila Prabhupada's
intimat associate";AND that he's using the poison issue as a devious
means to gain a strong following("Restore the Mission" means,"I'm the
big enchalada now,who can disputer it!?")

anyway,here is another example of my experience with nd's dishonesty:
during the sumer of 1997 i phoned nd and told him about my demonstrating
against the SDoG festival in wash dc. he replied that he'd heard i'd
been roughed up. he sounded very happy about this news,and laughed quite
contentedly. when i asked him for his support on the issue,and suggested
that "devotees meet emasse in front of the Indian Embassy to protest
Prabhupada's poisoning",he scoffed and said that "Prabhupada being
poisoned is a ridiculous rumour--there's absolutely no truth to it,and
you're doing a disservice to Srila Prabhupada and His movement by doing
this!" (note: my Reverse Speech Analysis of nd's statements at the time
read: "look,i love the taste of vaginas more than anything else,who the
hell do you thhink you are anyway, I Nityananda dasa have not authorized
this kind of criticism,bow to me or receive my wrath!"

Now,it should be noted that if nd were honest,he would explain the
ACTUAL history of the poison issue;how it really evolved;how he ignored
the truth when presented to him,how he laughed when told of our
plight,how he probably was also glad when Sulocana dasa (Sd) was murdered,how he
sold the books which poisoned or Spiritual Master's Mission,and got Sd
murdered,how he now wants to become famous as an alleged "Restorer" of
Prabhupada's mission?

Here's the real,DOCUMENTED history of  how the poisoning of Srila
Prabhupada became accepted as a fact: In June of 1993,only 7 months
after my gita nagari farm report shockeed the (alleged) isgone reform
group-as represented then by gauri das
pudit,purnjan,yashodanandan,hansadutta,etc-- i wrote a letter to
riktananda das,explaining how the pseudo gurus had killed their
spiritual master by going to the gaudia matha and instituting the same
malaise into SP's movement as they had in GM,etc. Rd wanted to avoid
this type of comentary,therefore i gave it to him in spades. At this
time of my life i had no knowledge of Sulocana,his Guru Business,monkey
on a stick,Ravinedra's reforem,VVR,nothing. i had only my
spiritual intuitio aroused by dependence on Srila Prqabhupada's
insructions. therefore i immediately was empowered by Srila Prabhupada's
mercy to 'feel the pulse' and explain people's motives exeedingly
accurately. For instance,across the tops f the pages of my June 4,1993
letter to Riktananda, i hand wrote the following messages:page 1: "This
letter is dedicated to Srila Prabhupada's boots,which are on Tamal's
Ravana-like face (Any Questions?)   (COMMENT:i was even shocked at these
'revelations' sometimes,and wasn't always sure what they signified...)
anyway,page 2: "TAMAL is finished,as are his weasel viper pets,Ravidra,et
al; page 3:TAMAL is #1 cheater and Guru Killer; page 4:TAMAL is a dog
barking at SP's caravan; page 5: TAMAL is a RESIDENT of Guru-Killer
hell; page 6: TAMAL's real friends are friends of disgruntled disciples
of Jayatirtha (on his appearance day); page 7: I will spit on the
Ravana-Like apparariton of TAMAL; page 8: TAMAL IS #1 ENEMY OF GOD AND

NOW,all these ideas were generated from my reading a single letter that
Srila Prabhupada had written to disciples where HDG states: "But it is
clear that there is a great clique...spreading contamination in our
society, It is a very sorry plight."...  Thus i closed this letter by
writing to riktananda the following::

PPS In the same way that SP laments about His big,big Godbros and how
they've failed to spread Lord Gauranga's message in India due to
succumbing to sudra mentality,so we also lament that the so-called
big,big Godbros in iskcon have also become a failure and are opting for
business,money,followers and politics over pure preaching. As Srila
Prabhupada stated,"We have actually seen that one of the disciples of
SBS wanted to enjoy the property of his spiritual master,and the
spiritual master,being merciful toward him,gave him the temporary
property,but not the power to preah the cult of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu all
over the world. That special mercy of the power to preach IS GIVEN TO A
BUT WANTS ONLY TO SERVE HIM. The story of the demon Ravana illustrates
this point. Although Ravana tried to abduct the Goddess of Fortune
Sitadevi from the custody of Lord Ramacandra,he could not possbly do so.
The Sitadevi he forcibly took with him was not the original sitadevi,bt
an expansion of maya,or durgadevi. As a result, instead of winning the favor
of the real Goddess of Fortune,ravana and his whole family were
vanquished by the power of Durgadevi." So,in the same way we can
perceive that the 'leaders' of iskcon have gotten the temporary
properties of iskcon but have not the power to preach...And if an
intelligent and HONEST person analyzes Srila Prabhupada's incisive
(omniscient?) letters and conversations,they will realize 'what was
going down' in iskcon was 100% perceived and acknowledged (and lamented)
by Srila Prabhupada--as this statement suggests:

"There is every evidence that they are influenced  by my fourth-class
Godbrothers...Try to convince these rascal sannyasis who are
influenced...what is the use of finding out a fourth-cass leader who has
no asset as their backround?...Ishan das HAS INQUIRED FROM TAMAL
WAVE [and now cheatyananda das for the third wave-clique?]

After copying this letter and mailing to devotees around the
world,including Gauridas pandit,i got the following mesage from gauridas,
dated July 24,1993:

dear Sanatana Prabhu,
Please accept my respectful obeisances. All glories to Srila
Prabhupada,our savior.

Thank you very much for your information and nectar package of writings.
You are definitely a thorn in the side of the mismanagers of Iskcon
[though never recognized by Nityananda,THE GREATREFORMER?] I found your
writings quite interesting and am sharing them with other 'key players'
in the reform movement. I'm sure Srila Prabhupada is pleased with you
and will protect you from the pretenders.

I think it would be good for you to associate with 'like-minded'
devotees,although they are rare indeed [yep,Linda,Gadai and Rasala are
the only ones i've found thus far!]...You should avoid Ravindra S.
because he is like a snake always envious and ready to strike. [GOOD
point!!] /he has a lot of bad karma coming his way. We should preach the
positive alternative 'rtam satyam' and avoid these rascals. more later.
[never heard from him again...]  Hoping this meets you and your family
your servant, Gauridas pandit das

About a year later i wrote the following letter to Tamal,Killer of Guru
(tkg),a letter that was also photcopied and sent to devotees and
scholars,including E.Burke Rogueford.: (note: the title of the letter
reads: sanat's CHALLENGE COW to tamal GUNAWEED GoRockshasha,and is
accompanied by a photo of one of the distressed oxen of Gita Nagari...

Dear tkg Pabhu,,

we are sure that you murdered  our Srila least in how you
cleverly suppressed,repressed and compressed his
Instructions,Movement,Devotees,etc. And many people think that you
actually administered poison to Srila Prabhupada in his final days! i'm
one of those people. Did you actually attempt to 'kill' Prabhupada
physically? In one sense it does not matter because your reaction for
intentionally and premeditqatively halting the VITALITY of His Dvine
Grace's Mission and disturbing the minds and actions (of devotion) of
soo many of Prabhupada's dear sons,daughters,friends and well-wishers,is
MUCH MORE PROBLEMATIC for you-to say the least!! I don't which planet
you're from,and i seriously doubt that there's even a planet that would
allow such a serious offender as you entry into its atmosphere! Except
maybe one...

So,i know you can't change course because you'd have to realize that
suicide is your only option for even a remote possibility of
...rectification. Sincere repentance for your inimitable
crimes,amends-making where possible,much weeping and then finally,
giving up your hellish life. PLEASE! Do the world a favor,already It's
genuinely the only hope you have to win some respect and to inhibit
people from continuing to hate and vilify you so unrestrictedly! You are
the worst of scoundrels,Mr. tKG. No one on the planet or in the universe
can come close to your level of decetfulness,duplicity,back-stabbing and
Gd-'killing' as you! You are the most dangerous element in ANY
society--you and your miserable (worse than sahajia)
friends,SDemonG,RavanDEADWhileASnakeInTheGrassGoruSvaoopsJ ADD WEIGHT
ASWAMI,et al.

But i think there's hope! I just had a flash of brilliance! Here's my
plan for you: You know how your counterpat 75 miles to your south,David
Koreshna,went down (in Wao)? The Feds burned him out. Well,all you have
to do is to start purchasing and stockpiling weaponry;next,declare that
you're the next Jesus (or better yet,tell the authorities you're THE
NEXT KORESH!) ;When the Feds show up with search warrants and tanks,you
tell em you'll only come out after you've written a final chapter of the
book of Revelation (since you're the prophet himself-and prophets can
take license like that! Hole yourself up with plenty of cute hindu
babes,lots of intoxicants,and wait or the fireworks to begin!

Sounds like a great alternative to YouthandAsia? Whoa! And you'll grab
lots of negative attention to yourself-and to Prabhupada,just like your
pals Kirottenagunda,nitaichand kamakazi,etc. And you'll even outdo them.
Sure beats an ordinary suicide,don't it? Anyway,you and yor buddies  are
the cause o sch [social] anomalies as David Koresh,so why not do the
needful and 'root yourselves out'?  Please contact me at your earliest
convenience. i can help. need a pep talk in courage? Pick up the phone!
yours sin=cerely,sanat.

In an earlier (May 25,1994) letter from Dr. Jack Kevorkian was written:

Dear Pabhus (Ishcon cheating gurus/Prabhu-

I understand you have severe karma coming your way for your ongoing
cheating against your perfect and infallible spiritual master....I can
understand that your suffering is great (comparable to nyc sewer rats?)
since there exist no saintly kings to adminiser proper punishment...I am
hereby offering you all an exceptional-but liited time-OFFER:until July
16,1994 I will make available to members of the original 10 (UNreformed)
gorus,as well as to those who supported the reinstatement of
bhavahomoananda (on Lord Gauranga's Appearance Day) an excellent
opportunity in 'Mercy Goru-Killing' It will be a never-before-offered
Guroup-pi package DEAL> For only $1008 per maya vadhi/sahajia (if up to
20 perwsons participate) I will be more than happy to bring you all the
relief you've needed but were too cowardly to seek out! We'll also be
offering a special 'torturer's special' for the MOST ENVIOUS OFFENDERS
at Prabhupada's feet,like RobindraDEADwhilyou're cow-killig
svarupaPabhu,tamalgunaweed gorockshasha,SDemonGPrabhupada=murderer,and a
few others....Sulocana-killers,Ramesvara,Keith Hamasura,etc. /yu'll have
to travel out here to my state,though,'cause mercy killing is legal out
here. Of course i can give you instructions by phone also at a guroup
rate and you can 'do it' your holy selves! Awaiting your earliest reply
(positive means relieve mother Bhumi's burden;negative means Big
Disaster... I remain,friend of the friend of the poor,
Bhakta Jack.

Now, Prabhupada clearly revealed to me long ago that tkg,sdog,Rs and
others worked together to deprive HDG of His valuable life;and many
hundreds of others wished for Prabhupada's untimel death also.
Prabhupada did not Depart us simply because
SDemonG,tamal,RaVINEDRA,Bhukticharu,Satadhanva,Jaya Add ?Weight
Aswami,Bhava/BhutaFuocoananda,Jaypatake and friends cursed Prabhupada to
die (like the crow cursing the cow to die?) No,Prabhupada,the Supreme
Representative of God felt the pulse and realized--as His Guru Maharaja
before Him detected in His 'senior disciples',that most of the
leaders,and scores of other self-interested persons strongly desired HDG
out of the picture,wanting the properties,prestige and worship for
themselves to enjoy;and "being merciful"  to such wayward souls,and their
dasbandhus (like Nityananda das,etc.?) He granted the the properties
"but not the ability to preach the cult of Prabhupada consciousness
around the world.  Lord Krishna also decided to allow this seeming
horrible crime to be perpetrated partly (or mainly?) to glorify His Most
Dear Pure Servant,Srila Prabhupada. This fact is stronly hinted at in
the final Bhaktivedanta Purport of the 2nd Volume, 3rd Canto,Srimad


MY DEAR SONS,the Lord is the controller o the three modes of nature and
is responsible for the creation,preservation and dissolution of the
universe. His wonderful creative power,yoga-maya,cannot be easily
understood even by the maser of yoga,and that most ancient person,the
Personality of Godhead,will alone come to ur rescue. What purpose can we
serve on His behalf by deliberating on the subject?


When something is arranged by the Supreme Personality of Godhead,one
should not be disturbed by it,even if it appears to be a reverse
according to his calculation. For example,sometimes we see that a
powerful preacher is killed,or sometimes he is put into difficulty,just
as Haridasa Thakra was. He was a great devotee who came into this
material world to execute the will of the Lord by preaching the Lord's
glories. But Haridasa was punished at the hands of the Kazi by being
beaten in twenty-two market places. Similarly,Lord Jesus Christ was
crucified,and Prahlada Maharaja was put through so many tribulations.
The Pandavas,who were direct friends of Lord Krishna,lost their
kingdom;their wife was insulted,and they had to undergo many severe
tribulations. Seeing all these reverses affect devotees,one should not
be disturbed;one should simply understan that in these matters there
must be some plan of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The
Bhagavatam's conclusion is that a devotee is never disturbed by such
reverses. He accepts even reverse conditions as thegrace of the Lord.
One who continues to serve the Lord even in  reverse conditions is
assured that he will go back to Godhead,back to the Vaikuntha planets,
Lord Brahma assured the demigods that there was no use in talking about
how the disturbng situation of darkness was taking place,since the
actual fact was that it was ordered by the Supreme Lord. Brahma knew
this because  he was great devotee;it was possible for him to understand
the plan of the Lord.

And in Conversation Book # 31 (pp.163-4) Srila Prabhupada elucidates the
Lord's plan more explicitly: "If Christ were not crucified,then his cult
would ot have spread so much all over the world. The Christian cult was
spread all over the world after the demise of Christ,not during his
time. Is it not? Because he was persecuted,his cult became so spread."

Thus we can understand that an extraordnary arrangement was engineered
by the Supreme Lord so that Prabhupada-consciousness would quickly
spread around the world;though this has yet to happen,it will definitely
take place. certainly.after the coming blood bath and persecutions of
Prabhupada's disciples takes place in the not-too-distant
future,attention will be finally drawn to the fact that first Prabhupada
was murdered,then Sulocana,then so-and-so das,etc. Of course,Sulocana's
murder itself brought serious ill repute to the cheating rurus
immediatley after his assassination,but proper respect wasn't shown to
Srila Prabhupada by those who (with
self-interest,stupidity,ignoreance,envy,or a combination of all these)
tried to explain the events,or esecially the pseudo reformers who
stepped in to fill the vacuum like Ravinedra,Mukunda,and
later...Nityananda But this will all undoubtedly change when the
millenium arrives and brings untold concommitant suffering. then the
cheating devotees WILL BE blamed and held accountable for their
crimes;eventually Prabhupada and His transcendental works of beauty and
Truth will reign supreme,and Prabhupada will gradually be worshipped as
the great  Messenger from the spiritual world Who came to emancipate
humanty from its ignoraNCE and warn us to wake up...and thats why pseudo
spiritualists will become immensely unpopular;they will be seen as
culprits in stopping the dissemination of Messiah Prabhupada's sublime
message,stopping his cow protection/simple living/high thinking

Anyway,in 1995 our family was trying to get roots established in
Ithaca,NY. this became accelerated when in January i allegedly phoned
Gita nagari farm and suggested that someone chop off SDoG's
ungodly,MayaGrinning head and bring it down stairs as an offering to the
Deity(alledgedly!) Soon i was in legal tangles up to my horns;but within
18 onths we went to trial,and Prabhupada's books reined
supreme,especially when they were referred to to prove that "kicking on
demon's feces" is a legitimate (non-harrassing) remedy-in dealing with
wanna-be Jesuses or Prabhupada. Calling a cockroach a cockroach guru was
also a sastrick princple,and the Judge made much spiritual advancement
by heartily agreeing (as did EVEN the City Prosecuter!) and gradually
finding Stephen Guruino's Attorney,Curt Mousart,a bald faced lying

Just after winning the case BIG TIME (and dissappointing and angering my
loving critics,like,well,YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!), I STARTED CARRYING
BEEN MURDERED (AND ALSO SULOCANA);also that child molesting rurus could
never reform,esp. not the RS-types who actually give support to them,as
RS did support Haladhara at Pitomuck,Md. yatra,and Surly-Murlivaduck at
GN,and elsewhere.  the first parade demon-stration was in NY RY,during
the so-called Centenial" RY celbration. (ie. SP's 100th birthday,of
which i came to notify everbody Prabhupada had been deprived of due to
SDoG's appetite for spiritual sex with children,etc. naturally,my
surprise move greatly offended and angered a few folks;even Kapindra
wasn't pleased,though i told him he was a hipocrite,etc. After being
attacked a few times,and rescued by some fiery matajis,things simmered
down and the 'positive preaching' became solidified. Next,i attended
wash dc. independence parade on july 4,'96. (by the way,SDoG's
lawyer,Mousert,tried to stop me yet again in my protests by writing a
letter to the Ithaca Prosecutor complaining,probably hoping to influence
the verdict of our court case,which wasn't  out yet;the letter dated
June 10,1996 from mouse face,among many other undreds of documents,ae
available to anyone who is interested in what Prabhupada's REAL
DEFENDERS have been doing since Sulocana...) So,in wash dc,we were again
threatened severaltimes,all on videotape;we also asked Nir Bir Krsna for
an explanation regarding all the molested children,false reforms,etc.
Before going to Wash DC,my exwife got a phone call from RS in which he
warned her our mutual childrens'lives might be in danger because of my
"martyring" mtself at the parade...

June,'97,New York,again. six minutes of videotape footage with rabindr
and bhakticaru being grilled for the truth regarding Prabhupada's
murder,this done in front of Lord Jaganatha and hundreds of
onlookers,stupid dissed-ciples,etc. After smirking for several
minutes,but avoiding any response,RabidogSvaroop finally ejaculated:
"I'll talk with you when you follow[cockroaqch gurus?]" As we sang
"cockroach gurus,can't take care of themselves...cockroach ruruuus
can't...",the NY police moved in and ejected me from making further
'offences'. (Interestngly,less than a year later took place that
horrible incident where a couple cops from the Big Apple were accused of
nasty attacks on a poor black man involving injuring his rectum,etc.---i
wonder if this is karma for their having defended the raksas in
molestkcon? So far,no one denied that Prabhupada had been tortured or
killed untimely in 1977.

Next,wash dc,Independence Day Parade,Pt II,i carried a sign that said
"Why was Hare Krishna Founder,ACBSP,HDG,poisoned and tortured unto death
by isgone's current leaders?" Here i was brutally attacked several
times,my shoes and hat stolen,my sign broken,Prabhupada's face stepped
on by the attackers,etc. All videotaped. After two days,Puranjan reported
this incident on the iternet. the following day i received a call from
a devotee named abhinanda das,fro houston,texas, he had heard about the
attack and it had prompted a strong response in him,since he claimed to
me to have been in India on Novemebr 8,1977 when bhukticaru came out of
Prabhupada's room misty-eyed and disclosed that Prabhupada had just
admitted that he'd been poisoned.

now abhinanda--whom i'd never met previously,nor did i know he even
existed --was calling and desperaTELY REQUESTING ME TO COME TO HOUSTON

This event stunned me,and was a turning point,because now my intuitions
of Prabhupada being abused were being nicely corroborated! Finally,some
KNOWLEDGE BY PRABHUPADA'S GRACE,and my only source of info otherwise was
Prabhupada's Conversations. i had no tapes,like Abhinanda had,or
Puranjan,Yashodananda,Isha,the Archives,etc. Now here was somebody,who
was about to lose his mind apparently,calling me from houston and
demanding that i cooperate with his wild plan of exposing the crime in
india.  i couldn't figger out how to react to this change of events.
abhianda was more than obsessed! i had to call puranjan and yashoda to
get their help in dealing with this madman,and they cautioned me that
he's been doing drugs over the years probably because of his inability
or unwillingness to expose tamal's and satshedupeyas crime of the
Millenium. So next abhinanda calls and insists that we file a joint
complaint with the houston FBI. i complied,and we did just that,in a
three way conversation on or around July 8th,1997. At this point i asked
abhinanda if he had a copy of the tapes wich indicated Prabhupada had
been poisoned. he said he did but his wife had the key to where they
were. i was frustrated because for so long i'd been trying to get these
tapes from puranjana,and they never came. here i was,the ONLY ONE
convinced that Prabhupada was murdered,the ONLY ONE risking life and
limb to wake people u to this fact,and no one would or could cooperate
and get into my hands the relevant taperecordings. Finally abhinanda
said the tapes were available. the next DAY I CALLED HIM TO FIND OUT
make a plan to go to India,etc. Now his wife answered the phone and
informed me that abhinanda had been committed by her to a mental
institution. She said he'd been manic and depressed for several years on
and off,had been abusive to their daughter,went in and out  of drug
taking,etc,and sometimes talked about Prabhhupada's murder,etc,quite
fitfully. now,she said,when he'd heard about my being attacked at wash
dc RY while carrying the sign about Prabhupada's murder,he went "kind of
crazy" His wife,who is Indian by birth,told the authorities that it
didn't make sense for her husband to suddenly freak out about
Prabhupada's "alleged" murder 20 years after the fact;why didn't he get
involved in going to the authorities 20 years before? She'd seen
enough,and now she kicked him out,got a restraining order,and hoped to
keep him in the nut house.

i was very sympathetic,as i was just learning all this info first time.
it was amazing. next day i sent some prasadam to Abhinada's wife and
daughter. The same day abhinanda phoned me from the crazy house and
begged me to vouch for his sanity to the authorities. it seemed
difficult since i'd only me him on the phone a couple days prior,and he
indeed seemed a little crazed to me (which takes alot for me,considering
how crazed i myself am!) eventually abhinanda got out,was told not to
leave the state,but apparently later went to india to do his
schtick,whatever that is.

seemed at this point that Prabhupada's assassination was causing alot
of people to go a little looney. As i mentioned above,i phoned and spoke
with nitainanda das n NC and told him about my efforts to raise the
world's consciousness to the point of grasping that Universal
Messiah,Srila Prabhupada Deva,had been untimely discharged by those
still in power in isgone. As above,Nd was incredibly glib,rude and
obnoxious. He couldn't contain his obvious pleasure felt upon reflecting
on the news he'd gotten electronically about my being attacked;and
furthermore he thought i was creating "big offenses" for suggesting
there was foul play in the Dissappearance of Guru Maharaja,HDG Srila
Prabhupada! Getting off the phone,i remarked to my dear wife:"Just
see,Prabhupada was killed only once by tamal KillerG,,but he's being
killed daily by the combined indifference of these cityananda-types,wh
seem to be happy increasing their V-jaya na liking via distributing
SDemonG's Prabhupada-killing books! just see,so much TRUE LOVE for His
Divine Grace!!"
So,after these amazing revelatory incidences,i proceeded to Tornto
RY,where on the 2nd day of the festival,the attendees were located on an
island,accessed by ferry. i took the chance and risk to go to this
remote location with vidya camera. thousands upon thousands of onlookers
saw my sign;hundreds took literature,which were a few pages of the most
incriminating conversations about Prabhupada being tortured and harrassed
by his 'loving follywers" I was attaacked several times again,but also
many innocent 'fringe-members' came upto me and talked amiably,but also
expressing their shock and amazement that 1) i would so brazenly tell
the truth on a large placard (if indeed it WAS the truth!),and 2) i
would travel all the way from the states to do such a thing,and would
risk being injured or killed to do it. Again,we have great vidya footage
of the highlights,icluding one Indian woman being brought to tears upon
reading that Prabhupada was stating he ha been poisoned--never before
viewd outside my family and friends. Soon,Puranjana did a copy-cat
demonstration (better late than never?) and he and others quickly
minimized my own work,pretended it wasn't important and went to great
lengths to promote the idea that they had originated this conception of
Prabhupada's we see now nd is doing. Well,that's fine by
me too,if they are willing to EVEN NOW work together to avenge
Prabhupada's murder. (but obviously they are not,and this is first
evinced by -esp. Nd's--their intellectual dishonesty,AND by the fact
that both individuals have personal axes to grind,and nd wants to not
only control what happens (and OWN it?) butby his attachment (as above
described) toSatsvalophole and his head-in-sand Isha-type
apologists--and by his cotinued persistence  to sinfully promote
SDemonG's propaganda,he will refuse to actually help bring the killers
to justice;esp.because he knows in his own heart that justice must be
meted out against himself also! Thus he says: "novengeance" This is
nonsense. Let's do a reverse voice analysis on ND saying THIS! He's also
guilty and to blame for Prabhupada's movement being distorted and
destroyed,he's seeing which way the wind is blowing and as a capitalist
wants to appear sympasthetic to the 'successful' road,but ultimately he
wants to become renowned as an important reformer. but hw can he change
time and deeds already done and witnessed. sorry,my friend,you've made
your bed already. you could joi the others with Bh. Jack K. ,however,if
you wake up long enough to see that the idea of  mitigation from your
intense suffering is a desirable objective...
But on top of yor dog's obstinacy (re destruction of Prabhupada's
movement by pushing sdog poison,etc.),now you've proved yourself to have
little integrity or honesty,just as you so facilely pointed out
regarding tamal's untrustworthiness and flip flopping,etc. You've
presented yourself in your misleading book as a truthful
brahmin,interested only in discoverng or uncovering the truth;then why
do you abjectly lie about who has thrust the conception of Prabhupada's
murder into the ether,who first brought this to light? Hmmm? Let's have
an answer Mr. Nd. What you spent thousands of dollars to "prove" in a
lab with "scientific" technology,i determined in a moment,simply by
believing in and trusting my Spiritual Father's infallible words. You
suggest in your book that tamal,bhukticharu and jayapotatoehead are
likely suspects. big deal!  i have a video clip from wash dc RY,1997
where JP's disciples ask me who poisoned Srila Prabhupaa. My recorded
response? "Well,who killed Jesus Christ? Judas,right? And the killers of
Prabhupada aren't hard to figure out:Jayapatatoe
head,tamal,SDoG,bhaukticharu,etc..." /at this poit my voice trails
off,as i was attacked by several of these persons and had to run for my
life. and i went to the Park Police,filed a report,and the police got
the pseudo devotees to recompence me on the spot with $20 for taking my
personal belongings (also videotaped) So,Prabhupada's responses to all
these deviants (in Conversation Books) itself reveals perfect "Reverse
Speech Analysis",since The Guru knows the pulse of his disciples (aleged
and auhentic);thus nothing is concealed from his vision as HDG is
situated with Krishna and sees everything from the spiritual
vantagepoint. Thus,when an actual follower of the bona fde guru reads His
writings,particularly the excanges with disciples,and more particularly
when those exchanges involve such serious subjects as poisoning.and
where the Spiritual Master is stating that he'd rather be killed on
parikrama by Ram than by his disciples (Ravana) who are trying to
suffocate him and badger Him to death with incessant talks about urine
and stoo specimens,etc;or when the killing disciple says "So who is it
that has poisoned>" (very guiltily) and the Spiritual Master remains
'mysteriously' silent (as Krishna in the heart of the assassin reminds
tamal just who is poisoning--who brought the poison (Sattadhanva,who mixed
the poisons (bhukticaru,jayapatake,bhavahomo,jaya add weight aswami),who
administered the poison (tamal,bc,jp,kaviraja)

Yes,so that reverse voice analysis is not dependent on labrotory
confirmation. it is also revealed via sabda brahman in the heart of one
who has a heart for Srila Prabhupada! As i stated to the Indian
Political Minister,the words of the acarya are themselves sabda
brahma,and sef-revealed;there IS NO OTHER EVIDENCE REQUIRED,not from
dhanesvara,nd,mahabody,isha,etc. in one sense you're wasting time,mainly
because you have apersonal agenda. but if you really now believe /srila
Prabhupada was murdered,then avenge that murder now. But because you
have no affection (real) beyond genital gratification,you will choose to
take credit where it's not due,sit on the evidence,attack anybody who
wishes to run with it (the evidence) to its proper conclusion,and
continue to kill guru and kill self? kill tamal,instead? NO WAY,sayeth
Nityananda,"Why,I pray he wll be exonerated,yes I do!" But continue to
kill Guru via false ego glorification? "Well,Pabhus,come on,this thing
WAS lila,after all,let's be real careful,and spend another 22 years
'investigating' this crime sos we don't unecessarily commit vaisnava
aparadh (and because i do't want anyone to punish me also? Yeah,i do see
this thing as something that can be milked for another decade at least,and
meantime i'll beome the big enchalada,and maybe get the babes to finally
see 'i'm where it's at! Yeeeah!!!"