Why do say that Turleyīs accusations against SP--that he knew about and covered up the molesting, etc.--are "nominal"? 
JAYA KRSNA DAS: 1. Why do say that Turleyīs accusations against SP--that he knew about and covered up the molesting, etc.--are "nominal"? 

[PADA: Turley never said that himself, rather the molested children said that, and he put that in his case. That was taught to the kids by the adults. Like Sanat and his wife who was a teacher.]
JAYA KRSNA DAS reply: Your reaction to Turley putting this blasphemy in writing--not his source--is my question.

JAYA KRSNA DAS : This is beyond my comprehension, because you are very intelligent, and must realize the severity of such statements.

[PADA: Before the Turley case was filed there was a rash of maybe six or seven child suicides in about six months. That would have got into the media, Krishna children killing themselves, this would have provided worse publicity. So lesser suicides is the more nominal case, right?

JAYA KRSNA DAS reply: You lost me there. I thought guru aparadha was the worst offense (Yes, "much worse" than suicide).

Or else, do  you think our children should die as a means of silencing them? I am not sure what your point is? Of course we tried to negotiate that point, but just then when we were in touch with some of the kulis, Sanat and Mukunda volunteered to kill all the children themselves, while I was trying to negotiate these statements, so Sanat and Mukunda interference convinced Turley and the children all the more to keep in the offensive statements. Sanat and Mukunda kept those statements in by their interference, the negotiations stopped. I told Mukunda I was negotiating so keep a lid on it but no, he said these kids have to die in public. Turley and the kids were disgusted.] 
JAYA KRSNA DAS reply: You like to list things chronologically. Letīs try:
1. Turley & co. write unprecedented blasphemy about Srila Prabhupada.

2. Mukunda dasa defends Srila Prabhupada, and quotes HDG to remind everyone how serious & severe this is.

3. Puranjana dasa accuses Mukunda of wanting to kill gurukulis by quoting such appropriate Srila Prabhupada statements.


JAYA KRSNA DAS : Do you think smashing the GBC leaders and poisoners is so important, SP can be dragged in the mud to do it?

[PADA: Srila Prabhupada was not dragged into the mud? There never was any public court hearing and the statements are unknown  to the public, except for a few fools like Sanat and Mukunda who are repeating these statements in public all day long, they are the ones making this public. This was not ever made public? Who besides Sanat and Mukunda are making this public?]

JAYA KRSNA DAS reply: Supporting a blasphemous case is dragging SP in the mud, I think, yes. Where does Srila Prabhupada say that only "well-publicized" blasphemy is serious? Are you saying we should tolerateĻ"a little" blasphemy against HDG?

By "making this public," Mukunda was dutifully warning everyone about the insidious nature of this case which is like a jewel-hooded serpent.

JAYA KRSNA DAS: 2.Why do you repeatedly say Sanat & Mukunda are out to hurt the ex gurukulis? 

 [PADA: They wrote in their newsletter that the children should be killed, chopped up and fed to dogs,

JAYA KRSNA DAS reply: I donīt think you can show me anything remotely like this in their writing.

this alienated the children I was working on  and the kids went off thinking the offending statements are true,

JAYA KRSNA DAS reply: If they thought like that, itīs no one elseīs fault. Why didnīt you help them to put SPīs statements in proper perspective, thus removing their doubts about him?

so they  hurt these children and hurt the case.

JAYA KRSNA DAS reply: All glories to their hurting this blasphemous case!!!

Sanat wrote that he cannot attend festivals anymore, no kidding some of these kids hate these guys guts so bad you cannot believe, kill the molested, they hate this Sanat and Mukunda with severeity. So they convinced some kulis that Prabhupada hates children, they convinced people that Prabhupada is a child hater and a
child killer. That is the result of their handiwork.] 

JAYA KRSNA DAS reply: I think the opposite is true. Any sincere ex kuli would appreciate their loyalty to SP, and how SP is none of these horrible things which "the case"--not Sanat & Mukunda--are trying to portray SP to be. If some bewildered kulis think SP hates children, etc., it is definitely not because of Sanat & Mukundaīs writing, and I challenge you to disprove this or retract such a severe accusation against Mukunda & Sanat prabhus.
JAYA KRSNA DAS: I know Mukunda dasa personally, and all he ever objects to is ex kulis supporting Turley, for reasons cited above.

[PADA: So Mukunda convinced the children that Prabhupada did not like children by saying children should be killed. Mukunda is the one who upset the children and halted our negotiations, and kept those statements intact.]

JAYA KRSNA DAS reply: Nobody said "children" should be killed; but blasphemers may be, so hey, kids, please respect the guru!
JAYA KRSNA DAS: Sometimes he has quoted SPīs heavy statements about guru-blasphemers.

PADA: And for him to say that Prabhupada wants to kill children and chop them up he paints Prabhupada as a child killer, making Turley look like a saint to the kids. So Mukunda is saying that Prabhupada is a killer of victimized children, that is his idea of glorification? He is everyday convincing people Prabhupada is a child killer?]

JAYA KRSNA DAS reply: Youīve created this "straw-man", and you keep knocking it down. I repeat: Nobody that Iīm aware of ever said anything remotely like this about SP except the Turley case, and I challenge you to prove otherwise, or admit that you created the false straw man.

JAYA KRSNA DAS: Why do you think this is innapropriate? Sulocana did this.
[PADA: Sulocana NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER  NEVER said the victims should be killed, this is BOOOOOOOGGGGGUSSSS! He loved the victims. Where did he say we have to kill victimized children and chop them up?]

JAYA KRSNA DAS reply: I DIDNīT SAY HE DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE RE-READ MY LAST SENTENCE!! Sulocana wrote IN RESPONSE TO GURU-APARADHIS, īThe time has come for violence...ī

Prabhu, you are so expert at extrapolating and putting words into peopleīs mouths!

Excuse me prabhu for stating the obvious, but blasphemy against SP is UNACCEPTABLE whether itīs coming from hard-core atheists, confused ex-gurukulis or anyone else. Furthermore, it is the duty of SPīs disciples to react strongly to defend HDG against such attacks. Whether it is Krsnaīs plan to smash apa-ISKON this way or that way we do not know. But if we "support" rather than "oppose" clear blasphemy when it appears, we are on the "wrong" side, and will in the long run produce more unnecessary suicides, etc., than our materialistic calculations can imagine.

JAYA KRSNA DAS: Anyway, its nice youīre still fighting for HDG. YS, JKD

[PADA: Thanks. By the way Sanat said that when you have a lawyer you compromise with him, then he got the ACLU as his lawyers, the defenders of the man boy lovers club (NAMBLA) as his lawyer, so by his own standard he defends butt fucking of children by adults. Even a dog is a saint compared to that, he never defends butt sex with kids like Sanat and Mukunda's  lawyers. thanks pd]

JAYA KRSNA DAS reply: Can we not engage anyone in Krsnaīs service? If I get an ax-murderer to do seva, am I supporting murder?

Whew! ys jkd