ITV Video's offensive

 to Prabhupada!

There is no difference between me and my picture. Therefore we should honor and keep pictures in that spirit. If we throw pictures this way and that way, that is offence. The name and picture are as good as the person in spiritual world. In the material world either picture or person, everything is illusion.
[S.P.  Letter to: Jadurani, New Vrindaban, 4 September, 1972]
Note: ITV [Iskcon Television] have compiled some video's called "Festivals with Srila Prabhupada". These video's have various pictures of His Divine Grace shown along with the festival lectures. The pictures are like a slide show and the editors of these video's have used some modern technology to go from picture to picture. There are various effects for this movement from one picture to the next but two effects which are very offensive are that the picture is torn completely in half or it shatters as if it were glass!
There is no difference between Prabhupada and his picture, please sort this out. Your making these video's is like making sweet rice but this offensive editing is like throwing sand in it. We can't enjoy the nectar because of your offensive sand grains.