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VHP and right to keep cows


We urge the civil society in USA to persuade the radical Hindus in India( most of them have signed for special privilege to keep a cow in the Court yard) to uphold constitutional guarantees for Christians in India before they espouse the special privileges for Hindus in USA. As a recent migrant(most of them illegal) Sangh Parivar is conscious of rights in the USA but Christians as people lived in 2000 years building modern India should be treated like second class citizens according to the RSS IDEOLOGUE GOLWALKAR It is time to stop this double talk and hypocrisy .If Sangh Parivar should ask for the special rights they should be willing to giverights to others in India

Hindu couple challenges US fiat

Six Hindu organisations have joined hands in support of an American Hindu couple who are challenging a court order that forbids them from keeping cows on their property.

Six Hindu organisations have joined hands in support of an American Hindu couple who are challenging a court order that forbids them from keeping cows on their property. The support comes in the form of an amicus, or friends of the court brief that has been filed with the appeals court in Rochester, New York state, and argues that an American Hindu family is the victim of local laws that have been misused to discriminate against them.
Global council of Indian Christians(GCIC) wants the the Hindu organisations to take action to repeal the anti conversion bill passed y the Rajasthan State government in India. Most of the signatories against discrimination in the USA are the champions of discrimination against Christians. The Hindu activists fighting to keep a holy cow where as in India Christians are fighting to keep the holy Bible. Many reports indicate the the rabid Hindus claim for special rights in the US are alleged to be involved in the "Green card terrorism" against Christians

The six Hindu organisations are the Hindu American Foundation, Bochasanwasi Shri Akshar Pursushottam Swaminathan Sanstha (known as Baps), Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America, Arshya Vidya Gurukulam, Jaina:
The Federation of Jain Associations in America, and the Pusti Margiya Vasihnav Samaj of North America (known as Vraj). Their Amicus brief has been filed in support of International Society for Krishna Consciousness
(ISKCON) members Linda and Stephen Voith who live with their seven children in the village of Angelica in New York. A decade after joining ISKCON in 1977 and 1980 the Voiths identified a two-and- a-half acre property in Angelica and moved there with a handful of cows with the aim of operating a Vedic Cow Protection and Agricultural Centre.

In order to stay within local laws which stipulate that farm owners must have at least 10 acres of ground on which their animals can graze, the couple bought an additional 12 acres of land across the street from their home. Local families objected, saying the grazing land was not adjacent to the Voiths home, and managed to get a court injunction ordering the removal of their cows. For a short period the couple moved to the Lakshmi Cow Sanctuary in the neighbouring state of Pennsylvania where the ex- Dean of New York City Technical College, Dr Shankara Shastri, has retired to live with some of his own cows.

Six months later they have returned to Angelica and, pending their appeal, they maintain their six cows in the village of Alfred, which is a 20- minute drive from their home.

A statement issued by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America said, "There are double standards being followed: one for the Voiths and another for the rest of the community in Angelica. We consider this to be an act of discrimination." On their tussle with the law and how they have been treated in Angelica, Stephen Voith said, "Only our cows have been banned. Our neighbour runs a beef farm behind our house. He is allowed to raise beef cows and billy goats on a one acre parcel right next to our property."

sajan k George
National president

To: Sajan K.George, National President, Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC)

Dear Sir,

I have read your statement titled – ‘VHP and Right to keep Cows’, which I received via the Internet on 26 April, 2006.

My wife and I and our Christian Cowherd friends in Pennsylvania all took exception to your message and that’s why I am writing to you.

We are the Voiths, the subject of discrimination for keeping culturally and religiously-revered cows in Angelica, NY, about whom you have written in your annoyance with “rabid Hindus” for supporting our “special privilege” to keep cows, whilst they allegedly are supporting a regional Indian governmental law banning “conversions”.

Though I have some slight understanding of Indian/Muslim problems and disparities within the great land of Bharatvarsa, I have zero knowledge or experience of Indian Hindu/Indian Christian problems as you have referred to them in your un-Christian characterization.

All of us who have read the contents of your letter feel that:

Your letter appears to be definitely based in anger and past bad experiences that your sect has experienced at the hands of the Hindu majority; and you seem to put forward a political, not a spiritual solution to your plight.

So on this point, please allow me to humbly add my two sense, and kindly forgive me if you feel my speech is offensive. I don’t intend to offend, just to speak to the facts as I see them.

But I assure you that Christian Brotherly Love is truly our goal – since Christ is wholly Spiritual, and following His Eternal, Universal Principles can, in and of themselves, liberate planet earth from all material problems created by man’s ignore-ance of God’s Laws.

And, to be honest, at the outset, I really, truly wish you well - and your group well - from my heart; and we all hope and pray that the time is soon to come when all peoples of the bona fide religious sects of the world will be pleased to learn to settle age-old differences, bury grudges, and thereby help to usher in the Kingdom of God NOW; and not to wait another 1,000 or 10,000 years before we can look at our Brothers of all cultural and religious back rounds, and see them with EQUAL VISION, as sons and daughters of the One God, who are all deserving of our utmost respect, since the Lord of All resides within each soul’s heart, and is the Supreme Witness of every being’s actions

My son recently spent a year attending the weekly Holy Bible meetings of a neighboring family of Jehova’s Witnesses. We always looked at the magazines together which he would return with. A familiar theme which was covered in the JW literature was the coming Kingdom of [Jehova] God, or of Christ. Usually there would be a nice color photo on the cover, showing the lion and the lamb, and also the human beings, laying down or being together, as though it were the Garden of Eden restored on earth by dint of man becoming purified of his lower instincts, and treating his fellow man and also the animals with love and respect instead of exploitation and greed, avarice, etc.

These ideas are very nice, but we will always ask:


Why does man HAVE TO go on sinning against his fellow man and against the poor animals for decades and centuries together, as though he will automatically at some pre or un-determined time suddenly be ‘forced’ by God to behave himself?

If it was freewill for Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel and on down through the Millenia, then it MUST BE FREE WILL NOW as well. So, then, why shall we not, today, act rightly - individually and collectively - and bring the Christ/God-centered Eden back to planet earth/ Mother Bhumi this minute?!

Is that not a sensible proposition?

Now, you advertise yourself as a devout adherent of Lord Jesus Christ, and that is why I suggest that your efforts to attain peace between your group and the Indian Hindus will only find success on the spiritual platform of love (since Christ and God mean LOVE, as our Spiritual Master, Srila Prabhupada, has also explained in his teachings.).

So Love, ‘all we need is love’ to change course from dissension and divisiveness to acceptance, mutually respectful dealings, and healing past grievances, trespasses and age-old grudges.

Love is the only means to heal. Not hatred and politics, as we noted in your diatribe against these religious Hindu groups who have supported our right to keep cows.

We regretted to see your writings, imbued with rhetoric of a divisive, not UNIFYING nature. You are a leader of an important organization, and the saying is, ‘as the great men act, the common men follow,’ so we must be very cautious in our speech and writing, so as not to agitate others minds and disturb their spiritual life and consciousness, following the devout path as chalked out by Lord Jesus Christ in His perfect Teachings.

That path can easily be traversed by emulating the perfect example of the Messiah, the Son of God, Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

Christ first and foremost presented the first two Commandments as an antidote to interpersonal suffering and miscommunication and distrust:

Love the Lord thy God with all your heart, soul and mind; and thy neighbor as thyself.

The second Commandment is synonymous with the Golden Rule. The Golden Rule is synonymous with pridelessness and humility and self-inspection on a constant basis, is it not, Sir?

Therefore, Lord Jesus Christ taught how human beings can live harmoniously. He asked why men were so eager to ‘remove the splinter’ in their brother’s eye, when the same person had a mote or plank in his own eye. Christ was stringent on the point that one cannot correct others or throw out Mammon if one isn’t humble enough to admit one’s own sins, faults and defects of character. He even went to the extreme point (in underscoring the above) by saying how in the end, at Judgment Day, so many people would come [wailing] to the Savior how they had cast out demons in Christ’s name, etc., but Christ would reject them as ‘workers of iniquity,’ because obviously they had been acting on their own whims and not in the process treating their neighbors and brothers as Jesus demanded of them as spiritual aspirants, LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS THYSELF .

So you have mentioned ‘hypocrisy’ in your statement about the Hindus not supporting your rights to Convert others to Christianity, and you have unfortunately exhibited the same quality by suggesting that ‘American Civil Society’ not grant the Voiths (whom you don’t know from
Adam) our right to keep cows unless and until those ‘rabid hindus’
satisfy your demands of equal treatment by – I assume – petitioning the Regional Indian Government to overturn its ‘inequal treatment law’
against the Indian Christians (presumably prohibiting them from ‘converting’ Hindus and others to their own religious orientation).

Can you picture the Christ Himself acting in this manner to achieve an end? Can you even suggest – without feeling that it would be blasphemy to do so - that when some group appeared to oppose Him (and many groups and persons did so oppose the Messiah’s preaching endeavors from every side) - can you really say honestly that the Christ might take the same route you have taken, That He would request an entire country (“civil society in USA”) to deny support to one religious group in order to avenge the repression He Himself might have experienced at the hands of the Senhedren, the Romans, etc.?

I don’t think you can possibly make that argument. But since you are acting as a representative of Christ’ Church - of the most Pure and Perfect Soul, Lord Jesus Christ - then the public has a right to expect that you will emulate the spiritual qualities of God’s Son, and not become deviated into political infighting with other ‘opposing’ sects.

Is not example better than precept? The example of self-examination and rooting out one’s own defects, as Christ taught (‘Remove the mote from thine own eye before you will excise the splinter from thine Brother’s eye’), will work better for you in your attempts to be free of governmental restrictions on your preaching work; and especially in your peaceful coexistence with Hindu religious groups, and anyone else.

After all, you have inferred that you want the Hindus to first work to change the ‘anti-Conversion’ law before they will support our right to keep the cow in our Courtyard. Now, wouldn’t your appeal have a far better chance of being favorably received by Hindu groups and others, if you were to – as leader of your Christian Global Council – be self-deprecating, admit to perhaps some egregious actions of Christians against Hindus in the past, and show that you are human, not above reproach in all circumstances, not blameless in causing fractured dealings or responding to hate with more hate.

Or by admitting that sometimes you err by inciting hatred rather than what your Master, Lord Jesus Christ demands: LOVE THINE ENEMEY?

(Should we not always remember Christ’s Teaching that everyone loves his friends and family, but a true follower loves his enemy?)

Would not the Indian Hindus be more willing to bend a little in order to rectify past mutually sour dealings if Indian Christian leaders such as yourself, were to write [to them] in an humble, Christ-like manner, seeking true understanding and mutual acceptance for the higher principle of setting a good example for our children and future generations?? Generations who might otherwise reject the pure path of spiritual principles if the only examples on historical record happen to be recriminating, self-serving and hypocritical dealings between major religious/cultural Organizations?

Just consider: if you wish to simply lump all Hindu groups together and paint them with a broad brush stroke of invective and calumny, should you then not expect that the Hindus will turn you off, and perhaps work even more vigorously to influence the (Hindu majority) government to deny the Indian Christians Equal Protections under the Law?

What is the goal here? continued divisiveness or mutual acceptance?

Here is another important point to be considered, since your article brings my family’s name (and our benign religious/cultural – Christ-centered – activities of protecting the defenseless cow) into the fray:

Our family has been attacked many, many times by members of this community posing themselves as Christians, and with full local and regional governmental support (even a blind eye being turned by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, when residents’ actions nearly resulted in the death of one of our children on 9/11/01 while we performed a Prayer Vigil for victims of that day’s horrific attacks, using a bullock cart and singing God’s Names in procession – which we have a video from that day that includes a verbal assault against our family and religious practice by the Angelica [Catholic] Mayor, with police officials standing to his rear – and that video and many other video evidences of such ‘Christian Compassion’ will soon be downloadable from the
Internet) - Do you think that our family has reacted to these religiously-motivated crimes as you have in your insulting letter against the Hindus? Do you believe that we would have added insult to injury – to purportedly assuage our injury and avenge the egregious actions of our tormentors - by publicly denouncing the entire Christian community here in the States; and, then, after offending millions of peoples’ sensibilities, we would foolishly go before the Courts and Government and demand compassion and equal treatment from them?

This would be contradictory and counterproductive. Rather, our consistent response to such persecution and ignorance (aside from a few public protests, in the Gandhian mode), has been to remain ‘tolerant than the tree’ for many years, enduring continual and incessant state-supported harassment and assaults on our religious liberties, especially by the governmental officials and judges in the so-called ‘Free American Judicial System.’

And by remaining true to our native Christian heritage and beliefs of accepting our God-given austerity in all humility at our command, many individuals have come to our aid, including members of the news media, lawyers, religious groups, not just Hindu, but local Christian groups as well (we have another video of two esteemed Christian Pastors in our home in 2002, giving us full moral support after having read about some violent attacks against our family by community members. These respected Pastors in the Christian community came from a region 40 kilometers from our home. And they stated that when it was appropriate, they would defend us and try to counter false propaganda against our family.

Also, as a result of our striving to follow Christ’s Example of tolerance throughout this years-long ordeal, three different attorneys have given almost entirely free legal assistance. The main attorney, however, though born a Christian, is now a “practicing Atheist”. He’s very intelligent and I believe (from our talks together) that he’s mainly an atheist because he’s seen so much rampant phoniness by purported religious practitioners, ESPECIALLY CHRISTIANS. (Our Spiritual Master, Srila Prabhupada has written that it’s natural AND DESIRABLE for people to reject religion when it becomes so-called religiosity, or cheating religion).

Anyhow, our ‘Attorney-In-Chief’ has donated over Rupees 3 Crore since
2002 in the thousands of hours he has spent defending us in several different courts. He decided to help us pro bono in March, 2002, when he first read news reports about the shocking discrimination that was being leveled against our family especially by publicly elected (Christian) Officials.

As a result of the local community trying to stop our religious practices even by force and intimidation, the outlying communities seem to unanimously condemn this village (of Angelica, NY) and give cent percent support to our family.

If you doubt my words, I will happily send to you a phone directory of Buffalo, NY – or any outlying community – and you may call random people and ask them their views on the Voith cow case. Ordinary Christians are our best advocates. In fact, a very devout Christian news reporter from the Cuba Patriot (who has since passed away from cancer disease), wrote very favorable stories about our plight in the early years. (You can find some of her stories easily on the Internet - her name is Cindy White). She repeatedly told us back in 2001 that:

“You guys are nice, and I don’t subscribe to your religious affiliation, but if I don’t defend you, then they can come next and stop me in my religious practices – what goes around, comes around. . . “

Now, in your statement against the Hindu Orgs supporting the Voiths, you do not mention any specific actions that the Hindus have actually taken against Christians in your country. Can you please explain for us why you say they are all ‘rabid’? The only ‘fact’ you give is that the government has passed an anti-Conversion law. You don’t say what role the Hindus played in that, if any.

This does not sound like a Christ-sanctioned process; nor will you ultimately spread Lord Jesus Christ’s Pure Teachings effectively if you refuse to abide by both His example and precept in your dealings with other religious sects, since you claim to be a leader within His Church.

It is an unalterable fact that Christ’s Church is only His Church, and is not subject to control by any materially-motivated impersonators; rather, according to Lord Jesus Christ (the Eternal Presiding Deity) ChristChurch is solely governed by the Spiritual Principles espoused in the Bible and revealed in the unassailable Character and Precept of the Son of God Himself.. Do you agree with this Axiom? His Word/Order is Eternal and just as Fresh and Potent today as it was 2,000 years ago!

So, please see my message as constructive, because smearing the characters of the followers of an entire Religious Culture is against or anti the Christ, and it creates calamity and divisiveness in human society. (And my message will be the same to any Hindu groups that may attack other religious groups – in fact, I wrote about this in detail in 1992 in my self-published Expose’ on ISKCON, wherein I set forth Srila Prabhupada’s own statements in admonishing the Hindus in their dealings with the Muslims, ie. that their dealings lacked love and “Vrindavana Consciousness,” and that hate victimizes and degrades the very persons exercising it).

If even the lion and lamb can lie down together in the Garden of Eden, why cannot man figure out how to squelch his own egotism and give up hatred and self-destructive animosity on the basis of religion? This he should do for the higher cause of harmony and serenity in human society. Shouldn’t we all try with all our hearts, minds and souls to NOW give up enmity with our fellow man and love God and our neighbor as ourself?

To illustrate this point:

The sun, a material object, is everyone’s sun, no matter what language one uses to name it the sun. How can God be only God for one group of people just because different cultures have their own nomenclature for the ONE Supreme Being? . . .There cannot be two Gods, and we should all think deeply on this subject, and just stop and consider how ludicrous
(OFFENSIVE) it must appear to God to see people killing one another on the basis of whose God is the real one. Would it not seem very crazy if people suddenly started spilling blood over whose sun it is, and fighting to prove that only one particular group had the right grasp of the sun and the sun was exclusively in their camp, their property – and that only their name for the sun is bona fide?

Now, on the (your) main issue of the ‘Anti-Conversion Law,’ I feel the main point I have to convey to your good self is this:

There is NO material law that can prevent you or ANY one from ‘converting’ another soul to the true path of Godliness, which Christ taught by His Personal Example. Could the Romans or the leaders of the Church of the day, actually stop Christ from making Disciples and encouraging them to ‘go and make fishers of men?’

If you are purely – NOT politically – motivated by an innate desire to please Lord Jesus Christ via an ardent desire to save souls and bring them to the Lord for His pleasure (which is a wholly spiritual activity), do you really think that anyone (on the material platform of
ignorance) can stop you?

Could anyone or any force stop Lord Jesus Christ from converting men’s hearts to the true message He brought from Godhead? Factually, by crucifying the Lord’s Son, Christ’s Message became famous for all time – it spread even more efficaciously because of the demons’ unwarranted attack.

Thus stopping you or your group from SPIRITUALLY converting men’s hearts to the path of Christ-Consciousness, IS NOT POSSIBLE!

And, if somehow, in your pure activities (in India, or elsewhere) of recruiting members for the REAL Christ Church, you meet with opposition, then will not your forbearance in the face of persecution alone net you very good results? Did Lord Jesus Christ Himself not state that even brother and father, mother and daughter would find dissension because of the Christ’s Word?

Do we demand full acceptance by those around us before we will AMICABLY ‘spread the Word?’

If we are opposed, is it a Christ-tine principle to return the insult or objection in kind?

As I’ve studied Christ’s dealings with the opposition, even though he got angry with them for their maltreatment against the innocent, eg.
“evicting widows from their homes,” etc., (and not for slights against Himself – perfect humility), in fact Lord Jesus Christ always spoke and dealt with the unbelievers in a way that was meant to deliver them also.
True Compassion for the Ages!!

And, but Christ always admonished His true followers to be humble, tolerant and non-accusatory towards those falsely accusing them (in His Name). History shows the result of His followers’ “taking up the Cross”
in all Chris-tine humility and forbearance: now the world has so many nice Christian Saints and their exemplary behavior to reflect on and emulate.

Why? Because in Christ’s Name these great souls tolerated so much criticism, so many attacks and persecutions. Isn’t that what the Cross means in essence (That is, if Christ suffered so much to spread the Truth in human society, that naturally it would follow that those purely taking up the same pure path would similarly meet with irrational opposition, persecution even up to the point of death?)

Is it not the fact, then, that if you – or anyone- live for the Savior, you will be assailed by materialistic, ignorant society, and that itself is the sign of the Purity of the Christ’s Teachings, and your spiritual determination to follow and execute the Order of the Lord?

And then, did not Lord Jesus Christ show us the most awesome example of perfect tolerance and love, by stating on the cross, “Father, please forgive them, they know not what they do.”

He forgave those who tortured the One who was at every step prepared to sacrifice His valuable life to bring them to sanity and give them the Kingdom of God, free for their taking. . . .

As our Spiritual Master, Srila Prabhupada, taught us: “Lord Jesus Christ taught, Thou shalt not kill, and the first one they killed was He. Then for 2,000 years the [so-called] Christians have been disobeying His instructions by maintaining thousands of slaughterhouses to kill the innocent animals . . .SINCE WHEN HAVE THE CHRISTIANS BEEN FOLLOWING LORD JESUS CHRIST?”

The forgiving attitude was in deed and precept consistent in the Messiah’s Life (and all in the context of the First Two Commandments, of loving God with all heart soul and mind and neighbor as thyself) Christ mentioned that it’s not very wonderful when a man does love his family and friends, but the true test of Love is when a man can love even his own enemy.

So if you (or anyone) are not politically or materially motivated, how can any material force prevent you from converting men and women to the path of Christ Consciousness, as you seem to want as your main duty in life?

But if you have a political agenda and want to answer (as you see it) hate with more hate, how will you ever achieve a spiritual and lasting good result?

The Kingdom of God “on earth as it is in heaven” will never be attained as long as the leaders of men misrepresent the pure Teachings of the spiritual authorities they claim to be devoted to. Lord Jesus Christ taught the Lord’s Prayer, in which we ask to be forgiven for our trespasses against our Brothers as we forgive their trespasses.

But, again, unfortunately your letter doesn’t accept responsibility for trespasses you or your Org may have committed recently or over the millennia to the Indian Hindus, nor does it speak to forgiving – or seek to forgive - whatever it perceives as trespasses against your people by them.

This type of pejorative attack is absolutely not Christ-like, is in no way representative of Christ’s Teachings, and only escalates a tense, non-spiritual situation, rather than seeking unity, understanding and healing – with proper, mutually respectful speech being the quintessential standard. . . .

Christ was attacked in the most vicious manner, yet He never retaliated in kind; just went on with His primary business of saving souls, tolerating all inconvenience for the Lord’s mission, even to the point of being crucified. And even that He accepted peacefully and prayed that His Heavenly Father forgive those culprits. And He certainly never set a bad example by indicating to His followers and Disciples that they could deviate from His example, and try to persecute or retaliate against their own tormentors. NEVER!

Before I go further, I must state for the record that the VHP –Vishwa Hindu Parishad – HAS NOT SIGNED as an Amici, Friend of the Court, in our case, but only the VHP of America. But I suppose that may not matter to you, since your statement was also a generalized condemnation of the Indian Hindu Community.

Now, to give a ‘modern’ example of a spiritual individual perfectly following Lord Jesus Christ’s inimitable example in ‘Converting’ the fallen souls to His Teachings, without being concerned for outside criticism or attacks by the demonic ‘Illuminati’ leadership, I will give this example from my own humble experience:

Our beloved Spiritual Master, Srila Abhaya Caranaravinda Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada Maharaja, came to the Untied States on the Order of his bona fide Spiritual Master (Srila Thakura Bhaktisiddhanta Prabhupada) to preach the Gospel of the Lord to the English speaking peoples. Srila Prabhupada, though a born ‘Hindu’ was no more a Hindu than Christ was a Jew. Christ was the Son of God; Srila Prabhupada (whom his affectionate followers refer to as Swami Jesus, since he perfectly exemplified the Teachings of the Christ) is the bona fide Representative of God for this Age of Quarrel and Hypocrisy.

So, Srila Prabhupada came here to the West in 1965 at the advanced age of 70 years on the order of his Christ-adoring Spiritual Master, to first convert (so-called) Christians, atheists, impersonalists and voidists to first becoming actual followers of Christ.

I was raised a Christian, but never fully understood Christ’s Mission or how to surrender to Him; but Srila Prabhupada proved the authenticity of Lord Jesus Christ’s Teachings, and obliged his sincere followers to take up those Teachings in all earnestness. He stated several times that he did not come to turn Christians into Hindus, or Muslims or anyone else into Hindus, and that if he had tried that, the intelligent American people would have rejected him. No. He taught universally, for example, to chant the Lord’s Name, no matter what name for God a person accepts:
Bhavausadhat means “from the universal remedy.” Chanting the holy name and glorifying the Supreme Lord are the universal remedy for all the miseries of materialistic life. (Srimad Bhagavatam10.1.69 ADDITIONAL NOTES FOR THIS CHAPTER)

Therefore, Srila Prabhupada WHO PREACHED IDENTICALLY THE MESSAGE OF CHRIST, WHO STATED “HALLOWED BE THY NAME,” won our hearts by affirming our (from birth) feelings regarding Lord Jesus Christ; and by Srila Prabhupada’s perfect and pure example, we became actual (aspiring) devotees of Lord Jesus Christ.

Similarly, when Srila Prabhupada preached in the Moslem countries, like Iran, he simply told his disciples not to disturb the customs there, but when necessary that the people should chant the name of Allah – and also to follow more rigidly the teachings of their Scripture.

Srila Prabhupada repeated 10,000 times that, “Lord Jesus Christ taught thou shalt not kill, then why are you Christians maintaining thousands of modern slaughterhouses and killing millions of innocent animals daily?”

Once, when a journalist challenged him, saying ‘why did you come here to preach about God in the land of churches where Americans are already so religious?’ Srila Prabhupada responded, ‘Yes, your Christian religion is very nice, but I observe that people here are worshipping d-o-g and not G-o-d, God. Better to worship God than to risk becoming a dog in your next life by worshiping your dog; just worship God by chanting His holy names!’

He taught us what it meant to be a true follower of Christ, not just a lip-follower. Thus he enlightened us to the principle: ‘Religion means
following God’s laws,’ “dharmam tu sakshad bhagavat pranitam.” That
there is no meaning to saying one is a follower of this or that religious tradition sans FOLLOWING THE LAWS OR TENETS OF THAT TRADITION.

Therefore in public and to his disciples, Srila Prabhupada repeatedly stated, “Your Christian religion is VERY nice, equal to our Bhakti Tradition, now I only request that you FOLLOW the instructions of Lord Jesus Christ and become a Christian ACTUALLY; stop this killing business.” He taught the same Christ Teaching through the Bhagavad-gita which affirms the Bible by stating that Vidya-vinaya-sampanne/brahmana gavi hastini/suni caiva svapake ca/panditah sama-darsinah:

The humble sage, by virtue of true knowledge, sees with EQUAL VISION a learned and gentle brahmana, a cow, an elephant, a dog and a dog-eater [outcaste]. (Bg. 5.18)

When in 1973 Srila Prabhupada spoke at length to Cardinal Danilieu of France (we have a video of this discussion, which I will happily send you copy of at your request), he challenged this leader of the Roman Catholic Church by asking him how he can justify eating the “Mother Cow”
when Christ taught thou shalt not kill. This purported Christian gentleman became virulent, but Srila Prabhupada remained meek and humble, but persistently defeated the Cardinal from all angles, mostly using logic, common sense and invoking a moral discussion of respecting one’s Mother (Cow).

Shortly thereafter, Cardinal Danilieu died of a heart attack, though Prabhupada’s followers understood it karmically: That a true Christ-tine (Srila Prabhupada) came and took trouble to explain the Teaching of Christ accurately – which Teaching had been changed by the Catholic Church for 2,000 years; and since a leader directly repudiated Christ’s coming a Second time to clarify the Teaching and requesting the Church to stop the killing and come back to the (Christ) Fold, therefore the Good Lord made an example of the man and killed him expeditiously for his blatant offensiveness toward Christ, toward His Teaching and against the cows whom he claimed as his God-allotted foodstuff.

So, Sir, you claim to be desirous of CONVERTING people to Christ’s Teachings, and we ourselves are (aspiring) Christian converts, by the mercy of both Lord Jesus Christ and our Swami Jesus. So, why are you not happy with this, and you are condemning the Hindus for supporting our truly Christian cause of protecting the Mother and Father of human civilization, the Cow and the Bull?! (honor thy father and mother).

The Hindus are Affirming our conversion to true Christianity (and ‘Christian Cow Protection’ on behalf the Lamb of God), which Prabhupada – as the Christ’s modern Representative – proved to be non-different than the Vedic Principles of Ahimsa and respect for ALL OF GOD’S CREATURES, sama darshinah, EQUAL VISION, but you are not satisfied with such actual and beneficial Christian Conversion???

Is this not hypocrisy, as you have accused the Hindus?

Prabhupada (and Christ) have taught NOT to be hypocrites (Christ: “Ye Hypocrites!”), but to not kill and to then attempt to “love God” by following His Laws. Christ was born among the meek and humble creatures such as the cows. And in Isaiah 66.3 it is clearly stated that he that slayeth the ox is the same as he that killeth a man - therefore, it can be safely stated, since Christ is the Word Incarnate, that Christ FIRST STATED this principal, He lives it, and therefore the cows which were existing at the time of the Good Lord’s Advent ARE by definition SACRED COWS. Thus Lord Jesus Christ showed by His example of taking Birth amongst Sacred Cows, that the Cow and the Bull are the Mother and Father of human society!

Christ taught to Honor Thy Father and Mother also. And the Vedas state:
“The Bull is the emblem of the moral principle, and the Cow is the representative of the earth. When the Bull and the Cow are in a joyful mood, it is to be understood that the people of the world are in a joyful mood. This is because the Cow delivers milk, the aggregate of all food values, and the Bull helps with production of food grains in the agricultural field. Therefore human society allows the Cow and the Bull to wander everywhere cheerfully.”

Referring back to the Holy Bible, if before the Flood and before Adam and Eve’s fall from Grace, the people of the world were vegetarian, and if after the Kingdom of God is restored, the people of the world will again not kill and eat animals, then logically it can be adduced that Christ is at least a vegetarian – not as the Catholic Church has portrayed wrongly, that Christ ate fish. No.

Whatever man was, Christ is greater; whatever the Kingdom of God dictates, Christ is the original upholder of those pure principles; He is the Kingdom of God personified.

Even if it’s taken that fish had to be eaten out in the deserts of Palestine (as the Vedas also enjoin animal eating in emergencies), or if after the Great Flood when there was scarcity of food, and God enjoined that man could deviate from the prescription of vegetarian food as given in Genesis of the Bible, still there is no mention of modern killing fields such as slaughterhouses. Whatever was killed had to be done in sacrifice, and even those burnt offerings were repugnant to the Lord when man descended again to a degraded condition of blood-letting, idolatry and gross sense pleasure based on sinning on the strength of the Bible.

This same phenomena occurred 700 years before the Christ in India, and therefore Lord Buddhadeva Descended to give protection to the animals; He even went to the extreme measure of rejecting the authority of the Vedas, which were being wrongly interpreted to support unrestricted animal slaughter, in order to establish Equal Vision and ahimsa or nonviolence in human society.

Anyway, Srila Prabhupada also descended for the purpose of stopping the so-called religious traditions of the world from their tendency of unrestricted animal killing, and to re-assert the pure teachings of the original Vedas, of which the Bible is considered “literature in pursuance of the Vedic version,” but only when it is accepted “by purified men of upright character.”

Thus Prabhupada first – by his own purity – influenced his followers to accept the Teachings of Christ more perfectly, to become actual Christians, by chanting the Names of God and refraining from sinful life, of which animal killing, and especially cow-killing, is the greatest sin.

So, we are first Christian convert, by Christ’s Representative’s Divine Mercy, and you should be very happy about this fact!

Furthermore, if you also chose to follow the pure and unassailable mode of preaching and example of Christ’s best representative of the Age, ie Srila Prabhupada, there is NO MATERIAL FORCE in India or anywhere that can prevent you from successfully ‘converting’ the fallen souls to the pure path of Christ Consciousness.

No one could stop Srila Prabhupada; not even his ambitious and conniving, Judas disciples, who sought to kill him and replace his pure teachings with their own deviated, Judas-version.

But they failed; just as the government (especially in the United
States) failed to stop Prabhupada’s Equal Vision, Whole World House/United Nations of the Spiritual World/Matchless Gifts-Preaching Mission by accusing his followers of “brainwashing” or by their repressing and suppressing our attempt to – on our Spiritual Master’s Order – popularize Vedic (and Christ-tine) Cow Protection in the land of Cow slaughter, the land of the Golden Arches.

Srila Prabhupada stated that:

“For the materialists like Kamsa and Ravana, this Samkirtana Movement [of cow protection, chanting the Lord’s Name and spreading Brahminical Culture] is more dangerous than the atom bomb!”

Their attempt to defeat us and stop cow protection from gaining a foothold has failed miserably, because if they had left us alone, no one
- hardly - would know what we are doing. But since they persecuted us, ‘we’, ie. Prabhupada, have become famous for trying against all odds to give protection to the most defenseless creatures, Mother Cow and Father Bull. Millions of people have read about this struggle, who otherwise would not have been contacted had the Satanic/Kali pseudo-government not sought to destroy our giving-protection-to-the-cow-equal vision-family.

But because cow slaughter is where Kali personified resides, the Kali leaders are more than determined to stop the spread of (Brahminical
Cultural) Cow Protection, more so than they are trying to avoid the atom bomb (which, ironically, will eventually incite Goddess Kali to arrange a fight between the demons using those demon-created atom bombs to end their demoniac, cow-killing, Saint-torturing so-called civilization – and usher in a 10,000 year Golden Era of Satya-yuga, running current and upstream against the Kali river of nescience) . . .

This is another evidence to you that you should give up the material wrangling politics against your alleged (Hindu) adversaries, either in government or in the temple, and take up your mission purely as Christ demands of those claiming affiliation with His Church, and just remain prideless, humble and pure in action and thought, seeking to convert people’s hearts by your dynamic and pure EXAMPLE; and then let what happen may.

If you follow the perfect example of Srila Prabhupada in truly converting people to the actual and factual Teachings of Lord Jesus Christ, then those who oppose you will eventually be either won over by your spiritual presentation, or defeated, and you will become, like Srila Prabhupada, famous the world over for preaching the gospel purely, even trying to save souls at risk of death and bodily injury.

Why not heed this compassionate message, and work even now to establish God’s Transcendental Kingdom on Earth? This can be done at once by opening friendly dialoge, in the Christian Tradition, with those whom your group has been in enmity with for many centuries.

Kali, Quarrel and Hypocrisy, can only flourish if we submit to the lower qualities of nature. By staunch determination, we can end or reduce Kali’s death-grip on this planet if the religious/cultural and political leaders would stop surrendering to that which is easy (hatred) and take genuine spiritual steps to resist this natural downward force; to stand firmly with straightened spine and act non-enviously, as human beings ought to, since by God’s arrangement we are more than the [envious] lower animals. Therefore only we human beings can change the course of history and by our free will and mutual godly dealings, usher in the Kingdom of God now.

Why wait – and waste – another moment? We have this power, but it must be exercised and then we will become empowered, sons of God in our own right.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

In the service of Christ and Swami Jesus’ true servants,

Stephen Voith

P.S. This letter will be posted on different websites, but sent via parcel post to Sajan K. George, National President of GCIC, since we couldn’t find a functioning email destination.