So these are all nonsense, simply nonsense, mudha. Of course, we use this word mudha, and people become very angry, but what can I, can we do? (laughter) The mudhas must be explained as mudhas. And because the mudhas are going as intelligent, therefore there is chaotic condition. (bird chirping) There it is confirmed. So our Krsna consciousness movement is to become intelligent, not to remain mudhas, and to expose these rascal mudhas. That's this, our Krsna consciousness movement. So you must be prepared. While making propaganda, expose these mudhas. That is one of the service of Krsna. Don't remain foolish. Wherever there is required, fight with these mudhas and tell them rightly, straightforward, that "You are mudhas."  Thank you very much.
(Sri Caitanya-caritamrta Lecture, Adi-lila 1.9 Mayapur, April 2, 1975)
Note: Dear Isgone, Isgone reformers, gaudhi mutt, turdly and all those with their head up puranjana's boathole. YOU ARE ALL RASCAL MUDHAS !!!   (laughter)