Please try to popularize this book throughout England as much as possible. Because if these books are read, there is no doubt that many sincere souls shall be attracted and will join you in your work for Krishna. So please try for selling these books, it shall be considered as the greatest service.

(S.P.L. to Gurudasa 1/12/68)

At Prabhupada Sankirtana Society (Oldham) we have available 5,000 original 1969 Sri Isopanisads with 9 beautiful colour pictures. In the introduction there is a very wonderful and relevant passage from the book.

PEACE: There is always this great quarrel between the laborers and the capitalistsin in present-day society. The quarrel has now taken an international shape, and the world is in danger .The Bomb is in the hands of both the communists and capitalists, and if both do not recognize the proprietorship of the Supreme Lord, it is sure and certain that, ultimately, the Bomb will ruin both parties. Therefore, in order to save themselves, both must follow the instruction of Sri Isopanisad, and thus bring peace to the world.  (Page 16)

We humbly offer these books to all devotees at cost price so they can be quickly distributed to the other conditioned souls. For more imformation please e-mail us on :