Harikesa: Change of government means getting poorer.
Prabhupada: Hm?
Harikesa: A change of government...
Prabhupada: Change of government... Just like they say, a change of theories by the rascals. Change means rascal.
Harikesa: But as soon as a government changes...
Prabhupada: Anything change means it is the domain of rascals, pandemonium. Just like in Manu-samhita it is said that, nasyam svatantratam arhati, women should not be given independence. Once said, that is fact. If you want to change, you suffer. That's all.
Hari-sauri: Any deviation from absolute law means immediately suffering.
Prabhupada: Bas, immediately you have to suffer.
[Srila Prabhupada Morning Walk, December 14, 1975, New Delhi]

IRM ON NAME CHANGE "The loose coalition of different devotees formally known as the 'ISKCON Reform Group', (IRG), will now be joined together in a more formal structure, (details to be given in other resolutions), and will be known as the ISKCON Revival Movement (IRM)."