The regulative principled meat eater is always more advanced than the APA-ISKCONITE, sahajiya bogha eater.



1.The regulative principled meat eater is always more advanced than the APA-ISKCONITE, sahajiya bogha eater. Letter by Caturbahu dasa Bhakti
2. Every person that came, immediately came into contact with the poisoned vani through association. Letter by Caturbahu dasa Bhakti

3. Proposals for the marriage arrangement of Caitanya Jivan Bhakti
1.The regulative principled meat eater is always more advanced than the APA-ISKCONITE, sahajiya bogha eater. Letter by Caturbahu dasa Bhakti
All glories to Srila Prabhupada
   Dear Prabhus:
 This statement about meat eating has us a little confused. In the
Bhagavad-Gita 4-27, in the purport Prabhupada mentions "Similarly, the
householders, who have some license for sense gratification, perform such
acts with great restraint. Sex life, intoxication and meat eating are general
tendencies of human society, but a regulated householder does not indulge in
unrestricted sex life and other sense gratification's. Marriage on principle
of religious life is therefor current in all civilized human society because
that is the way for restricted sex life. This restricted, unattached sex life
is also a kind of yajna because the restricted householder sacrifices his
general tendencies toward sense gratification for higher transcendental life."

 Is the statement in your post discussing unrestricted meat eating or meat
eating according to the regulative principles of Krsna consciousness as
detailed in Srila Prabhupada's books? (conversations) Prabhupada's last will
and testament says "provided the new director is my initiated disciple
following strictly all the rules and regulations of the International Society
for Krsna Consciousness as detailed in my books" This statement is in
reference to Srila Prabhupada's will as found on the folio. It is used to
describe the qualifications of that person that would be GBC. " Rules and

 Obviously the person that eats from the slaughterhouse unrestrictedly is
most fallen, but the sahajiya that takes the remnant of the bogus
personalities advertising themselves as Guru is even lower because with the
sahajiya he leads all of society down to hell and buries the unaware soul in
a mire of pitiful illusory cheating as to what is the order of the spiritual
master. Whereas the unrestricted meat eaters influence is less disruptive on
society at large. better not to have rain than to lose your soul to the
sahajistic cheating poison vani mentality that pervades the Gaudiya
sampradaya as we know it
 Meat eating is allowed under restriction, the Varnasrama College
conversation held on March 14, 1974, gives the specific guidelines.
Prabhupada compares restricted meat eating to the same concession as sex in
marriage. Say what ever they (so-called devotees) may against this,
Prabhupada has spoken, all other sahajiya interpretation must stop. Meat
eating by restriction, sex life by restriction, and intoxication by
restriction. It is in this conversation. That is Vedic life. Within the
regulative principles as detailed in His books. (conversations, letters,
lectures and mornings walks, etc.)
  So if the meat eating is under these tenets, then the sudra and ksatriya
that have this tendency and remain within the regulated principle as give by
His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada for their varna, they are
considered much higher than a Brahman sahajiya. The sahajiya not only cheats
in his varna, by dishonesty, but then leads the entire population that
follows him to hell. Those persons that are in line with
daivi-varnasrama-dharma at least have opportunity for the possibility of
advancement through education and regulation.

 The regulative principled meat eater is always more advanced than the
APA-ISKCONITE, sahajiya bogha eater.

 We joined a varnasrama-dharma movement in 1974, get with this picture, get
sahajiyas out of the way, Prabhupada made His desire crystal clear on March
14, 1974, what ISKCON was to be. It is you who are sahajiyas that have
polluted and attempted to poison the vani of Srila Prabhupada, thinking all
the time that it is so easy to be a vaisnava. Read the conversation on
February 14, 1977, with Hairy in a Sari (Hari-sauri, he is less than a woman)
and Lots of Poop (Satsvarupa, he is full of stool). As far as we are
concerned, everyone in the movement as of 3/14/74 was in a
daivi-varnasrama-dharma movement. This is from Srila Prabhupada himself. All
who would say different are cheaters and thereby sahajiya and condemned as
most abominable.
 Srila Prabhupada's will reads like a who's who of fall down. Degradation,
exploitation and any other abominable actions that these persons at the helm
and in support of APA-SAMPRADAYA-ISKCON have performed. The sahajistic
movement that was stolen from Srila Prabhupada. He seems to have given us a
list in His will of the worst demons in the movement, those to be ignored,
cast down to the lowest place in society, dish washer, street sweeper,
toilet-cleaner for the rests of their lives. They have almost all taken part
in some of the most demoniac activities to ever take place in the history of
the vaisnava cult. All of you that call yourselves senior disciples are
equally implicated by your life long support and complacency of this
sahajistic cult. The last thirty years speaks loud and clear only to those
aspirants that have the heart to hear. The rest of you that would be
complacent, that are in the poison vani slumber of your cheating sahajiya
smugness, you will go with your cheating faggot masters who now think they
are the eternal servants of Sri-Sri Radha-Krsna, by means of homo-sex and
other detestable activities.
 Mukunda, please don't be taken back by our ranting and raving it just feels
good to yell sometimes. Of course we have not included yourself or any of
your close associates in this ranting. We are sure it doesn't apply to you
and yours.  Speaking of the PUD-man (Puranjan), we had our suspicions about
him for some time. If you don't know what he is replying to, he has a way of
misleading the reader. Sometime ago we sent a couple of letters to him. He
did not print ether one of them but chose to make comments any way. One was a
request for the possibility of an arranged marriage for my oldest son and of
course all seven of my children in succession. His response was on the lowest
level and not at all in line with what was written. He made crude remarks in
saying that we propose for 12 year old girls to date 18 year old boys. For
one thing there is no dating of young maidens in vedic society. Or that we
are suggesting that 18 year old be allowed to freely date 12 year old girls
unrestrictedly Our proposal was in line with the injunctions of a vedic
culture, but for the PUD-man his envy blinds him. Your right he wants to be
Guru. Srila Prabhupada says in the conversation on August 1, 1975 that

Nityananda: The general public objects to that...It's very...
Prabhupada: Public we don't care. We... What is the public? All rascals. I
don't give any importance to this class of public, only after sense
gratification, that's all. They have no ideals of life. They do not know what
is God. What is the value of this public? Mudhas, they have been described,
mudhas. You know the meaning of mudha?
Devotee 1: Ass.
Prabhupada: Ass. Mudho nabhijanati mam abhyah paramam mama.

Since PUD-man has an understanding separate from Prabhupada, he shows that
character of a mudha. We do not care for the opinion of this mudha class. He
says that we must take the mudha into consideration when we apply vedic
culture, " What will the karmi think?" There is nothing inherently wrong with
a vedic style courtship between consenting families. Or should we do what
they do here in Alachua? The teenagers freely intermingle for the propose of
unrestricted association. In that association they freely touch and hug. Then
say that it is just affection, the showing of affection. More sahajiyas. Non
vedic culture. This is the temple in APA-ISKCON, that which is against
  The other letter as you see (sense we have attached both letters) was in
response to a call from him for action on behalf of Srila Prabhupada
connected to His poisoning. For some contact to be made with the Indian
press. We gave information about a very influential reporter, his name is
Vaneet Narain, Visnu-Murti. Interestingly enough although he asked for this
information to surface when it did, he suppressed it by not publishing the
contact information. [see article Every person that came, immediately came into contact with the poisoned vani through association] So you are right, the PUD is sahajiya.

  Done bitching, thanks for the ear.  Hare Krsna  Caturbahu dasa Bhakti
2. Every person that came, immediately came into contact with the poisoned vani through association. Letter by Caturbahu dasa Bhakti
All glories to Srila Prabhupada
  Dear Pada:
 I have the name and address of a devotee I met and traveled with for a few weeks in India during Kartika 97 and I stayed with him at his house in Vrndavan again in 98. He was a disciple of Nava-yogendra. Nava-yogendra was my last burn out with thinking I could trust our brahminical head with my heart, but that is an other topic.
 I am sure you have heard his name before Vineet Narain, legal name, spiritual name is Visnu Murti.
       Capt. S. C. Mathur
       C-6/28, Safdurjung Development Area
        New Delhi -110016.
        Tel - (011)686-6280,
        Fax - (011)696-7399
 The information I have may be out dated, but give it a try. I am e-mailing a friend in Vrndavan that can go to his fathers house and maybe obtain his e-mail, somehow or an other I have misplaced it.
 This person is extremely influential as an investigative reporter, he single handily exposed corruption in the Indian government at the very highest level. So much so that when I was there both years he had an armed guard with him at all times. In front of his apartment the army has a small encampment of a half dozen solders for the protection of his family. He is considered like a combination Woodward-Bernstein and almost a national treasure.
 I spent quite a bit of time with him both in Vrndavan and Delhi. He is intelligent and I'm sure he is a good place to start as far as the news media goes. In Delhi one phone call from him and two hours later there was a news crew at the house interviewing me on the subject of ritvik as reform in ISKCON. Like I say he can pull a sting that could singe your eyebrows. But, now here is the possible catch, he is or was at the time, aligned with Adri and the IRG/IRM. Like I said though he is very intelligent with an independent spirit and can think for himself, so he is worth a try.
 One of the letters I wrote last week or so mentioned the experience I had with Abhirama in the Miami temple. Do you remember? The many question about money. What Prabhupada showed me on that first day was that this person was corrupt and not to be trusted. But I also knew that the Bhagavad-Gita is pure and unreproachable, so I stayed.
  The lesson with Abhirama was to teach me that Srila Prabhupada's vani was poisoned, near dead by the time I come to the movement, August 1974. Poisoned by His closest, most confidential associates. The poison was administered every time Srila Prabhupada gave an order or instruction that was changed with augmentation from any of them that heard, but did not repeat purely without change by deletion or addition. I was just told by someone today who was there, it started in 67 with Kirtananda. We never had a chance to become a movement of brahmanas.
 Prabhupada then tried to make so many adjustments hopping that the rank and file would wake up from their poison induced slumber. Constantly making adjustments, constantly providing this antidote and that antidote, DOM, GBC. But to no avail, It was like trying to hold the false ego that was manifesting like a slippery wet eel. It was to late. Every person that came, immediately came into contact with the poisoned vani through association. It was very subtle, very clear, transparent, tasteless and without odor, no one knew or saw except the administers of the vile concoctions. The conspirators. But Srila Prabhupada saw.
 Time marches on. March 12, 1974, Prabhupada drops a bomb shell on the hole thing. Accepting that He must now make another adjustment, He tells them Varnasrama-dharma is the new standard. Ohhhh Noooo Mr. Bill, the old man has lost it. Split the devotees up into varnas? Ohhhh Noooo Every one isn't brahmana? Ohhhh Noooo. Ksatriyas can kill and eat meat like Bhima? Ohhhh Noooo. (CON. BK. 7 PG. 312) What about my supreme situation as the brahmana/sannyasi/semi guru incarnation? The old man has to go! And I mean now, before He wrecks the hole thing!
 Each conspirator had been collecting followers for some time now. Subtly, unknown even to those that had drank from the poison cup of the perverted, manipulated vani. Conspirators were actually beginning to think that the spiritual energy that pervaded and supported all of us was flowing from them as a pure via-medium and not Srila Prabhupada. The demons were in control when I came, as was evident to me through Abhirama. Prabhupada's vani was dead. Long live the usurpers, deviant, child molester, rapers of innocent women, divorce, wife swapping. All had manifested before 74. 
  The conversation tape was delivered to Ramesvara for copying and archiving, to be hidden away from all who my partake of this pure antidote, Prabhupada's last managerial rectification attempt. Given to Krsna Kanti at the Golden Avatar studio. But, one devotee heard it and was told to keep it under his hat, Ameyatma Dasa. He is told this by Krsna Kanti that this instruction will ruin the hole movement, don't tell a soul, Ramesvara has demanded silence. Gulp, drink deep of that cup of poison vani. Ameyatma told me these facts just one month ago. He kept quiet all this time? Why? The vani was dead, he was asleep. In to the vault, hopefully to disappear forever. (Like maybe the other lost conversation tapes of 77? )
  Vani is dead. Vapu must die, this history is now well known. It slipped through their fingers with all the other nectar that was printed in the conversation books.( don't misunderstand, Prabhupada's vapu poisoning is not nectar, but the words of the spiritual master are) Prabhupada left to give those who would take it the last antidote in his possession, death of vapu. And with the removal of His vapu manifestation, the shock waves rippled though the movement, creating a shattering effect, wakening was beginning. Long live vani.<BR>
 Now the year 2000. What to do? Do we go after the perpetrators and kill them? What if we are to zealous and an innocent looses his life? What about the vani? Have we fully woke up? And is there a possibility that we may still be anesthetized? Question, questions, questions, Think once, twice, thrice. Act, but act from Prabhupada's vani.
 I fully agree that these obvious perpetrators be hunted down like the vomit slime they are, we must hound them into oblivion. Never to have a moments rest, to always feel tormented in fear. But how?  We should not take the law into our own hands, it is not now our time, place and circumstance. So what to do. 
 Pada made an excellent suggestion, that is to petition the Indian government. Go to the conciliates in you areas, protest in force, take the afternoon off, loose a little money. Write to Visnu Murti, the address is given, browbeat Adri, do not let this heinous act go gentle into that good night. Visnu Murti has the power of the written word and ear of the people, firmly in his grasp. Trust that if he can be convicted he, will act with vengeance of a tiger. Those involved will have no chance against him. The pen can be mightier than the sword.

  This will satisfy vapu, but what about vani? Varnasrama-dharma is a dream. Varnasrama-dharma is vani. Prabhupada said that Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati wanted it (a dream ), Prabhupada wanted it (a dream) I want it, as you should (a dream ), so how to achieve varnasrama? Not by pooh poohing the dream (vani) and saying it is unobtainable. I dare say that nothing that the spiritual master gave us as instruction (vani) is unobtainable.
 Are we to think that this is just some sort of tease? So that the parampara can have a good laugh at the expense of some ignorant souls that are so naive as to believe it can actually happen? Please my dear godbrothers and sisters this dream is already a reality in the future. Have vision. We have been given the most sublime method for self realization, by the chanting if the maha mantra. Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare  Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare. In addition Prabhupada gave us opportunity to organize into the varnasrama system. A divine, Krsna conscious undertaking.
 A seemingly impossible task? Kind of like a young Indian householder told to preach Krsna consciousness in the West a haven of demoniac candalas. Impossible task? Print scripture in the English language. Impossible task? Similarly this same householder, now a poor sannyasi with nary two paisa to rub together struggling to keep a fortnightly in print, begging passage on a steam ship to the West, no plan, no idea how He may be received by the yavanas. An impossible task? Now here, what to do? surrender to Krsna and carry on. Crazy people, the Bowery, Tomkin Square Park. Impossible, a pipe dream, no help even from those who called themselves friend, comrades in arms. Low and behold someone is listening, one, two, three come. A storefront. Ten, twelve, twenty a building. The future is now manifesting in the present, a dream is becoming reality. So the vani of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Maharaja manifested in the person of Srila Prabhupada because He had faith, not discouragement
  We can and will make varnasrama happen, the spiritual master has spoken. What the pure brahmana speaks, must manifest. Without question. This varnasrama system all ready has its routes in our lives. When you take your shoes off at the threshold of your house, varnasrama has manifested. When you eat with you right hand instead of your left varnasrama has manifested. When you bow to our spiritual master, varnasrama has manifested. Now add more.                        
 The difference in Kali-yuga, as opposed to the other three yugas, is that they had the varnasrama college in place, though every one was still born sudra, training is the difference. Of course, you may say that in previous ages those who took birth were already of a higher nature. That is also true. But why? Because the parentage was engaged in the Varnasrama-dharma method of culture. How will the golden age of kali-yuga manifest? Varnasrama-dharma. No brahamana, no problem, we have Prabhupada. Inspiration is only waiting for us to surrender.
  Varnasrama-dharma is gone now, I admit that. But we have been given the order to restart it and with the order comes the potency to execute it. We have never been left alone, Prabhupada's vani is surcharging our actions as we surrender.  Read the March 14, 1974, conversation scrutinizingly (and others already mentioned in previous letters ). Do not allow Prabhupada's vani to remain in the obscurity of the corrupters illusional poison coverings. Act. Act. Act. Rage at the dying of the light of Prabhupada's vani. Do not let them (usurpers) reap the effective benefit of their poison. Heinously given to us, the innocents, by those pretend senior godbrothers and sisters.
 A dream house becomes a reality not by suddenly emerging, but by a conscientious, step by step attempt. Brick by brick, stone by stone, a house is built. We cannot see the completed results from the beginning but we have faith that by following the blue print, that the result will be there. So we continue to add one more stone and one more brick, based on the faith that the blue print is correct.
 We must first wake up from our poison slumber and accept the theory, the concept, the vani. Take the antidote. Next the planing stage, reading. Look for all the instructions that may apply. Then apply what you can now. At least accept that which you cannot do now as the future. Hold what you have achieved as the present. And have faith that the spiritual masters vani is more than just utopian words. Accept vani as guidance empowered with spiritual energy coming directly from the Supreme Personality of Godhead himself, Sri Krsna-Caitanya Mahaprabhu through His pure medium Srila Prabhupada. One without a second, all others pay cash.

 Thank you Hare Krsna,  Caturbahu Dasa Bhakti

PS In the event that there is no need to post the comments my wife and I wrote to Yaduvendu Dasa, would it be appropriate to ask if he could receive them in private?
3. Proposals for the marriage arrangement of Caitanya Jivan Bhakti
All glories to Srila Prabhupada.
  Dear Mukunda,
 Like we said before, we aren't to good with manipulating the computers file
system. So here is an accurate copy of the marriage proposal that we sent to
the PUD-man. The forwarding function would not work.

My dear devotees,
  According to SB. canto 4, CH. 27 Text 8 it is the duty of the parents to
attempt to make arrangement for marring their children. In accordance with
this instruction and by the obvious desire of Srila Prabhupada, we
Rama-Janaki devi dasi and Caturbahu dasa Bhakti would like to begin fielding
ideas and proposals for the marriage arrangement of Caitanya Jivan Bhakti,
our eldest son.
  He is now seventeen, will be eighteen in July 2001. He attends full time
school at Santa Fe community college. No major has been decided on yet. At
this time his mood or varna seems to be ksatriya, though it looks like it
maybe hard to be full time engaged that way. Hence the problem about his
  The optimum suggestion is that he be paired with a young lady about 12
years of age, for a four to six year courtship period. No younger, maybe
older, up to fourteen. To be observed and chaperoned by the two mothers or
other interested females.
  Arrangements need to be made, as much as possible by the fathers. In the
event the father is absent, then the mothers can feel free to contact
  Please submit inquires by any means you like, e-mail is
 Phone is 904-418-8825 or in person, as you like.

 This is the exact message we sent PUD-man on the subject of our sons
marriage and instead of making inquiries for clarification or maybe challenge
the validity of our understanding, he in his 11.15 ALACHUA posting makes
ridicules remark that have no bearing on the letter we wrote. This was when
we knew he is sahajiya, a cheater. Just like Dravinaksa in the same PUD-man
letter 11.15. Dravinaksa's big defense of his wife after receiving a letter
we wrote was that Caturbahu is psychotic. Fifteen scriptural references were
made and the only response the apa-sampridaya can make is that this person is
  This proposal is an attempt at instituting varnasrama-dharma among
ourselves, as is the desire of Prabhupada. PUD-man vilifying it shows his
sahajistic mentality.
OK we are finally done complaining, again thank you for the ear.
 Hare Krsna.  Caturbahu dasa Bhakti