The official reply by the Hare Krishna Society to my article:

"I've thrown out your contaminated books... 

Yes we removed your offensive pages

because you are very offensive."

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Sent: Friday, February 07, 2003 5:15 AM
Subject: [Vaisnavacouncil] Miukunda come to Los Angeles

THE HARE KRISHNA SOCIETY: I hope Mukunda dasa comes to Los Angeles so I can chop him and his family up and feed them to dogs owned by the gurukulis he helped abuse for so many years......that is a promise.....whoever wants some violence, come to los angeles and talk about gurukulis in front me.  then we will see some violence.
Note: First chopping pages now................
Fact is this foolish Bhukta from the Hare Krishna Society has being blindly listening to his sincere senior reform dog brothers like puranjana pud, and he takes what ever dog shit they says as sastra.
I lived in a small sinister iskcon temple for 3 years doing books every day, i never saw a Gurukula student.
But what i did do with Sanat prabhu was to present Prabhupada's quotes describing the punishments awaiting those who dare blaspheme a pure devotee and those who remain silent in the face of such severe offences.
So if this fool does care to come to Manchester and threaten my family then we will see who's got some balls!
THE HARE KRISHNA SOCIETY:do you need money to come to los angeles?  I would call you "Prabhu", but you are not a devotee.  you are kali-cela. please come to los angeles, kali-cela, and i will personally show you what violence is.  you call for violence, you want violence, come to
los angeles.

I can assure you that Srila Prabhupada is not happy with anything you
do or say.

You do the greatest disservice to Srila Prabhupada by falsly claiming
to be his disciple.

Awaiting your cowardly, karmi, response as i know you are a coward
sitting behind a computer, thousands of miles away. 

And if you think anyone takes anything you say seriously, you are
more disturbed than you appear to be.
THE HARE KRISHNA SOCIETY: Your Lilamrta -- Milk touched by the lips of a serpent causes poisonous effects.
Note: The correct view on the milk and the serpent.
It is said that when a foolish man is instructed in something very nice, he generally cannot accept it. Indeed, he actually becomes angry. Such anger is compared to the poison of a serpent, for when a serpent is fed milk and bananas, its poison actually increases. Instead of becoming merciful or sober, the serpent increases its poisonous venom when fed nice foodstuffs. Similarly, when a fool is instructed, he does not rectify himself, but actually becomes angry.
[S.B. 4.26.22]
Prabhupada: Yes. That is foolishness. That is foolishness. They do not take good advice. That is foolishness. Foolishness means murkhayopadeso hi prakipaya na santaye (?). Murkha, a rascal, if you give him good advice, he'll be angry. Just like a serpent, if you bring the serpent and if you tell the serpent, "My dear friend serpent, you live with me. I shall give you daily nice food, milk and banana. You'll be very pleased." So the result will be that his poison will increase. One day he'll say, "Phah! Phah!" (laughter) So these rascals are like that
[S.P. Morning Walk, December 7, 1973, Los Angeles]
Note:The Hare Krishna Society was given the Milk of Lilamrta As It Is and instead of becoming  merciful or sober, this serpent society increases its poisonous venom and cuts up the book and comes looking for the editor and his family, is it not?

THE HARE KRISHNA SOCIETY:The hare krishna society does not respond to insanity.
 To paraphrase Srila Prabhupada, "the questions of a crazy person do not need to be answered."

The Hare Krishna Society has never officially responded to anything from Mukunda dasa because nothing has ever been officially addressed to the Hare Krishna Society.
Note: So they admit that the page they chopped out [responded to] of the Lilamrta As It Is wasn't insanity but right on the money in exposing their reform cult is it not?
THE HARE KRISHNA SOCIETY: If you continue to bad mouth innocent children vicimized by ISKCON,you bet i'm looking for you and your family. I may turn up in london one day, kali-cela, so watch your back.
I've thrown out your contaminated books.  Everything Srila Prabhupada
has said is in his books and lectures.  there is no need for your
contaminated handling of Srila Prabhupada's pure teachings.  In fact,
your handling of his teachings is turning people off.  so you are
doing GREAT DISSERVICE TO SRILA PRABHUPADA. that is why you are Kali-

who would want a book by a crazy person when we have all of Srila
Prabhupada's vani already.

nice try, Kali-cela, but you wasted your time and money on something
already available and uncontaminated.

Yes we removed your offensive pages because you are very offensive. 
but now, all the books are being removed and no longer distributed by
anyone I know.  i guess that's why you are here trying to push your
contaminated book to the VC.  I can just picture you with thousands
of books that no one wants simply because they come from you, a kali-cela.