Tamal insults

Prabhupada on film.

According to Vedic civilization, right hand is the superior hand, and left hand is the inferior hand. When you want to give somebody something, you must give it with the right hand. If you give it by the left hand, it is insult.
[Bhagavad-gita 2.30 Lecture, London, August 31, 1973]
Note: On the Images video [SPV 19] at the end, Tamal starts to give Prabhupada a kitchen utensil [for making chapattis with] with his right hand and then at the last second changes hands and gives His Divine Grace the utensil with his left hand. The changing hands at the last second is very revealing to me, as it shows Tamal's whole agenda of appearing as disciple but  ultimately betraying Prabhupada and making so many offences.
Another point in regards to this little clip of silent footage. It is exactly like the picture of Prahlada Maharaja in the dungeon surrounded by demons with fearful faces and sharp teeth [servants of Hiranyakasipu] who were striking his body with their tridents.
Prabhupada is meditating on the Lord and the demons Tamal, Bhakti Caru etc.. who are poisoning him at this time, are surrounding him with fearful faces.