The Betrayal of Sri PADA Acarya

Dear Puranjana prabhu, please accept my humble obeisances.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

My point is like this prabhu:

You call yourself  Prabhupada Anti Defamation Association, yet when
Prabhupada is being defamed publicly all over the world as a duplicitous
leader of the child molester cult, instead of defending him from this
defamation you say this is only NOMINAL. Then when your Godbrothers wonder
why MR PADA is not becoming like fire as a devotee should upon hearing
blasphemy of the Lord and his pure devotees and question you why you are
siding with the offenders, you go from nominal to VERY NOMINAL in your
estimation of the defamation. Then when your Godbrothers (out of compassion)
start kicking on your rascal face with the boots of sastra you bring out
your rascal logic that it's better to have the lesser (nominal) attack on
Srila Prabhupada than hear the extremely offensive gurukulis. This is like
standing and doing nothing while some demon spits at Srila Prabhupada and
calls him ill names, by using the false logic "well i know another guy who would have hit Prabhupada with a hammer, this spitting and name calling is nominal in comparison"

In regards to our discrediting your work and making a joke out of your
reform effort, you have discredited yourself in the eyes of any sincere
person. They will easily see that your "reform" is more important to you
than the honor and good name of Srila Prabhupada. If these rascals Turdly,
Rogueford, Sicky Hickey and the other rurukulies help you with your "great
reform movement" you tolerate their blasphemy of Srila Prabhupada, this is
your demoniac mentality.

So yes i betray you and stay loyal to Srila Prabhupada.

Your servant Mukunda dasa.

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>Dear Mukunda dasa, pammho. agtsp.
>So, if I say that it is better not to have the extremely offensive
>gurukulis on the suit, the meat eaters who openly express hatred of SP, and
>that rather it is better to have the less aggressive ones, you say, ok
>fine, time to threaten to kill Puranjana? I say it is better that the
>attack on Srila Prabhupada is lesser than it could have been, and you say
>fine, kill him? So, all your are doing is what Satsvarupa has done for
>years. He de facto says, kill Puranjana and he tries to discredit our work.
>And now you are doing the same thing. All you are doing is making a total
>joke of the reform effort, and sending people packing over to Narayana
>Maharaja and others. And the gurukulis look at this and say, oh look these
>"Prabhupada people" are a-holes who hate each, will kill each other, just
>like the GBC, so they are all wet stool and dry stool. So you increase and
>feed their attack. As for your betrayal of me, that is now expected since
>Srila Prabhupada was betrayed, so you are doing the same thing. Vahi bat.
>As soon as I say, better to have a lesser (nominal) attack on Srila
>Prabhupada, you want to kill me. And you express that on the net trying to
>get some crank to do that. You are just like the GBC then? Or what is your
>point? I lost it? Thanks pd