Laxmi support for Rasala das
Dear Prabhus,
I am writing this to request laxmi support for Rasala das and his 7 cows.
Rasala das resides in Juniata County, Pennsylvania on a 13 acre plot of land that was once part of Gita-nagari'a 650-plus acres. He purchased this land more than 10 years ago only because he was cheated out of a place on the farm by the rogue management, Ravindra Svarupa. Rasala and his first wife, Sita Devi, had been promised a five acre plot at Gita-nagari by the management for excellent cow-seva rendered to the herd of 150 Brown Swiss cows at Prabhupada's original Farm. Rasala and his wife gave many years selfless dedicated service to these cows during the upheaval years when Stephen Gaurino (aka 'Satsvarupture swami') was taking iskcon to hell by his milk-touched-by-the-lips-of-a-tamal-serpent writings and ramblings constituting the false biography of Srila Prabhupada. This was a very dangerous time, yet Rasala and co. persevered and steered the cows away from all danger, including the great danger of Paramananda's uncontrolled procreation of the cows, which proliferation Paramananda conveniently walked away from after Gaurino brought Gita-nagari to ruination by his demonic vibration that people surrender to him and that the parents send their kiddies to india and Lake Huntington to become abused and abandoned.
Anyway, rasala stoped Ravindra and others from harming the cows even though they essentially were robbing the Adopt-A-Cow funds and other funds which came in for the cows' maintenance. Rasala perfectly took care of this protected herd during this time of witches and hobgoblins vying to be falsely worshipped by all the Hare Krishna dasi fanatic groupie pseudo-parampara sychophants; how'd he do this? By masterfully developing the scientific rotational pasture grazing system  where the cows were allowed to chew the grass on one small paddock at a time based on a time-tested formula from Europe which allowed maximum efficient utilization of the grasses in a rotatioal scientific formula.
Aside from that, Rasala and his few friends and supporters continued developing the ox team and program, and those venerable devotee animals were used regularly to bring down huge logs from the woods for energy for SriSri Radha-Damodara's Temple; they were used for irrigation in the ox-energy ring, and also for ploughing, planting, cultivating, hauling and transportation. And, perhaps most importantly, Rasala and sita were able to get the ox teams to the East Coast Ratha Yatra festivals where numerous thousands of onlookers were given opportunity to see the essence of Varnashrama on display, since Varnashrama is based on brahminical culture and cow protection; "Society is Doomed where these three are not present," ie, brahminical culture, God consciousness and Cow Protection.
Rasala was thus greatly despised by the in-charge rakshashas like Ravindra, Gaurino and others. Their aim all along was to usurp worship for themselves and employ brain-dead groupie worshipers like Noma Peteroff, aka Hare Krishna dasi, who would happily write all kinds of superficial propaganda in the Back to Goathead magazine giving the appearance of cow protection (so more money could be sucked out of the unsuspecting public), all the while they were seeking to get rid of "miscreants' vaisya devotees like Rasala and "get the damn herd down in size."
I reached Gita-nagari's precincts in January, 1991, just as Ravindra snakeasura was plotting his final assault on the cows, namely his harassing Rasala and teasing him. I watched 'neutrally' from the sidelines as this drama dramatically unfolded at the 'Farm', and soon it became obvious that there was a war against the cows and their natural protectors.
(Actually i showed up 'permanently' at the Farm in March, 1991, just a few days after a tornado ripped through the main cow barn, nearly destroying it. This omen alerted me to a grave and strained atmosphere at this supposed holy dhama. I single-handedly secured the insurance coverage to fix the barn and oversaw its repair. My "Gita Nagari Farm Report" of 1992 describes this and many other amazing incidents.)
So, soon it became obvious that Lord Krishna and Srila Prabhupada had some big plan to help the cows, and that i was to be an instrument in their service. Actually, i could see that cow protection was only possible and practical if the cowherds themselves were given protection and comfort. When the cowherdsmen are in distress the cows are also in distress.
An Indian Dr. Mody funded our attempt, sand Ravindra had to leave for Mayapura because i embarrassed him by exposing his complicity in covering up the horrible deaths of at least two of the working team of oxen. It was unprecedented that an 'outsider' [yours truly], could move into a certified tamal-worshippers zone, expose the miscreant (Ravindra), take over his main {Iskcon Foundation} donor (Dr. Mody - #2 only after Abarisha, alfred Ford in IF!), hire back the very people he had ostracized and booted out, pay these devotees nearly $1000 per month for their dedicated 24-hour a day service to the cows, take over the Ag Dept., chase the rogue GBC out of the country, work from the outside, ignore the miscreant local 'devotees' who were instruments in Ravindra and Gaurino's hands to harass cows and cowherds alike, and get the job done without mispending even a farthing of the $70,000 + that Krishna entrusted us with on behalf the cows.
Anyway, Rasala took a difficult stand against ignorance, and even though he was kicked off the farm for supporting my (supporting HIM) endeavor to expose the anti-cow leaders, he continues to protect cows on his own land and refuse to compromise with the news false leaders like Bhaktitirtha and other nonsense.
His second wife recently left him, abandoning her responsibility to the cows. They had lived peacefully together for 7 years and raised many cows together. Actually, in 1998 my wife and children and i rescued four baby calves at a farm in NY state, and i drove them down to Rasala's (and wife's) house, where they raised these cows. My stepson and i assisted Rasals in building two small barns (along with Sri Krishna dasa's help also) for these cows, and i hope that others can now come forward to help these cows by adopting them. Rasals works a full time job at a pallette factory in PA. He has zero support, and has to cook for himself, purchase groceries, cow feed, take care of cows, shovel their manure, milk, etc.,etc.,etc. It's a very difficult job for my whole family on 3 acres to take adequate care of just four cows and a goat on a daily basis, and now Rasala has been single handedly taking care of seven cows on 13 acres now for over a year by himself. He's doing this to keep alive Srila Prabhupada's vision of bona fide cow protection. His wife left him citing that "a godbro said he had a dream that Prabhupada accepted these [bhogus] gurus"]  Yeah, right, abandon cows to worship a [human] goru?!
Cow is like child, always needs our protection. This is all of our responsibilities. Please see it like this, and donate acordingly to this essential preaching program to please HDG Srila Prabhupada. We just listened today to a 1968 lecture of SP wherein HDG stated that if you have to pay the electic co. for electricity, what to speak of your indebtedness to the Sun for supplying you heat and light; similarly, we take milk from the cow, so we should show our appreciation and gratitude by protecting her. SP begs the question, 'would you kill your own mother after she nursed you?!
Devotees all will actually become implicated if they don't directly or indirectly do something tangible to help mother cow. This fact cannot be disputed by any sane person. If you take her milk, then you are culpable if she's murdered later. If you take grains, you are culpable for bulls slaughtered to make way for tractors. These subtle intricate laws of nature cannot be rationalized by our so-called fertile brains which want to suggest that we are great devotees and immune from any and all reactions for these things which we utilize in our lives conveniently for our own sense gratification. Rest assured, ALL
of us will be punished for the abuse especially of Srila Prabhupada's cows. Thousands of His cows have been brutalized and sent to slaughter, or tortured slowly by the Hare Krishna dasi, leadership miscreants. Though this is intolerable to hear, since hardly any of us did a tiny thing to protest these atrocities, and really couldn't care less, the fact is we will have to share in the reactions to these sins. But now since Rasala and a few others are directly helping Srila Prabhupada's Cow Protection Program, and are giving a good example for others to follow, there is opportunity to obey the laws of God and PROTECT COWS. Rasala is only a caretaker; the real proprietor is Srila Prabhupada. Here is your [perhaps LAST chance before the nuke bombs are dropped] best opportunity to assist Srila Prabhupada's Cow Protection Program, by giving direct laxmi support to these cows under Sriman Rasala's auspices. My daughter just sent a $50 Adopt-A-Cow donation to Rasala, and we would like to see about $300 per month come in beginning now. the cows need a larger pole barn, and they require much hay in these cold months. Rasala can be reached at 717 527 2683. His name is Ralph Laurino and you can make cheques payable to him. He can either send you receipts for hay and other supplies purchased, or he will send you the name and addresses of the vendors, and you may remit the funds directly to them.  Gita-nagari made the grave error of so-called adopting cows while ignoring the cowherdmen and women. This is ignorance, and goes against the laws of God and Nature, as revealed in Krishna Book. The Gopis and Gopas were maintained by Gopinatha, side-by-side with the Lord's beloved cows. The last page of my 200-page Farm Report states the same thing: it's blatant hypocrisy to say you are protecting cows while kicking on the face of the very souls who give those cows the direct protection as ordained by God.
So,. lets give up our hypocricy and protect the cows by acknowledging the direct service given the cows by their natural protectors.
As i write these last statements, Srila Prabhupada tape is saying that we will, if we go on violating God's laws, have to live under ground like rats: "As soon as the atomic bomb is dropped, these all civilization will be finished on the surface of the world, and you may not think it's palatable, but regardless, you will have to live underground as rats again."  'You were tigers, now again become rats, and live under ground.
Take this as a dire warning prabhus. Living life at expense of Mother Cow is the GREATEST FOLLY; you can go on, but tomorrow we may have to reap the result and again become rats . . .
om tat sat
sanat das