They say that "Why you criticize others also?"
 Because we have to vanquish them.
Prabhupada: Very good. This kind of meeting should be arranged. Hare Krsna. (break) It is also our business, to kill all undesirable men so-called swamis, yogis, avataras. What is that? Krsna...
Giriraja: (reading) "Krsna, who advented Himself just to kill all undesirable elements in the world..."
Prabhupada: Yes. Similarly, this movement is advented to kill all the so-called yogis, swamis, avataras, rascals, philosophers, commentators. We have to kill. Kill means... Where is your tilaka? You did not have tilaka in the morning?
Devotee: (indistinct)
Prabhupada: Ah. So this is our one of the items, to vanquish all these rascals, so-called swamis. They say that "Why you criticize others also?" Because we have to vanquish them. Now these people cannot rise. When there is sunrise, there is no use of these glowworms. So this Krsna consciousness movement is Krsna Himself. Therefore they must be finished, all over the world. So-called religionists, so-called philosophers, so-called avataras, swamis, yogis--finished. Our program should be like that. (break) ...all these rascals, anymore to flourish. That is one of our program.
[S.P. Morning Walk Excerpt May 2, 1974, Bombay]
Note: So our program is to keep the Srila Prabhupada sun shinning by printing and distributing his original books and going on Harinama Sankirtana party with Srila Prabhupada leading the chant. By having centers in which Prabhupada's trancendental vibration can be heard 24 hours daily. In these centers people can come and hear His Divine Grace twice daily give lectures and also chant in Kirtana's with him. Then what will be the use of all the glowworms from apa-Iskcon and apa-Gaudiya Matha. And another of our programs should be to criticize these undesirable men and those still influenced by their poison such as PADA, IRM, and Kapindra swami, because it is our duty to vanquish all these rascals and their offensive demoniac mentality !