On Friday the State Appeals Court in Rochester upheld the 2003 Allegany County Supreme Court decision against the Voiths, a ruling which stated that the Angelica family could not have cows on their land.

This is the first time in U.S. history that a cow has ever been taken off a person's property by court order.

"The Village of Angelica Verses Linda and Steven Voith" was first making news in Allegany County in 2001, when the Angelica Village government said that they did not want the Voiths to have cows on their property.

Steven and Linda Voith and their children are part of what is known as the Krishna Consciousness Movement, an eastern religion which teaches "equal vision" and "animal protection".

The Voiths keep the cows for religious reasons. Steven Voith says those who are speaking out against him for having cows are being unreasonable as neighbors all around the area in Angelica have farm animals including his next door neighbor who is a farmer.

Voith claims that Allegany County Supreme Court Judge Michael Nano, an acting Supreme Court Judge at the time, made an erroneous ruling based on a 1980's New Jersey court case, Village of Telham Manor vs. Krea. Mr. Voith argues that was not a good case to base a ruling on, as involves a pidgeon was taken out of a person's house due to zoning reasons, and is not a religious oriented case.

Voith is a long time member of the Krishna Consciousness movement, who has worked with well known Krishnas such as Jerry Garcia, and Henry Ford's grandson Alfred Brush Ford.

Vioth is not certian whether or not his family will appeal this to the Supreme Court, but is hopeful that if the case does make it to Washington, his family will have a fighting chance. He noted that newly appointed Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito has made favorable rulings towards religious freedom with animals, including the 2004 Blackhawk v. Pennsylvania, in which an American Indian was allowed to keep a blackbear, which he had on his property due to a religious belief.