Seeking Justice at All Costs

May 07, ANGELICA, NY (SUN) Please give careful consideration to the following: The New York Times article should unquestionably be the fuel that ignites the burning fire of spiritual anger in all of us -- as Hanumanji felt when going to avenge Mother Sitadevi's kidnapping by Ravana -- to seek out Justice at ALL costs.

Why do i say this? It's not the article per se, but how the article underscored the opposition's quintessential hypocrisy, and particularly the Appellate Court's demonic affirmation of both the Village's and lower Court's ruling and opinion. This recent NYT's article nicely states that the Court upheld the decision that we could not even testify to make a religious argument. Not that we were allowed to put on our case and argue on religious grounds and THEN the Court said no, the cows have to go. THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN ITSELF A HORRIBLE DECISION AND GROUNDS FOR FIGHTING VIGOROUSLY TO ESTABLISH THE RIGHT OF HINDUS AND FOLLOWERS OF VEDIC CULTURE TO OBTAIN FAIRNESS IN A HIGHER COURT.

But the fact that two courts have totally gagged us from even putting on a case involving religious rights is CLEARLY 1000 times worse!!

I challenge anyone to find a case similar to this one in which a defendant has been fully and unequivocally disallowed from even arguing based on their religion. Did the Judge in the Dennis Blackhawk case rule like that, and with no further argument, shut down Blackhawk's case and issue an injunction against his religiously-revered black bears? No, of course not; and there would have undoubtedly been sharp outrage expressed by the Native American community and civil rights groups and others if such a precedent, a legal atrocity had been set, in this day and age.

I have never come across an instance that mimics the egregious actions taken against our family in this case! NOR HAS ANYONE ELSE!!

Look closely at the Pelham Manor v. Crea case cited by Justice Nenno (that's three Ns and an O!) involving [non-religiously revered] pigeons, a clear-cut zoning ruling of GENERAL APPLICABILITY. That Pelham Manor case is the [bogus, inconceivabull] justification this rascal judge Nenno gave on May 7, 2003 in State Supreme Court, for banning our sacred cows, even while this miscreant-Judge knows very, very well that beef cows and goats -- as per Maurice Cairns' first testimony in Nenno's (cow/soul-killing) court -- have been raised on his one-acre parcel (NON-contiguous with his 20-acres out back) for over 30 years.

Then, read carefully again, if you will, Robin Moest's brilliant Brief and proper, accurate application of First Amendment cases that do have many of the same elements as our case. Then consider please that the Stalinesque judges in Rochester made Robin's wonderful document conspicuous by its absence in their hallucinatory, anti-First Amendment, anti-"inalienable rights"- Decision; made mention of the respectable Amici and their grave spiritual observations on the religious significance of cows in their/our religious practice conspicuous by their absence in the Appellate Court's all-too-brief, and pre-ordained Gestapo-decision: 'Achtung, Voiths, ve vill have none of dose bothersome 'holy' cows here - you HEAR?!!'

So, it may seem like just another unjustice handed down in a court of law; but truly this one is WITHOUT PRECEDENT in 230 years of American Jurisprudence. And for two reasons: 1) First time members of a major world religion have not even been granted their Due Process right and First Amendment Right to explain their religious belief, to argue for an exemption based thereon, and to show how the opposition has illegally interfered with their religious practices, assembly, free speech, and Equal Protection under the law; and furthermore, to counter sue for religious rights deprivation, intimidation, religiously-motivated hostility and harassment by both residents and public officials, etc; and 2) The first time that Hindus and even American Hindus have been totally repelled and stopped by a court from invoking a First Amendment defense to protect cows or keep cows for on religious grounds even in a village that DOES NOT HAVE A GENERAL LAW OF APPLICABILITY AGAINST COWS OR OTHER SO-CALLED FARM ANIMALS, and allows 'farm animals under at least five (SECULAR) conditions: 1) 'Grandfathered"; 2) adjunct farm, no permit required; 3) 10 acres, no permit required; 4) fewer than 10 acres, permit required, at the discretion of a Village Board; 5) County Fair keeps thousands of livestock on only a few acres two weeks of the year, adjacent to the Angelica Business District, yet NOT ONE farmer who brings those animals is required to get a permit - proof that raising animals inside and outside the village for economic reasons of exploitation is quite satisfactory to this Village.

Additionally, the Amish as well as pleasure-riders, are permitted to bring their horses into the Village, and even keep them tied up near peoples' houses (for an entire day) for whom they have contracted work - whereas the Village threatened us with legal action even for bringing our religiously-revered cows to our lot for a ten-minute pickup of hay to be delivered to the beef farm next-door, when we had boarded our cows there from 199 thru July, 2001.

We should not be cowed by the court and public opinion to think that we are a 'religious minority,' but factually and actually a RELIGIOUS MAJORITY, since cow-revering Hindus (and others as well) number at least 800,000,000 or more, whereas cow-eating Americans, for example, don't number more than 275 million. So our numbers are treble theirs, and thiis should be observed and felt with supreme confidence.

Just like in the Kuruksetra Battle, the Saintly Pandavas appeared greatly outnumbered, but not from the spiritual perspective. Lord Krishna was on their side, and wherever is the Lord are also the demigods and the entire spiritual abode, numbering unlimited souls; thus vastly 'outnumbering' the opposing side.

And therefore, Sanjaya spoke the most famous last words of the Sacred Bhagavad-gita:

yatra yogesvarah krsno
yatra partho dhanur-dharah
tatra srir vijayo bhutir
dhruva nitir matir mama

Wherever there is Krishna, the master of all mystics, and wherever there is Arjuna, the supreme archer, there will also certainly be opulence, VICTORY, extraordinary power, and morality. That is my opinion.

om tat sat

Staying to fight for the Lord's Cows at all costs,

your servant in Angelica,

Stephen Voith