Quarrel between husband and wife, nobody cares. Nobody takes very seriously
And similarly, dam-pate kalahe, I mean to say, "war between husband and wife..." So these things are to be taken as insignificant. So, of course, in India the quarrel between husband and wife, nobody cares. Nobody takes very seriously. The husband may complain, the wife may complain. Everyone says, "Yes, yes. That's all right. It will be all right." They never go to court for divorce. You see? But it is... There is no seriousness. And actually it is fact. I have seen a serious. They are divorced, but still, the husband is anxious for the wife, and the wife is anxious for the husband. The divorce is artificial. The husband and wife, the combination, that cannot be cut off. So one should tolerate these things. If there is some misunderstanding, they should not go to the court for divorce. They should tolerate. These are some of the rules for spiritual advancement.
[Bhagavad-gita Lecture, 6.32-40, New York, September 14, 1966]
Prabhupada: ...quarrel, my wife never thought of any other man; neither I thought of any other woman.
Dr. Patel: Why? Because of the background.
Prabhupada: Although we fought, but there was no such thing. (break) Fighting is natural. This is fight of love. This is not fight... Therefore Canakya Pandita has said, "Neglect this fighting. Don't take it seriously." Dam-patye kalahe bambharambhe laghu kriya (?). This should not be... Quarrel between husband and wife should not be taken seriously. Let them fight. It will stop automatically. That's all.
[S.P. Morning Walk, March 27, 1974, Bombay]
Note: So if you find yourself poking your nose in other peoples marriages,  getting seriously involved in the quarrels of husband and wife and then gossip about this to others, then you can congratulate yourself on becoming a bona-fide member of the growing Envious Vicenava Backbiting Cricket Community. 


Envious Vicenava Backbiting Cricket Community. 


In Srimad-Bhagavatam it is said that the Bhagavata philosophy is meant for people who are completely free from envy (paramo nirmatsaranam). The material world is full of envious people. Even within one's inner circle there is much backbiting, and this is compared to the sound vibration of a cricket in the forest. One cannot see the cricket, but one bears its sounds and thus becomes aggrieved. When one takes to Krsna consciousness, one always hears unpalatable words from relatives. This is the nature of the world; one cannot avoid mental distress due to the backbiting of envious people.
[Srimad Bhagavatam 5.13.5]
The cricket is the harsh words spoken by our enemy during our absence.
[Srimad Bhagavatam 5.14.46]