Individuality is where varnasrama starts



1. "then you'll know how to make your life successful by your occupation"

2 . Individuality is where varnasrama starts. By Caturbahu dasa


1. "then you'll know how to make your life successful by your occupation"
"then you'll know how to make
your life successful by your occupation"
Even if you do not pay, you don't like, please come. Please come and hear. Please bring your friends if you are really friend. So it is very nice thing. Sthane sthitah sruti-gatam tanu-van-manobhir. You remain what you are. We don't say that you change, but you hear. Sruti-gatam. Sruti means this ear. God has given you this nice thing. You just inject this transcendental vibration through this ear. And when you will, you purify yourself, then you'll know how to make your life successful by your occupation. Sva-karmana tam abhyarcya samsiddhim labhate param. Samsiddhi. Samsiddhi means perfection.
[S.P. Room Conversation July 16, 1968, Montreal]

2. Individuality is where varnasrama starts. By Caturbahu dasa

All glories to Srila Prabhupada,
  We see that our dear friend Janardana dasa has offered a nice article for
your publication, do you know him personally? Or is he just inspired by your
postings? Any way we were in the Miami temple together in 74 through 76, so
we have a long history.
  The main problem with reading your letters is that upon opening the
attached files, we cannot read the contents, but the last group of postings
have come through loud and clear. We are glad to hear of your awakening from
the slumber of poison vani sense 92, now you are able to attempt to serve the
spiritual master. Acceptance of the pure unadulterated message from the Guru
(Srila Prabhupada) is the beginning of Guru seva and service.
  Varnasrama in our life has been a constant research program, one of finding
the principles and attempts at implementing what ever is possible at any
given time. For an example, when we were married, our wedding vows were
Prabhupada's explanations of the parameters of association between the man
and woman in a Krsna conscious union. The rules of contact and conduct are
followed as much as possible, if their is a divination, the divination is
understood as just that, a divination and correction is sought. No
adulteration of Srila Prabhupada's standard is accepted in our lives. In
twenty-one years of marriage we have not spent any time apart in anger, not
even one day and we have both always given one-hundred percent to uphold our
vows. That is duty and honor to ones spouse, in its self a miracle in ISKCON.
Our children are also guided by Prabhupada's explanations for raising Krsna
conscious children, artificial standards are avoided as much as possible and
all questions are answered by Prabhupada only.
  Vedic life (varnasrama-dharma) is the way we eat, sleep, take off our shoes
upon entering a house, honoring our wives and not torturing or molesting our
children, treating others as we would like to be treated, and so on and so
forth. These children are completely in our control and not for us to abandon
or mistreat, even if it is their karma to receive this kind of treatment,
this will never happen on my watch. All of our Krsna conscious life has been
with these simple parameters in mind and Srila Prabhupada in our heart. This
was how Lord Caitanya, through Srila Prabhupada, saved me from the poison
vani of APA-ISKCON, by only accepting Prabhupada's conclusions and
explanations on vedic life, varnasrama-dharma.
  It would seem that the only field of activity we have been given by Krsna
is our own marriage and family, so that is where we act out the instructions
of Srila Prabhupada. If Prabhupada sees fit to expand our realm of influence,
then that is his mercy. If not, then that is his mercy too. We do what we can
with what we have been given. Without the cooperation of the other members of
society there is not much else we can do at this time, but we are ready,
willing and able to proceed upon the blessings of Srila Prabhupada and
acquisition of facility.
 Individuality is where varnasrama starts. The individual must accept, from
there the instruction can expand according to time place and circumstance.
First varna, then asrama, by introspective truth and honesty. When
individuals cooperate, then they come together, one by one, two by two, to
form the start of an empire, it well manifest, this is Srila Prabhupada's
desire.  Follow the rules and regulations of Krsna consciousness as laid down
in his books. Please read SB. 8.2.30, for a good understanding of time, place
and circumstance, our normal condition of life.
  We have nothing else to say at this moment, so please give us your
blessings to continue the fight with Maya.
Thank you, Hare Krsna.  Caturbahu dasa Bhakti

PS We hope we are making sense, we are very tired at this time, Hari Bol
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> All Glories to Srila Prabhupada
>   My dear Mukunda dasa,

Obeisances prabhuji

> It is very nice to hear that maybe there is some
> other aspiring disciples of Srila Prabhupada that seem to get the
> between Krsna consciousness and material life in the form of
> daivi-varnasrama-dharma. Prabhupada has said that the purpose of
> varnasrama-dharma is to satisfy Lord Visnu. By utilizing varnasrama-dharma
> properly we, as a movement, will right the sinking ship that is ISKCON.

What is your realization of how we practically start doing this ?

>   We still have a question about your affiliation, We do not care about
> opinion of anyone else but you on this subject. Puranjan dasa does not
> our ear on this matter, as we have also had some questionable
> with him some time ago, nor does any one else's opinion or mundane
> observation pertain to our direct question to you.

I have no affiliation to apa-iskcon. When Prabhupada woke me up [in 1992-3]
after a three year stay in one of their temples i more or less lived alone
for the next few years hearing from Srila Prabhupada [tapes] I also never
associated much with the ritviks as i always felt they were more interested
in getting the false guru's out [guru tyagi's] rather than focussing on
continuing the mission i.e. giving people a facility to hear from Prabhupada
in the form of his original books and lectures.

>  We went to Satsvarupa dasa (Maharaja? We doubt it) in LA about
> varnasrama in early 78' but his response was that "I don't want to get
> politics." Don't want to get into politics? Sense when is the direct order
> the spiritual master politics? He was personally told time and time again
> do this varnasrama in ISKCON. That is not politics, but a divine
> Are you still in association with this person?

I have never really had any association with him. When i was in big illusion
in apa-iskcon i read a few of his books and was thinking of him as my pet
guru, but after i asked him a few questions and saw his angry answers i gave
up that idea.

> Or any others that were
> instrumental in administering poison to Srila Prabhupada's divine vani?

I try not to mix with those who don't have the same understanding as myself,
as Srila Prabhupada instructs:

 Friendship should be cemented between persons with mutual interests and
understanding. Such persons are said to be sva jati, "of the same caste."
The devotee should avoid a person whose character is not fixed in the
standard understanding; even though he may be a Vaisnava, or a devotee of
Krsna, if his character is not correctly representative, then he should be
avoided. One should steadily control the senses and the mind and strictly
follow the rules and regulations, and he should make friendship with persons
of the same standard.

[S.B 3.29.17]

>   The correspondence you sent on the twenty-eighth came again with a zip
> that opens but only gibberish is inside. But what came today, the
> twenty-ninth, was full to the brim with that which fills our heart with
> Daivi-varnasrama-dharma under the auspices of Prabhupada IS our heart and
> soul.
>   The gurukuli law suit is the product of demons, the same demons that
> (or tried to kill) Srila Prabhupada's vani and vapu. It is their progeny.
> What can we do?

Well i am desiring and praying to get some small booklets together and a
large sign about how Prabhupada was poisoned by these rascals, so when we go
out on Hare Krishna Food relief we can let everyone know [at least in
Manchester] that Prabhupada wasn't the ring leader of a child molester cult.
I also recently sent George Harrison a letter and some articles hoping that
he my make some public statement in defense of Prabhupada.

> These stupid Americans are lost in the lower varnas and do
> not have the intelligence to protect Prabhupada. They say that we are just
> psychotic and dysfunctional, what can we do?

I think we could all make some local propaganda as above mentioned and write
articles [i will mass e-mail anything you wish to write, 1,200 e-mail list]

>  So, we sit alone for the last 27 years hopping for some camaraderie, but
> only rhetoric comes. We think it is just to make our desire to execute the
> order of the spiritual master more pure and intense.

Yes i am going through the same thing here. Although i i recently met a few
nice devotees on the net such as Sanat, Nara Narayana and Janardana

>   We hope this finds you purely situated at the lotus feet of Srila
> Prabhupada only.

Not very pure, actually very fallen, but desiring a little more the shade of
our masters feet.

> Thank you, Hare Krsna  Caturbahu dasa Bhakti

Jai prabhu

Mukunda dasa.

P.S. I take it from your questions about my affiliation with apa-iskcon you
haven't receive any of the e-mails that i have being sending for the last
two years ?