S. Bhagavatam AFFIRMS "we must
push forward this movement tolerantly
for the benefit of human society."

Plea by Stephen Voith to the esteemed Hindu Orgs and other devotees of  Vedic Culture to not renounce the [Legal] Challenge Bull to Kali's repression and suppression of Sanatan Dharmic Cow Protection


Srimad Bhagavatam, Canto 10, Chapter 4, by HDG A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada Maharaja  (comments in brackets by Stephen Voith):


                                              The Atrocities of King Kamsa


TEXT 37   

                                                            tathapi devah sapatnyan
                                                              nopeksya iti manmahe
                                                            tatas tan-mula-khanane
                                                              niyunksvasman anuvratan


tatha api - still; devah - demigods; sapatnyat - due to enmity; na upeksyah - should not be neglected; iti manmahe - this is our opinion; tatah - therefore; tat-mula-khanane - to uproot them completely; niyunksva - engage; asman - us; anuvratan - who are ready to follow




Nonetheless, because of their enmity, our opinion is that the demigods should not be neglected. Therefore, to uproot them completely, engage us in fighting with them, for we are ready to follow you.




According to moral instructions, one should not neglect to extinguish a fire completely, treat diseases completely, and clear debts completely. Otherwise they will increase and later be difficult to stop. Therefore the ministers advised Kamsa to uproot his enemies completely.


[And if we do not set a precedent of establishing our right to protect cows - even where cows are allowed expressly to be raised for slaughter -- then it will be very difficult to establish in future.]


                                                                         TEXT 38




As a disease, if initially neglected, becomes acute and impossible to cure, or as the senses, if not controlled at first, are impossible to control later, an enemy, if neglected in the beginning, later becomes insurmountable.


                                                                         TEXT 39



The foundation of all the demigods is Lord Visnu, who lives and is worshiped wherever there are religious principles, traditional culture, the Vedas, cows, brahmanas, auterities, and sacrifices with proper remuneration.




Here is a description of santana-dharma, eternal religious principles, which must include brahminical culture, brahmanas, sacrifices and religion. These principles establish the kingdom of Visnu. Without the kingdom of Visnu, the kingdom of God, no one can be happy. Na te viduh svartha-gatim hi visnum: in this demoniac civilization, people unfortunately do not understand that the self-interest of human society lies in Visnu. Durasaya ye bahir-artha-maninah: thus they are involved in a hopeless hope. People want to be happy without God consciousness, or Krsna consciousness, because they are led by blind leaders who lead human society to chaos. The asuric adherents of Kamsa wanted to disrupt the traditional condition of human happiness and thus defeat the devatas, the devotees and demigods. Unless the devotees and demigods predominate, the asuras will increase, and human society will be in a chaotic condition.


[So, unless we take up the challenge by the demoniac Kali-court, and fight for sanatan dharma/cow protection, our children and our children's children's children will be obliged to live in an increasingly chaotic society, where the asuras increase and persecute the devotees and demigods more and more. Just as we read daily accounts of devotees being harassed in this country and all around the world; if we don't take up the challenge to prosecute the duties of the followers of Vedic Culture and sanatan dharma, the future will be dark . . .]


                                                                           TEXT 40



O King, we, who are your adherents in all respects, shall therefore kill the Vedic brahmanas, the persons engaged in offering sacrifices and austerities, and the cows that supply milk, from which clarified butter is obtained for the ingredients of sacrifice.


                                                                           TEXT 41




The brahmanas, the cows, Vedic knowledge, austerity, truthfulness, control of the mind and senses, faith, mercy, tolerance and sacrifice are the different parts of the body of Lord Visnu, and they are the parpaphernalia for a godly civilization.




When we offer our obeisances to the Personality of Godhead, we say:


                                                                namo brahmanya-devaya

                                                                   go-brahmana-hitaya ca

                                                                jagad-dhitaya krsnaya

                                                                   govindaya namo namah


When Krsna comes to establish real perfection in the social order, He personally gives protection to the cows and the brahmanas (go-brahmana-hitaya ca). This is His first interest because without protection of the brahmanas and the cows, there can be no human civilization and no question of happy, peaceful life. Asuras, therefore, are always interested in killing the brahmanas and cows. Especially in this age, Kali-yuga, cows are being killed all over the world, AND AS SOON AS THERE IS A MOVEMENT TO ESTABLISH BRAHMINICAL CIVILIZATION, PEOPLE IN GENERAL REBEL.Thus they regard the Krsna consciousness movement as a form of "brainwashing." How can such envious persons be happy in their godless civilization? The Supreme Personality of Godhead punishes them by keeping them in darkness, birth after birth, and pushing them lower and lower into wretched conditions of hellish life. The Krsna consciousness movement has started a brahminical civilization, but especially when it is introduced in the Western countries, the asuras try to impede it in many ways. Nonetheless, we must push forward this movement tolerantly for the benefit of human society.


[Thus if we wish to benefit human society and our children, we have no choice but to take up Kali's asuric challenge in this legal battle (to protect cows).If we remounce this supreme duty, it will be a disgrace, because the Gita states that renunciation in the mode of ignorance leads to infamy. "And for one who has been honored, DISHONOR IS WORSE THAN DEATH."]

Jai Govinda-Gopal!

Stephen Voith